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  • Psychic Tarot Video Readings for FEBRUARY 2017 IndigoTarot @ Youtube 2017-02-09T02:55:00.005-08:00

    Happy Valentine's Day coming up!

    Here are your Psychic Intuitive Tarot Reading Videos [please watch your Sun, Moon and Rising sign videos to see which resonate with you the most this month] and....Relationship Reading Videos as well!

    I recommend that you watch your videos at the beginning, middle and end of the month, to see what meshed with your particular concerns and issues.

    Thank you for posting positive comments at my youtube channel, I really appreciate that.

    Here is the embed of the playlist of videos for all twelve signs for FEBRUARY 2017.

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    and readings are recorded and delivered within 48 hours or less currently.

    I hope that you consider practicing spreading love at all times, not just in February, so here is a video reminder:

    Be blessed,

  • Psychic Tarot Video Readings for January 2017 IndigoTarot @ Youtube 2017-01-14T10:44:00.001-08:00
    Greetings, here are your Psychic Intuitive Tarot Reading Videos [general readings, please watch your Sun, Moon and Rising sign videos to see which resonate with you the most this month] below.
    I recommend that you watch your general reading videos at the beginning, middle and end of the month, to see what meshed with your particular concerns and issues.

    Thank you for posting positive comments at my youtube channel, I really appreciate that.

    Here is the embed of the playlist of videos for all twelve signs for JANUARY 2017.

    Not sure what your zodiac Sun, Moon or Rising (Ascendant) signs are? Visit this link
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    Be well,
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  • Now you can HEAR chemistry: Health Ranger translates molecules into music in stunning video 2017-01-04T13:45:00.001-08:00

    NaturalNews) What you are about to witness is something I first performed live in Dallas at The Truth About Cancer symposium in 2016, in front of an audience of tens of thousands of people (live + online streaming).

    It was so astonishing to the audience — truly jaw-dropping — that
    people couldn’t stop talking to me about it for days. They wanted to
    hear more about this extraordinary harmonic code found in the Table of Elements and the laws of physics and chemistry.

  • Positive Comments from my Youtube Channel IndigoTarot... 2016-12-21T17:20:00.001-08:00
    THANK YOU for posting positive comments.  I am happy that my time and energy are appreciated.  Here are some from my IndigoTarot youtube channel so far...

    ngel “Purrquito” A 1 day ago
    Thank you! It sounds like a dream, I hope it comes true!

    Thank you. Love and Light.

    Everything but the hierophant was right on. Thanks.

    You are right on with this reading for me 😜🎄happy holidays for you and your family

    Thank you god bless 😊🎄

    Wow, what a great reading, it really resonates with me. Your voice is very soothing and I felt peace listening to you. Really looking forward to next month's reading. Thank you so much!! Diane from Québec, Canada xo

    Thank You Dear !! Many Blessing .....

    I like your voice & clear articulation. I also appreciate your succinct & straight-to-the-point style of card interpretation. Thank you and keep up the good work.


  • How to Find Out What Your SUN, MOON, and RISING (Ascendant) zodiac signs are and more... 2016-12-21T17:16:00.004-08:00

    I highly recommend watching your Sun, Moon and Rising videos every month, to find out which resonates with you the most.  Be sure to get  your free natal chart to find out what your SUN/MOON/RISING signs are, plus a lot more info about  YOU based on your birth date, birth time and birth location.  

    My favourite site is

    My sun/moon/mercury/venus are all CAPRICORN 
    and my rising (ascendant) is LEO.  

    What about YOU?  

    For free general Psychic Tarot Video readings, be sure to watch my IndigoTarot youtube channel and SUBSCRIBE why don't you?  :)


  • VIDEOS for December 2016 Psychic Tarot General Readings 2016-12-21T17:13:00.000-08:00
    I posted VIRGO and LEO December 2016 videos previously.  Here are the rest of December 2016 Psychic Tarot General Reading Videos.  I highly recommend watching your Sun, Moon and Rising videos every month, to find out which resonates with you the most.  Be sure to get  your free natal chart to find out what your SUN/MOON/RISING signs are, plus a lot more info about  YOU based on your birth date, birth time and birth location.  My favourite site is

    I hope you enjoy listening and watching my Psychic Tarot Video Readings each month: be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel IndigoTarot today!  Be well,


  • VIDEO: Indigo Tarot Psychic Tarot General Reading for LEO December 2016 2016-12-21T16:44:00.002-08:00

    Hi Leo this is Petra from and I'm here to do a general reading for you for December 2016. I recommend that you watch your sun moon in rising to determine which resonates more with you this month. So let's get started with your December 2016 general reading Leo.  

    Ok Leo so I'm ready to go with your reading. The cards that I have represented use eight of wands. And energy crossing you at this time is nine of wands. This looks very positive to me when I see eight of wands, I think that you're going to get a lot of communication coming at you.  Swift communication coming at you.  Actually several types, several pieces of communication coming at you. And it's positive because it's connected with the knight of wands, which is a creative energy--passion and energy. 

    It could be that you're getting these messages predominantly from a male energy, who is a fire sign. Leo Arius or Sagittarius. Or just getting a lot of messages especially from a male who is very passionate and energetic. if I don't look at it as a person, then the way I see it  is you're going to get a lot of messages  that have to do with creative energy or  creating something. 

    If you're working on a project perhaps you're going to be working with several people on this project. And so you have a lot of communication coming at you about the project. Either way it’s very positive for you right now or what's crossing you for December 2016. 

    The basis of the reading which is card position 3 or past issues, I have the queen of swords. Now when I see the queen of swords I think of a mature woman, an entrepreneurial woman. Maybe one who could be a little bossy even or analytical? So if there's someone in your life like that then perhaps this person is going to take up a lot of your time and energy, this month in December 2016 for you Leo.  Now if this card is representing you,  then you are being very analytical or you're going to be very analytical this  month or you're going to have to make  some choices or tough decisions and you're  going to have to look  them with an analytical eye, rather than an  emotional one,  if that makes sense. 

    Ok and then for card position four which is the immediate past what is behind you. There is a fire sign male, the king of wands. Now this would be a mature man or even if it's a younger man he acts mature. Or are he is mature for his age and fire signs are again Leo Aries or Sagittarius. So this could be someone who you're about to meet. This next one or two weeks or you just met this person. And this person is very passionate, very creative, very energetic has a lot of heart.  Maybe wears his heart on his sleeve. This is the third person so far in your reading. If you want to count nine of wands who's sending a lot of communications. 

    It’s crowning you're reading, your crowning thoughts thing that is at the forefront of your mind this month in December 2016 is the two of cups. I love this card because there's some kind of connection, positive connection that you have with another person. This can either be in a love partnership or business partnership.  Either way it’s a very strong connection or it is positive. so that's what's crowning  you right now, that's what you're  thinking about a lot or will be thinking  about a lot, this December 2016.  

    Now what’s coming immediate future, what is about to happen, you have another positive card. You have the night of Pentacles. This can be something that you’ve been waiting for, you've been working hard at it for a while and wondering when is it going to come? When is it going to come to fruition? When is the project going to get completed? Or when am I going to get paid for this project?  Well that's what's coming now. Nine of Pentacles, something that you've been working at on a regular basis and waiting to receive the harvest from, is coming. It is coming for you with the nine of Pentacles. This can also be seen as good news of money. Big news, good academic news. but most of  the time when I see this I think of  either a young earth sign male, which is  Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus or something  that you've been waiting for, some  practical  things, some material thing that you've been waiting for to come to fruition is coming now, immediate future. This is what is about to happen. So again another positive card.  

    How you see yourself right now, your fears, you have the 5 of wands. And when I  see the five of wands, I think that maybe right now you are confused about something or you have a lot of choices to make or there's a lot of action going on around you.  Also there might be some competition at your job or you might be working with several people on a project again. You might be collaborating with people on a project. 

    So this isn't necessarily a negative card, there could be lots of energy going around between you and several other people. but if this is how you feel yourself, your fears, then perhaps at this time in December 2016  you are little worried or anxietal about something or maybe several things.  

    Environmental factors, card position eight how other people see you is the six of cups. So there may be someone wanting to come back to you, wanting to come back into your life or wanting to invite you to go out to lunch or see you.  This could be for love relationship meeting or even a business meeting.  Someone who is thinking about you, someone  that you've known from the past and  they're thinking about you fondly and  they want to come and see you and quite possibly in December they are going to actually send you an invitation. 

    Card position nine is your hopes. This is what you really really really desire. And this is one of my favorite cards this is the ten of pentacles. So the ten of pentacles is extreme happiness with your life, with your job, with your home, with your family, with your money, success at your job, everyone being nice to you and you just being fulfilled. Very happy feeling very safe and secure. This card also has to do with inheritances, so perhaps you are expecting to receive news of an inheritance, this December 2016 Leo. But generally when I see this card it makes me feel very happy and positive. So this is in your hopes, this is what you really hope for. 

    You want to be safe and secure and financially free, also it looks like to me because the next card which is your outcome card is a very good card. This is card position 10. This is the answer to your question. The main reason why you are here watching this video is because you want an answer. And the answer is ace of Pentacles. 

    Now this card signifies starting something new, a new project, new enterprise, new business partner and new love partner. Something new especially having to do with finances or practical affairs.  This could also have to do with an earth sign. Again this is a Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus and this is one of the best cards you can get. Now quite possibly, as I’m being drawn to the moon in the card, something wonderful is going to happen for you, that has to do with finances, is starting something new you around the full moon or around the new moon. So starting something new and it's a very positive card. 

    So if you are looking for something to get news of something, whether to get a yes or no, answer this looks like a big yes actually to me.  

    Overall as I look at the cards, these cards are very very positive.  

    Now I always pull the bottom card which means a card from the bottom of the deck.  For what's about to come the beginning of the following months the beginning of January, I have the two of swords. This has to do with feeling a little stuck in making a decision. You can get yourself unstuck by making a decision instead of staying in this locked situation. So keep in mind that will be coming up in the beginning of January for you possibly.  

    Again this is a general reading. That’s why I recommend that you watch your sun, moon and rising to see which resonates for you each month. 

    Now I always pull two additional cards to go with the outcome card [although for December 2016 readings I somehow forgot to do it for everyone else but YOU Leo!].

    As you recall the outcome card is very positive its ace of Pentacles. Some big new thing is coming. New relationship, new venture, new partnership.  Either way it's very positive. 

    The extra two cards I pulled are the eight of pentacles and the Hermit. The eight of pentacles has to do with learning something new that you can make money with. Or making more money from your job or being focused on your work. So this connected to the ace of Pentacles tells me that the new thing that you're going to start is probably a new venture.  

    The Hermit has to do with taking a look at things, investigating things before you jump in.  So what I think is going to happen for you is there's going to be some new partnership coming through, a new venture of possibility, opportunity coming through for you. and you're going to  still continue to work on what you're  working on or what you've been working  on to make money. But at the same time you’re going to set aside some time to take a look at this new venture before you just jump in.  

    So that's your general reading for December 2016 Leo. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you in January-don't forget to subscribe to my IndigoTarot youtube channel Leo...

    Thank you for watching and reading, this is Petra from 
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