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How You Can Excel as a Therapist for Your Clients

Jan 11th 2017 at 1:01 AM

For therapists, the training and education required to obtain your license represent a considerable amount of information that you have acquired to help people. However, while the accumulated knowledge and practices of successful therapists are important, you will still need to use it to reach your patients so they can overcome the challenges in their lives.

Here are five ways you can excel as a therapist and make a real difference for your clients who look to you for advice, direction, and support.


While you may have the answers your clients seek, you will still need to empathize with their position before you can act. By putting yourself in their shoes, you are relating to their current situation which gives you the power to make your treatments work. To put it another way, you want to be standing in the same position as your clients pointing the way, not hovering from afar as they will not be able to relate.


While therapists will take notes about what their clients have said, there is a difference between remembering the words and delving into their meaning. This means hearing what they say, recording it, and coming up with advice that takes what they have said into account. You should keep good notes and review them before seeing each client and provide some advice based on their statements.

Let Them Talk

The more you can engage with your clients in letting them express themselves, the more you will learn and the better off they will be. You should ask questions that provoke long answers if possible, but keep in mind that the more open your clients become, the better able they will be to grasp why they need your assistance. So, do not interrupt them unless it is something most urgent as their expression can be most beneficial.

Be Practical

The advice you give should be recognizable and can be acted upon quickly. Even if your true intention is more elaborate, it should be couched in advice that a client can start doing on their own. By providing practical advice, you can give them something to grasp and do so that they can start to overcome the issues that they are facing. Solid, practical advice is the most beneficial way to treat your clients.

Chart the Progress


Keep in mind that even your best efforts will not help all your clients. Very few, if any therapists keep a 100% success rate for very long. Knowing when to recommend someone else is an important part of your therapy when your recommendations are not working. It’s never easy to let a client go, but it helps when you chart their progress to see if they are reacting to your advice. Have another therapist or two that you can recommend to your client when it’s clear that they need a change. This amazing article was brought to us by the leaders in online therapy in the UK - . E-therapy is a world class online therapist and councilor hub from the UK that helps people online that may be suffering from some kind of mental issue. By employing these methods, you can excel as a therapist and provide what is best for your clients. It takes a little more work and effort, but the results will start to show for each person you treat.

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