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GDI Team Extreme

Let me tell you a little about who we are and
what we fully intend to do for each of our members.

We are approaching the worlds premier online business
in a unique way that enables it to be profitable for
marketers of all skill levels.

Our mission is to help you get your new GDI business into
profit the quickest, most economical way possible.

Building a profitable online business is one
of the hardest tasks you will ever encounter.
If you are already in an online business, then
you know what I am talking about.

FACT - There are millions of dollars to be earned
from online businesses.

The only problem is finding new members to join your program.
Individuals are finding it difficult now to find members on their
own because groups of recruiters are now forming teams, and as a team,
are looking for new members. Teams obviously work better than individuals
trying to work alone.

BUT, even team promotions have a problem.

Whether you work alone or as a team, you still have to find new members.
You join a program, pay your subscription and look for new members.
This is difficult for teams and even more difficult for individuals
so you are wasting time and spending money - especially when you are
paying monthly subscriptions

You can join one of the Large teams, jump in their rotator
and promote for months while paying your GDI membership.
You will eventually land in the "Hot Seat" and receive members
in your downline.

This will literally take months and then you start the process over
as you wait for your new downline to go through the same process!

GDI Team Extreme...The Common Sense Solution.

Instead of joining GDI, paying and looking for new members,
wasting time and spending money during this time,

Our Plan:

1) Everyone who decides to join us will be added
to a list in the order in which they agree to join.

2) Each time our list reaches 25 people they will be
asked to join GDI.

3) Each new wave of commitments will be allocated to our
current members in increments of 5 beginning where we left
off at the last signing. This will be done in a scheduled week
so that current members may qualify weekly GDI Bonus Monies.

The first goal of any business owner is to get to the
break even point.

As each Team Extreme member receives their 5 new recruits
and receives GDI bonus monies, it will effectively put their business
into a slight profit position for an entire year.

Obviously this is the position any new business owner would love
to be in. The entire team will continue to help them grow their
business as each of their downline members receive new recruits.

This entire business builder is designed to help each member build
their new GDI business quickly and economically, while at the same time
getting them into a profit position quicker than any other system.


This is an opportunity that no other team, program, or
individual currently promoting GDI is offering.

Whether your looking to build a primary business or just want
to add an additional income stream, I would hope this would be
something of interest to you.
If you would like to be added to the "Join List" or
if you have further questions....please contact meat this email address
or at:

Pete Seal

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