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I recently re-discovered my passion for anything vintage, especially jewelry. This discovery sadly came about with the death of my dearly loved Mother. Trying to liquidate some of her estate awakened my passion. After many days of research I found a site where I could create a shop to sell some of her things. I soon realized that I too, had many vintage items which I no longer used. After many, many weeks of hard work, I finally had it up and running, although there is still much to be done. I find as time goes by, my passion grows. And last but not least, I also re-discovered my joy at spending time with much loved my family.
Phyllis McClintock | phylma
Are you a vintage lover? For fab jewelry, handbags & misc. other items please visit

Focus on Your Business

Aug 12th 2010 at 5:36 PM



Focus on Your Business

Distractions are the pitfalls that work against you and the building of your business. We all make the mistake at one time or another of letting something distract us and move us away from our goal. Each of us has our own individual goal, mine being to develop outstanding, original, never-seen-before, plr minisite products… in other words, building my business.

I dabble in a few things (distractions) but this is my passion. I let my self get 'distracted' by silly, unimportant things like the need to eat, pay the bills, etc., etc. I needed money and I needed money NOW... still do as far as that goes.

See... I got distracted...

With that said, back to the subject at hand.

The Make Money Now Syndrome

As I just mentioned, the need to make some fast cash right now is a major distraction from our goals for many of us. But that situation can't always be helped.

The trick is to do a quick side job or project to make that extra cash and get out quickly. Don't keep going down that road, or the roads that seem to sprout up and branch out all over the place. Down one of those roads there could be a fatal accident waiting to happen to your main goal, your business.

The Mother of All Distractions – Email

If you’re anything like me you have multiple email accounts. It seems I’m always creating a new one for a new purpose. It does help keep me organized by segregating the subject matter of various emails to a certain address, such as: affiliate programs, newsletters I subscribe to, personal stuff, training stuff and of course the ever popular help desk for each product you promote.

Even if you’re not anal about it like I am, checking your email too often can get you in a lot of trouble. It’s best to have one main email account where the only emails you get are connected to making you money for your business. This is the only one you should worry about on a daily basis. The others can wait.

I was enrolled in an online coaching class and the instructor (who shall remain nameless) stressed this point over and over again. She told us she saves all the other stuff for Saturday… calls it her ‘Saturday Emails’. I’ve adopted this system and believe me, it works. You’d be surprised at how much time you can waste on emails. Just ask me, I’ll tell ya.

Shiney Things – ‘Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain’

Another big distraction for me is ‘shiney things’. Don’t know about you but if I’m not careful I can easily get distracted and sucked right into the latest and greatest hot new thing on the market. I’m one of those ‘gadget people’ and I call the Internet gadgets shiney things because just like a kid, they distract me from the business at hand.

Again, I try to leave that stuff for my Saturday, I’ll-check-out-this-stuff-now day. Otherwise, gees, I’d be wanting to try the next shiney thing on the market and not investing in my business as I should be.

Social Sites… Facebook, Twitter - And Now IM Faceplate

Social sites are another huge drain on your time. I love socializing and find myself spending way too much time on social sites. Time I could be using to do something constructive to build my business.

I know you’re supposed to be developing business contacts and branding yourself on social sites… but give me a break… a gal has to have some fun now and then! You know what they say ‘all work and no play’…

Try to stick to promoting yourself as much as you can and don’t get caught up too much in just goofing off and enjoying the new friends you’ve made, even though that’s my favorite part of the day. I try to do the social thing in the evenings after I’ve put in a decent days work. Everyone needs to blow off some steam once in awhile and socializing helps me to relax from the day’s built-up tension.

IM Faceplate is the newest social site and I love it. It’s still in the infant stage but it’s a fantastic site. I’ve been trying to control myself and stick to business… for now anyway. Good luck with that…

So you see, it’s very easy to let things distract you and I’ve only touched on a few of the many, many distractions that can happen in your day to day life. Do your best to stay focused and put in a good, solid days work. Then you can reward yourself with your own particular favorite distraction.

That said... I'm off to socialize...


Phyllis McClintock is devoted to developing quality, original and complete plr minisite packages making it easy to start your own business. You can see more here

Please to comment
Jul 22nd 2011 at 5:21 PM by phylma
Thanks for the kind remarks Lonnie. I have a tendency to get distracted by a number of different things and sometimes it's a struggle for me to focus. I find reading this article at such times reminds me what I'm supposed to be doing :-)
Jul 22nd 2011 at 4:23 PM by LonnieG
I enjoyed what you shared here, Phyllis. What works for me is to try to determine if what would otherwise be a distraction can actually be lined up as a resource or support to enhance and accelerate reaching my goals with my primary programs ... if I can utilize it that way then it is no longer a distraction; if not, bye bye for now! Keep up the good work! ~LonnieG
Nov 18th 2010 at 12:23 PM by affiliatenow
Wow, great article, you kept my attention throughout it and I get very distracted. Thank you for touching on this subject the way you did as it really hit home =)
Oct 3rd 2010 at 9:04 AM by phylma
Just some of my day to day observations that I hope will be helpful.
Oct 2nd 2010 at 1:21 PM by Siamak
Nice and really helpful! Thanks for sharing this with us, Phyllis

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