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What You Can Achieve WIth Just One Extra Effort
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Personal Development
  • StartFastFinishStrong 100 Day Challenge Discount Coupon
    Start Your Transformation – Start Fast Finish Strong Are you ready to enjoy the happiness, health and wealth you have always wanted? Today is the day you learn how, and if you’re up for a challenge…this program is your ticket to making THIS YEAR the best year of your life. If you want a transformation […]
  • Meditating with a Beginner’s Mind
    You may have heard of a Zen concept called beginner’s mind. It’s one way of describing the way we feel, and the rapid progress we make when we take up a new activity that we’re excited about. You can cultivate that mindset so that it becomes a lasting part of your meditation practice or any […]
  • 100DayChallenge – Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever
    The phrase ‘the First 100 Days’ was first used in 1933 to describe US President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s now legendary First 100 Days in office, in which he delivered unprecedented results in the First 100 Days in his new role as President. The concept has since made its way into the business lexicon to describe […]
  • Negotiate Like a Pro and Get What You Want More Often
    Introduction You negotiate daily even if you don’t realize it. Whether it’s asking for a raise, choosing a restaurant to meet for lunch, or bargaining with your teenager, you’re a negotiator. Negotiation skills have never been more important. There are fewer good jobs available and conflict around the world is commonplace. But, while negotiations are […]
  • The Next 100DayChallenge Begins on December 31st, 2016
    Start your 2017 strong! The next 100 Day Goals Setting Challenge will start on 31, Dec 2016. Are you keen to join this revolutionary extreme performance acceleration system that is responsible for transforming business and human potential into extraordinary results worldwide? These first 100 days is when you’ve got to give it everything you’ve got…and […]
Thought For The Day
  • Affirmation – Motivation
    Motivation comes from within me. My body is the outer shell that protects the most intimate parts of my being. My spirit and soul play a large part in forming my character. Having inborn determination is a blessing because external factors are unable to take it away. I am my biggest fan. There are very […]
  • Affirmation To Detach From Pain
    I detach myself from pain. I am able to separate myself from any pain. I detach myself from physical, emotional, and mental pain. My focus is on strength and courage instead of the pain. My body is able to overcome my pain. I consciously free my mind and physical being from the aches. I am […]
  • Affirmation – I surround myself with positive influences
    My life is filled with examples of positive existence. I learn and grow in principle each day because I surround myself with ethically sound individuals. My professional mentors show me the value of hard work. I appreciate their example and teaching. Success is sweeter when I put in a lot of effort to achieve it. […]
  • Affirmation – I avoid making a big deal of petty matters
    Each day is filled with experiences that both enlighten and challenge me. I make little room for issues that barely add value to my life. When petty matters arise, I am the first to turn away from them. I know that the time it takes to deal with small issues is better spent making positive […]
  • It Sings Because It Has a Song


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