Personal Development
  • A Foolproof Formula for Eating Healthy Breakfasts
    Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day, but it’s still in the top three. Seriously, there are many smart reasons to refuel in the morning. Eating breakfast gives you energy, boosts your brain power, and helps you manage your weight. Some research suggests it may also lower your risk for diabetes […]
  • 12 Important Conversation Skills for Couples
    When you’re a couple, your conversation skills can draw you closer together or drive you apart. Do you give each other love and support, or do you resort to nagging and shutting down? You might assume that loving your partner would be enough, but most of us can benefit from practicing interacting effectively. In fact, […]
  • 10 Tips For Exercising After COVID-19
    It’s too soon to know the full impact of long COVID, but one thing is certain: millions of adults have had to change the way they exercise. If you have COVID-19, wait at least one to two weeks before exercising. Resting will help your body to fight off infection. You’ll also reduce your risk for […]
  • 7 Ways to Overcome Fear of Learning a New Skill Through Mistakes
    Fear. It is a word that usually causes us to feel anxious or afraid, but fear can also be a motivator. The truth is fear exists for good, not bad. It aims to keep us safe and protect us from harm. However, sometimes this fear gets out of hand. It can make us feel paralyzed […]
  • 7 Steps to Finding True Happiness After Breaking Up
    Breakups are one of the most painful experiences that a person can face in their lifetime. Of course, some breakups are worse than others. A 20-year marriage ending in divorce will usually feel more painful than a 3-month relationship ending in separation. Regardless, it can be very traumatic because not only do you suddenly face […]
Thought For The Day
  • I Listen Deeply To The Wisdom Within
    I make sure I listen and hear the wisdom of my inner voice. As I listen deeply, I find answers to my problems. I believe that when we listen to our wise inner voice, we automatically tune in to higher vibrations and how to be happy and peaceful inside. We let go of worry and […]
  • I Keep An Open Heart And Mind To Learn
    All things are possible. All information is valuable. I keep an open mind, and I can be surprised by the unexpected. Today, I can learn something new. Where my focus goes, so my energy flows, I open my eyes and ears to what is around me and look for ways to improve my daily life […]
  • I Invest Time And Care Into Friendships
    I invest quality time in my friendships. I care for my friends, and I want to spend as much time with them as possible, even when sometimes I feel like I need to do something else. Even though I may go some time without talking to my friend, I still value our friendship. I want […]
  • I Evolve As A Person Through Friendships
    I appreciate the value of friendship. I believe in true friends, and my friends are my companions as we journey through life together. We have been companions since we were kids. My friends see me through dark times, and they always support me. They offer their love and protection when I need it. I am […]
  • I Choose To Be Grateful And Happy
    I choose to be grateful for whatever experiences come into my life. Yes, they may be difficult and uncomfortable, and they may challenge me emotionally, but I know I can handle it. I accept that I make mistakes along the way. I let go of the pain and anguish that comes with regret. I let […]


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