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  • How to Build Brand Loyalty with Relationship Marketing through Ecommerce
    To wow your customers, you should carefully map out the entire road map of their pre-shopping, shopping and post - shopping experiences. With pre-shopping experience, it’s a good idea to provide some value to customers before asking for their wallet. Giving them valuable info and discounts through social media or earned channels will get the job done. Offline shopping process has its own challenges, but this article is mostly concentrating on online shopping. It’s not that difficult to set up the entire customer-appreciation process if you have the right tools. Continue reading
  • Predictability of Social Media Marketing Campaigns
    There is a clear industry transformation from guesstimation and vague resemblance of meaningful KPIs to a more scientific approach with measurable results and data analysis. The ROI of social media marketing campaign is still one of the most difficult factors to predict in digital marketing industry due to highly volatile chain effect. In essence, each of these steps can potentially cause a butterfly effect and turn your campaign into viral hurricane. Unfortunately, you never know which auction will cause this viral effect or whether it will be triggered at all during your campaign. Viral side of social media marketing is uncontrollable and can’t be calculated in advance, it’s not reliable and should be considered as a pleasant (and sometimes huge) bonus. Continue reading
  • There is No Such Thing as Social Media Marketing!
    There is no such thing as SEO. There is no such thing as Online Branding. There is no such thing as PR. I can go on and on. While a few years ago such statements would be absurd, now we need to look at a bigger picture. All those marketing disciplines still exist, yet they shouldn’t be considered as stand- alone strategies anymore. Continue reading
About Oleg Ilin and his Online Businesses
  • What Diving Has In Common with Social Media Marketing
    What could be farther from diving than social media marketing? The former is dangerous, adventurous outdoor activity while the latter is a safe, in-door communication. Sure, you can post outdoor pictures on social networks, and post updates and tweets from virtually anywhere. But if talking about social media marketing as a profession, not a hobby, it requires the use of many different tools and resources that warrant the utilization of a desktop/laptop variety.
  • Google Helpouts: Innovative Way to Help Your Customers or Get Expert’s Advice in Real Time
    The core of the service is easily recognizable Google Hangouts technology and it’s responsible for the live video interactions. Google Helpouts has a whole slew of built-in tools that further enhance its functionality (screenshare, chatbox, videosharing and even remote desktop management, to name a few).
  • The Importance of Content Marketing in SEO
    Content curation is a possible answer to the frequent content update request from search engines. It takes less time to creating a content curated post than writing your own article yet it provides value to your readers and is welcomed by search engines. The only problem is you have to go through different sources, analyze the material, try to find relevant videos and images… Though less time-consuming than writing your own content, it’s still a rather long process. Here is a great news. Today the Ultimate Content Curation Solution was released. It’s not new, it’s been around for over a year now, and it’s been utilized by 6500+ members to discover, review, and publish curated content.
  • Google Search Algorithm Makes it Difficult for Small Businesses to Rank
    Big companies have marketing departments. SEO experts, content creators and social media managers are regular members of marketing teams. So for them it’s easy to comply with a frequent content update requirement imposed by Google. As you can see the rankings odds are significantly skewed in favor of big businesses Google tries to present the most relevant search results to its users. Yet the small business web sites, however relevant they might be, especially for local searches, often find themselves far behind of large authority sites. (If you can't afford to hire SEO experts, content creators and social media manager, but realize that your business desperately needs help of these professionals, take a look at Digital Marketing Services, this just might be a salvation for your small or mid-size business.)
  • The Evolution and Predicament of Google+
    Though Google introduced its equivalent of Facebook “like” button (which is called “+1” button) a while ago it was not really that popular. Then Google made it abundantly clear that the number of “+1” you get for your posts actually affects your Google rankings. Google provided a channel to harvest those “+1” from your social buddies. Do you want to guess what is this channel called? Good guess. Yes, it’s a Google+. The more posts (your own and from people you respect) you share and “+1”, the better would be your rankings on Google SERPs. There is only one little problem (or actually, it is a big one). You have to manually go to Google+ in order to share your posts or the posts of your friends. There is no way to post from some other social network and get it automatically distributed to Google+ (or at least I haven’t found one). I don’t see any option to embed custom RSS feeds in the Google + either, hence no luck with distributing content directly from your blogs through RSS.
In this video Oleg Ilin describes the main social media components
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