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Pinq provide Polka Sanitary Pads, Polka Panty Liners and Pee on the Go urinary funnels for females.

Say Yes To PINQ Pads and makes your life hygienic and healthy Menstruation- A Taboo

Jul 11th 2019 at 11:55 AM


Let’s talk about a social taboo in religion and culture– “Menstruation” or “Periods” which is quite considered as a taboo in India.

Here people imposed so many restrictions towards women and they are not supposed to go to the temple or attend religious functions as they considered impure or unholy which eventually affected women’s mental health, emotional state and lifestyle. The freedom of women continues to be in the dominant hands of patriarchal society. Very few cultures accepted that menstruation is a natural process which intrinsically linked with a women’s body. But the fact is in Ayurveda, this is considered as a special opportunity for a woman to cleanse excess dashes which is mainly divided into three parts: Vata, Pitta and kappa and due to this monthly cleansing, women acquired longevity.


In ancient times, most of the women and girls used cotton or rags (strip of folded old cloth) or tampons made of softened papyrus or even grass in their underwear to absorb the flow of blood in their periods or recovering from gynaecologic surgery which was very much unhygienic. But in the late 19th century, people started realizing that it is not healthy for women to use rags or wool in their periods and this is where the history of products began. The very first disposable pads used by nurses in the battlefield in France where they struggled to how to stop bleeding and they were made from wood pulp bandages. After that, Nupak came into the market which generally in the form of cotton wool or fibrous rectangle with an absorbent liner and over the last twenty years, PINQ makes a revolutionary change in 2019 by introducing bio-degradable sanitary pads brands which are the most widely used method of menstruation management.

PINQ-A Gamechanger

PINQ has been founded by a social entrepreneur to address the issues of women hygiene in India. The main aim of PINQ is to meet the daily hygiene requirements and better health of a woman both in urban and rural India and to reduce the social barriers in our society. The best part of PINQ ultra slim pads is that they are rash-free and pure cotton sanitary pads and they are easy to use. Our main aim is to promote a rural and urban woman to start using healthier options and use biodegradable pads as disposed sanitary pads which are made of plastic are carried to the outskirts of the city where they buried in a landfill which eventually causes a lot of pollution and the environmental consequences of these practices are just horrible. To make a change at a personal level, you can shift from using plastic pads to PINQ bio-degradable pads.

Get PINQ Sanitary pads and Change your life

PINQ pads made with top-quality material and having a premium organic sheet that will provide you great comfort and they are super soft and there is no usage of harmful chemicals which is very great news for our society. Makes your life super easy by using PINQ pads which are totally hygienic and don’t give you rashes at all.

Women's!! What are you waiting for? Just hurry up and grab eco-friendly PINQ sanitary pads.



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