What You Can Achieve WIth Just One Extra Effort
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Personal Development
  • Ways To Relief Your Stiff Joints
    Do your hips and knees feel stiff when you wake up in the morning? Do you struggle to stand up after watching a long movie? There are several reasons why prolonged inactivity may cause such symptoms. One of the most common reasons is arthritis. You may have osteoarthritis, which affects many older adults as the […]
  • The Surprising Truth about How the Internet Can Affect Your Brain
    You know the Internet has changed the way you do things, but did you know that it can change your brain? According to the theory of neuroplasticity, your activities and experiences modify your brain structure over time. You may think differently as the result of googling and gaming. A recent study by 5 major universities […]
  • Simplify Your Life and Discover Greater Happiness
    How much does it take to be happy? Americans have more than just about any other society in the world, yet we are far from the happiest country, based on surveys. Clearly, owning a lot of stuff isn’t the key to happiness. However, we’re programmed to believe that we need to continuously upgrade our lifestyle. […]
  • Say Goodbye to Your Controlling Behavior for Good
    Is your controlling behavior sabotaging your relationships? Maybe your partner tells you that they need more space or want to do things their own way. Maybe you recognize your own tendencies and feel guilty about snooping around their Facebook page. When taken too far, controlling relationships can lead to domestic violence. Even if your actions […]
  • The Battle Between Perfection and Happiness
    Perfectionists refuse to accept any results short of perfection. These people are often high achievers. Just as often, they are not. The urge to be perfect can be a huge disadvantage. Most perfectionists are anything but happy. When your standards are unreasonably high, you’re unlikely to have many moments in your life when you’re satisfied […]
Thought For The Day
  • My Standards Are High
    I feel accomplished when I push myself to go after more. Being consistent in what I accept ensures that I achieve at peak level. My expectations are lofty for both what I give and what I accept from others. I challenge myself to work beyond the previous day’s accomplishments. Sometimes I miss the mark, but […]
  • My Heart Is Loving
    Love flows through me and my relationships. My heart is warm and open. I know that I am worthy of love and capable of loving others. I am kind. I reach out when I see someone in need. I take pleasure in the good fortune of others. I try to promote harmony and make others […]
  • I Speak Mindfully
    I use my words to encourage happiness and peace. I communicate honestly and directly. I ask myself if what I am saying is true and helpful. I follow through on my promises. I talk through difficult issues instead of trying to dodge them. I speak kindly to others and myself. I empathize when someone is […]
  • My Productivity Increases Daily
    I challenge myself to accomplish more. I wake up early so that my day gets off to a strong start. I clarify my priorities and complete important tasks while the office is quiet and empty. I block out my time. I develop realistic estimates for how long meetings and assignments usually take. I batch similar […]
  • I Like Discovering New Things About Myself
    In my opinion, the most wondrous human being is me. It is fulfilling to see myself evolve. Being multifaceted is a wonderful thing. It means that I am able to fit myself into any situation and still come out enlightened. When I face new circumstances, I dig within for the skills to successfully navigate them. […]


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