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May 18th 2019 at 12:21 AM

The symptoms and treatment of bursitis at pain treatment centers of America will depend on the affected joint. Thus, we can find the following types of bursitis:


Achilles tendon bursitis anterior

It is usually called Albert's disease and in this case the inflammation is located in the bursa located at the back of the ankle, in front of the union of the tendon to the heel.

Achilles tendon bursitis posterior

The inflammation is located in the posterior bursa of the Achilles tendon at the level of the calcaneus. It is very common in young women, by pressure of the soft tissue of the heel against the back of the footwear (buttress of the shoe) when walking. Pain management doctors near me Recommend preventing "V" shaped slit in the back of the shoe or by inserting a template in the heel region that elevates the heel.

Bursitis of the hip

It is produced by mechanical cause or rheumatic-metabolic.

Elbow bursitis

In this case inflammation occurs in the bursa located between the skin and the bones of the elbow, just below the tip. It may be due to direct trauma, constant pressure on the elbow by continuous support on a rigid surface or by excessive use as is the case of tennis players or golfers, or metabolic cause such as gout. It is important to avoid unconscious movements in which friction occurs on the elbows, such as studying with the elbows supported, or sit up on the bed with your elbows against the mattress.

Medial bursitis of the knee

The inflammation is located in the bursa located between the shin and the three tendons of the muscles of the inner part of the knee due to overweight, arthritis, excessive use of the knee or poor movement of the same. Rubbing can be avoided by placing a pad between the thighs on the bed.

Preparatory knee bursitis

Painful swelling of the anterior aspect of the knee occurs on the patella. It is typical of professions or activities in which you spend a lot of time on your knees, as miners, in carpets or religious. It can be prevented by placing a protective cushion when performing these activities

Pain management techniques

The treatment indicated by the pain doctors near me will depend on different conditions: his age, state of health, medical history, tolerance to drugs and therapies and the conditions in which bursitis is developing.

The treatment at pain management center for bursistis caused by trauma, rheumatic or metabolic, includes rest, ice 3 or 4 times daily the first days, compression and elevation of the damaged joint. It will be accompanied by anti - inflammatory for pain. Occasionally, cortisone injections may be necessary in the affected area.

The treatment by pain management clincs near me for bursitis that has been caused by a bacterial infection includes antibiotics. Repeated aspirations of the fluid may be necessary and even surgical treatment with extraction of the infected bursa.

It is advisable by pain management consultants to avoid overexertion and those activities in which excessive use of the affected joint is required and to initiate a physiotherapy treatment in the event that the bursitis becomes chronic.

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