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  • LIVE. Monaco-Montpellier: Falcao, 13 shots, 12 goals, who says better? 2017-09-29T13:31:00.001-07:00
    FOOTBALL  In the Champions League, the ASM is in the league in the league...

    Falcao, 37th

    65th:  AH NON JARDIM. The Portuguese brings out Rony Lopes, which I have my MGP team. I'm all chafouin. Good he made a decisive pass, it should be worth a 6.

    62 '  Jovetic is awful tonight. Give me Baldé bordayl, We want to see him the man with 30 plates

    58 ' Montpellier has yet to give up. Beautiful Lasne frapounette after a series of dangerous centers. Already 12 shots that did not serve anything, if not interrupt the air service above the Principality.

    54 ' OH FALCAO IT'S HOT . He had nothing left but the flat of the foot to put after this strike countered, but beautiful rescue of Aguilar to prevent the double of the Colombian.

    52nd: Superb "despite that" from Rachid Ghezzal to Paga's microphone. All French teachers in this country bleed ears.

    47 ' We took over, hoping that Der Zak's players would not be too depressed, otherwise it might run counter.

    41nd: EL PATRON

    39th : Wahou the assistant referee. Lopes was EXACTLY on the same line as the two exchanges. At the speed where it was going, hat not to raise the flag.

    37th :  THE AIM OF MONASTERY. Hold up total. Falcao at the reception of a center of Lopes that seemed out of three meters game. Hard for Montpellier.

    34th: Fabinho I'm Jardim I leave at halftime. The combo raises in the axis for the advrsaire + mowing in the stride + yellow card, it is almost unhealthy

    30th: The relationship between Rony Lopes and Touré on the right side, it looks like a double Lucas Pouille Bernard Guidicelli (joke multisport)

    25th: Monaco for now, it's a little you when you put a bass drum on Thursday and you're at work on Friday morning. You make presence without vomiting, but not much more

    22 ' Aguilar's tackle on Lemar in the penalty area ... he takes the ball but it can make a penalty for a small one thousandth of an hour

    19th: SUBASIC !!!! Pedro Mendes had put Sidibé and Tielemans on the other side of the by-pass on this hook made at a speed of papy as a walker. But the strike is too much on the keeper.

    17th: We have just attended the funeral of the ankle of Tielemans. RIP little angel party early top.

    14th : Ohlalala Glik two fingers to put it in his own goals ... It becomes problematic there Monegasque mediocrity. Lemar is invisible, Lopes also

    11th : Monaco is horribly out on the street. Porto still hurts in the heads. And Montpellier can not seem to enjoy it.

    8th :  SESSEGNON ASSASSIN. The former Parisian who misses a flat foot all made ten meters. Super against the Paillade. Monaco should already be

    5th: First good free kick for Montpellier .... just above. Not enough dropped. It was a real big occaze

    3rd : Lemar's match, which is struggling for its recovery against Porto on Tuesday, will be watched in particular. There's a big game ahead of us with the Blues.


    20:16: Side of the Paillade, attention to the duo Mbenza Ninga in front.

    20h13: We have the compos. Jardim has changed a lot. Sidibé passes to the left, Tielemans is in the middle, and Rony Lopes replaces Rachon Gezzal. Still no Keita ...

    As a slight doubt to dispel. The Monaco of this season, deprived of Mbappé, Mendy, Bernardo and Bakayoko, touched almost the same infernal rhythm as last year, wavering in Nice in the derby included, touched its limits in the Champions League where Porto l ' has slapped this week. Hence the importance of this trivial match against Montpellier, on a Friday night in general indifference. It would not be a matter of letting a somewhat morose dynamics set in ...

  • Colonization of Mars threatens sex, said an astronaut from Britain 2017-09-29T13:12:00.000-07:00
    Image: Pixabay
    The consequences of sexual contacts in space have not yet been studied

    Future conquerors of Mars in outer space are waiting for a lot of threats - harmful cosmic radiation, years in microgravity and much more. Nevertheless, according to the American astronaut Helen Sharman, one of the potential dangers is not paid enough attention. It is about the likelihood that between the members of the crew of different sex there will be a sexual attraction and they will not refrain from the desire to have sex.

    According to Sharman, a number of scientific studies confirm her fears, however, the relevant scientific papers have never been published. According to the astronaut, during the experiments it was shown that inside the "opposite-sex" crew, which is in isolation for a long time, hazing is very likely, even to sexual intimacy. At the same time, Sharman stressed that the consequences of possible sexual contacts in space for a person have not been studied at the moment.

    Thus, Sharman calls for the crews of future Martian expeditions to consist exclusively of men or exclusively of women. She believes that the second option is preferable: according to statistics, which the astronaut has, in a purely female crew, internal conflicts are less likely to occur.

    Earlier, the representative of the American University of Anderson John Milis, as well as a number of specialists representing the American aerospace agency NASA, expressed their opinionthat sex in space can not be such a good idea as it might seem to some people with a rich imagination. Firstly, it is unlikely to bring pleasure: under conditions of weightlessness, every movement forces partners to scatter in different directions, which makes it difficult even for a normal kiss. Moreover, because of the lack of gravity, attempts to engage in sex can provoke seasickness. Finally, they will not add the situation of romance and the "sweat clouds" that accumulate between the pair and fly around them. With even greater threats, attempts to conceive a child in space could be related - for an embryo, cosmic radiation is even more dangerous than for an adult, and in zero-gravity, its development with a very high probability would occur with difficult-to-predict anomalies.

  • During charging, the iPhone 8 Plus exploded 2017-09-29T12:38:00.000-07:00

    In Taiwan, during the recharging, a new iPhone 8 Plus exploded.

    As specifies portal Gizmochina, a resident of Taichung City acquired a 64-gigabyte smartphone in a case of golden color Plus about a week ago. iPhone 8 Plus worked normally for several days. However, during one of the recharges, he suddenly exploded.

    The owner of the smartphone explained that she had used the original charger. The battery at the time of the explosion was charged at 70 percent.

    Experts determined that the incident occurred three minutes after the smartphone was plugged into an outlet. Because of the explosion, the front panel of the iPhone 8 Plus moved away from the back, a gap of about 0.5 centimeter was formed.

    As clarified by Taiwanese media, the victim was a faithful user of the iPhone, starting with the fourth model. She has never faced such a situation.

    The damaged gadget was sent to the manufacturing plant for an investigation.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8: new rumors about its design have emerged 2017-06-18T11:33:00.001-07:00

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should be the next announcement from the South Korean manufacturer. More and more rumors are feeding the web on its future design.

    Apparently, Note 8 should not differentiate itself from the Galaxy S8 at least in design. For some time, the information indicates a slab stretched in the manner of the last release of Samsung. Indeed, the success of the design of the S8 would have convinced the manufacturer not to make big changes on this point. On a first visual we had seen the presence of an iris sensor like the Galaxy S8. This new cliché confirms their similarities. Despite the lack of change, the design of the Galaxy Note 8 should still please. Indeed, the curved screen on both sides was seen as a true technological innovation when it came out.

    A Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a stretched screen of 6.3 inches?

    A photo that appears on the Chinese social network Weibo, would represent the glass that should protect the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In this shot, we see a glass with a few differences similar to that of the S8+, with slightly larger dimensions . Indeed, the future release of Samsung should include a screen Infinity Display of 6.3 inches.

    Let's not downplay performance, this slab should still be exceptional. It remains to be seen if the news is confirmed. With an iris sensor and a 6.3-inch curved screen, you can immediately imagine the other features of this smartphone, which should also be incredible. However, let us not go too fast. We are still months away from the official announcement, which will certainly help us to see a little more clearly about the appearance of Samsung's new baby.
  • Xiaomi Mi Note 3 with a rounded screen and dual camera shown in the picture 2017-05-30T23:27:00.000-07:00

    Belgian profile MobileXpose portal published photos of unannounced smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and states that rendering is done as close as possible to how it will look next flagship.

    That showed
    Judging by a picture, look Mi Note 3 resembles the successful combination of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi 6. The device will get bent around the edges of the screen, almost imperceptible side frames and double horizontal main camera with dual flash with vertical edge.

    What is known
    According to rumors, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 equip Quad HD-TV by 5.7 inches masthead Snapdragon 835, 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal flash memory. The basic dual camera will receive an optimized and ultra-sensitive unit. For the battery life of the gadget in the response capacity of 4000 mAh battery. Estimated time of release of new items - the month of June.

    Source: MobileXpose
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