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  • Dying Ex-CIA Worker Comes Forward About Area 51 2016-02-04T00:47:00.001-05:00
     I find this episode to be particularly revealing. How the attitude of a CIA agent changes when he knows he can't get in trouble for revealing the truth about aliens. This dying CIA agent finds the opportunity to purge himself before the true judge of humanity, humanity! There is something so calming about finding human truth; it doesn't matter what we believe, but rather what we do.

  • What IS ProfitTrek? 2014-07-30T08:52:00.001-04:00
    ProfitTrek is a traffic exchange blog, which describes what traffic exchanges are and how to use them. If I want people to see my website or affiliate marketing page, I can get that done by looking at other peoples websites or affiliate marketing pages. Traffic exchanges offer a simple way of doing this. As a logged in member, I need merely add my page to rotation of the traffic exchange and begin surfing websites. Others agree to view my website as I have agreed to view theirs. Each page view, earns a surfing credit which is applied to my webpage. The more I surf, the more my site gets seen.

    Now if you like that sort of thing, surfing traffic exchanges is a lot of fun. TE's offer rewards for the number of pages you surf, in the form of credits, banners, text ads, list ads, etc. Viewing other pages, you get to see what's on the rise and what's converting. You may also find tools and resources, which can help you build your business. I like to use down-line building and blogging to build my personal brand and to accrue surfers beneath me in my favorite traffic exchanges. This is important, because as you grow your downlines in TEs you need to be recognizable to fellow surfers.

    It's common knowledge in Traffic Exchanges that people tend to follow and friend people they are familiar with. Also if they are familiar with your face and content, they are more likely to opt-in to your mailing list or subscribe to your blog. Having people in your mailing list allows you to contact them in their email box. This is important because the email box, in spite of a lot of myth is still a very personal place for most people. If you can get into their email box, you can influence them with your opportunity or resources. So making your face known and creating legible content about your opportunity is critical in traffic exchanges.

    Traffic exchanges are a great place to generate traffic to your website or affiliate page; they are lots of fun and they are most commonly FREE to join. So don't hesitate to join a good traffic exchange. You'll enjoy viewing other peoples opportunities and resourrces, as well as have a venue to improve your brand and build down-lines in your favorite traffic exchanges and marketing resources. Have fun!

  • Affiliate Marketing Troubleshoot 2014-07-09T19:07:00.001-04:00
    What is affiliate marketing? It's easy enough to define, but it actually has many faces; some good and some bad. Affiliate marketing is NOT promoting other people's businesses, it's promoting YOUR business. It should be easy to understand that just because you don't have a website, it doesn't mean you can't build a business. An affiliate is provided with tools and resources to promote a product, which have been researched, optimized and packaged in order to be shared and draw attention for gathering subscribers.

    When people subscribe to the mailing list of an online product, they invest their interest in the product and are considering the possibility of paying for the service it provides. Therefore the more subscribers attained, the more the possibility of purchase. It's important to understand that the most successful affiliate programs provide marketing resources, which have already been tested and approved for the purpose of gathering subscribers. They have also been coupled with follow-up resources which attract the subscriber back to the product for another look. Even those follow up emails are diligently researched, tested and approved.

    If I subscribe to the mailing list of an online marketing product, I will receive follow-up emails which remind me of the uniqueness of the particular product of interest. As an affiliate I have all these resources at the tip of my fingers for my own benefit. This is very important to remember; and that my only job is to gather opt-ins to the mailing list of the product I want to sell. The affiliate marketing system sells itself, based on actual live and tested results. An effective affiliate page is put to split tests with other pages, to find out which one shows the best results in any of many given possible page viewings.

    That's why it is important to not divert away from showing those tested and approved pages, when setting up your marketing campaign. Be careful with splashpage makers; your designs have not been tested. Be careful with rotators, because your affiliate pages were not necessarily tested in rotators or coops. Stick to the basics of branding and multiple streams of income, but DO NOT seek to create your own page and tarnish the potential of an already optimized capture page, squeeze page or splash page.

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