Personal Development
  • Learn How You Can Take More Breaks and Make Them More Effective
    By now, you may agree with the research about how taking breaks helps you to reduce stress and be more productive. However, you can still wind up reaching the end of your day and realizing that you forgot about the downtime. Granted, it’s difficult to step away if you’re performing surgery or putting out house […]
  • Generosity Pays: The Rewards of Generous Behavior
    We admire generous people. Fortunately, anyone can be generous. It’s not necessary to be wealthy, talented, skilled, attractive, or even likable to be generous. Anyone has the ability to give something to others, even if it’s just a shoulder to cry on. What you might not realize is how much you gain by being generous […]
  • The Surprising Truth about Exercise and Your Phone
    You probably think you’d exercise more if you could find the time. For years, even experts believed that busy schedules were a major obstacle. However, a recent study discovered that the average adult has at least 5 hours of free time each day that they could be spending exercising instead of perusing their phone. Maybe […]
  • The Easy Way to Build Good Habits
    With the right habits, you can be a millionaire, have a perfect set of abs, and have the relationship of your dreams. Just think about that for a moment. Effective habits are the key to accomplishing anything. Motivation is largely irrelevant when it comes to habits. You don’t have to be motivated to brush your […]
  • Are You Wasting Your Life? Look for These 8 Signs
    What image do you have in your mind when you think of someone wasting their life? You probably think of someone very underemployed, living in their parent’s basement, and playing video games. However, even very successful people can be guilty of wasting their lives. If you spend the majority of your day doing something you’d […]
Thought For The Day
  • I Am Surrounded By Love
    I experience love regularly in my life. I am surrounded by loving people everywhere I go. I am able to see love in the behavior of others, even when it is challenging to see. My world is full of love. My friends are loving people. I can count on my friends in challenging times. Whenever […]
  • Good Things Are Happening In My Life
    I am very excited about my life right now. So many great things are happening. This is the most exciting time in my life. My life is on a positive path, and I have so many options available to me. I can see the infinite possibilities that life has to offer. I am blessed to […]
  • My Mind Is Calm And Peaceful
    I have a natural calmness to my demeanor. It is in my nature to be calm, collected, and relaxed. I have learned over the years to approach life with a positive attitude. I expect everything in my life to work out for the best, and this allows me to feel at ease. I am at […]
  • Each Decision I Make Is In Consideration Of The Rest Of My Life
    Maturity is at the root of my choices. The days of frivolous living are long gone. They have a special place in my memory. But now it is time to build a solid future for myself and my family. I make choices today based on the life I deserve and envision for myself. My professional […]
  • All Of My Challenges Have Solutions
    I believe with all my heart that all challenges have a solution. Challenges are only puzzles for me to solve. I enjoy solving puzzles, so challenges are amusing to me. I look forward to digging into a good challenge and finding the optimal solution. My knowledge, spirit, and fortitude grow as a result of overcoming […]


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