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  • High Tech Security

    In recent years the technology for security lock systems has improved significantly where many new way been developed to add security and convenience while protecting and securing your home at the same time. If you think it is a good time for you to upgrade the lock system at your home, it might be a good idea to make the change from the standard mechanical lock to a new technology based electronic lock system.

    Key-less entry lock system are the most popular when it comes to new technology security locks. There are many types that are available in the market starting with the lower tech push-button mechanical locks to a digital touch screen lock systems that allow access using a pin code or bio-metric form of authentication. These types of locks eliminate the need to manage keys to your home as gaining access is done normally through entering a pin code via the keypad interface.

    The biggest advantage in most of the key-less entry lock systems ion the market is the fact that different codes can be assigned to different members of the household in addition to the option of assigning temporary access codes to service providers.  

    The next level up would be smart locks. These types of locks can come in both previously mentioned keypad operated key-less entry lock system, or a standard lock that will have smart lock capabilities. Smart lock capabilities will normally come in the form of Bluetooth features that will allow the user to unlock the lock using his or her smartphone or/and remote control similar to a fob that is used for vehicles. This will normally be allowed by using the intended app where all the household members will have access to the account from their private smart phone.

    For more information about new innovative ways to protect your home, contact NorthWest Locksmith Spokane | Spokane locksmith service.

  • Commercial File Cabinet Lockout Service

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  • Locks and Master-Key Systems

    Many of you must have wondered how a typical lock actually works. Most standard locks you will find in a residential property are pin and tumbler locks. The way these types of locks are designed is with a series of pins that will normally be in different lengths. The pins will normally be in pairs, one in the bottom and one in the top, located in a shaft that can be found inside the cylinder plug. In addition to the pins, there are springs that keeping the pins in their place until a key will be inserted.

    When there is no key in the cylinder, the pin in the bottom will be inside the plug itself while the pin in the top would be partially inside the cylinder plug and partially inside the housing. The reason for the odd position on the top pins is mostly to prevent the plug from turning when there is no key inside, or when the wrong key is inserted.

    The moment a key is inserted inside the cylinder, the cuts on the key intended to push the pins to their respectable spots in the housing enabling the key to turn the cylinder. If a wrong key is inserted, the cuts on it won’t be able to level the top pins properly to enable it for freeing the plug from the housing in order to unlock the lock.

    A Master Key will work a little differently. The pins would still need to line-up properly with the cuts on the key in order to separate the lock. However, with a Master-Key, its capabilities will be to unlock different types of locks that were designed to work with two different keys. The standard key will only unlock the lock it was designed to operate, but the Master-Key will be able to unlock the same lock and several others that were in the Master-Key plan.

    The way these special Master-Key enabled locks work, is by implementing a 3rd pin that separates every other pair of pins inside the cylinder plug. The 3rd pin is normally known as a spacer. With the Master-Key spacer implemented in the designed lock, there will be two ways in which the pins could be positioned in order to unlock the lock.

    For more information about locks and Master-key systems, contact NorthWest Locksmith Spokane.

  • Automotive Re-key Service

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  • Office Security

    Business security should be a top priority for a business owner. Retail commercial property break-ins are very common and that is why they are usually protected with high security locks. However, what about an office for example that normally would not have any regular visits from people that do not work there? Simply because there is nothing sold in an office, it doesn’t mean that it should not be fully protected after business hours when there is no one there. Even though there is no retail merchandise in an office, there is still plenty of valuable equipment sought after by thief such as computers, furniture and other expensive items.

    Many criminals will target offices where they know there is a minimum security that protect the place. In order to fix the security flaws of an office or other small commercial property, it is important to go over all the weak links. A professional locksmith will be able to fully inspect and give a professional opinion to improve the security of the office.

    Some of the things a professional locksmith may go through are as followed. What is the content of the office and what intruders would most likely target to give them a reason for break-in an entry? What are the current security measures that are taking place in the office at the moment? Who is the person who is in charge of the security in the place? If there are already some security measures that were taken, when are these measures started to take place?

    Inspecting the security level of the office is one thing, but following it with a solution to satisfy high level of security is another. A professional locksmith who will be conducting the audit will most likely have a solution in place.

    In general, there are many things that can be done in order to keep the security of your office or small business to a maximum. A key-less entry system with access control key card feature would be a great security solution for all exterior doors of the property as well as various department doors inside the property that need limited access. Keeping all classified and important documents inside secure file cabinets is also important. Be sure to use commercial grade with higher fire proof rating file cabinets. Make sure all the window blinds are closed during after hours.

    For more information about office and small commercial properties security, contact NorthWest Locksmith Spokane.  

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  • Securing Your Door and Windows
    Locksmith Spokane heavy duty strike plate
    The common problem with low grade locks for residential properties is the fact that an intruder would not have much of an issue kicking a front door of a home that is equipped with such a lock. That is why making sure to use mid to high grade level locks is very important for your security and an additional deadbolt lock as well. However, aside from high quality locks, it is recommended to add and additional security features or components to re-enforce the security of your home.

    A Heavy duty strike plate would be a good way to start as it would help adding strength to the door frame. Strike plates are often overlooked as most of the time people consider them as a decorative piece and normally can be found made out of a cheap material. The purpose of a strike plate is to help re-enforcing the part of the door frame that meets the lock as most of the times the door and frame are made from wood. However, a cheap material strike plate will present a weak link in the security of the door. That is why going with a heavy duty solid metal or brass strike plate is very important. It will add the strength required to the door jamb which in turn will help withstand abuse.

    Locksmith Spokane window lock
    Securing the windows around your home is the second step to take toward properly securing your home. Windows consider to be a weak link in the security of a home especially if they are not equipped with some sort of a locking mechanism. Many people especially during the summer tend to leave their windows open to get some cool air. However, this may put your home at risk by providing an easy opportunity for intruders to break into your home during the night. In order to prevent such situation, we recommend adding special windows locks that will allow you to lock and secure the windows in certain positions where you can still enjoy some cool air during the night without worrying of someone being able to break into your home.

    For more information about what you can do to re-enforce the security of your home, contact NorthWest Locksmith Spokane.
  • Commercial File Cabinet Lockout Service
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  • Security List Before Vacation
    Spokane locksmith home security
    Going away for vacation? Making sure your home is fully protected against intruders should be the #1 priority. There are many precautions that should be taken in order to preserve your peace of mind when you are away from home. Research has shown that a high percentage of break-ins to residential properties normally happened when the residents where away. Intruders take advantage of the fact that an empty home will not have anyone to show resistance during the break-in process. That is why it is important to always show signs as if someone at home while you are on vacation.

    The first thing you can do before leaving to your vacation is leaving a light on and/or electronic devices such as a TV or a stereo on a scheduled timer to make it look like someone is residing. Even though leaving a light on may seem like a waste of energy, it is a small price to pay for assisting in preventing any home break-ins. With technology today, there are many ways where you can control electronic devices in your home from anywhere in the world as long as your internet connection work at home. It makes it easy to set a time schedule for lights, and other electric devices to tun on and off at certain times of the day or night.

    Another sign that many home intruders will look at to determine if a family is at home or not is the mail and daily newspaper subscriptions. In order to avoid having your mail piled up in your mail box and newspapers in your driveway or door step, it would help to put the mail and newspaper subscriptions on hold for the entire period of time you will be on vacation. As an alternative, you can always have a close friend or a member stop by and pick up the mail or newspaper every other day.

    Locksmith Spokane door locked
    Making sure your home is completely secure just before you leave. Check twice to make sure all the locks are locked, sliding doors are secured, windows are locked and secure, and even your garage door. Closing window blinds will also help in deceiving those who seek to break-in. Another good idea would be hiring a house sitter or a close friend that can come and stay at the house for few hours every day. This will give the impression of someone that is occupying the house alerting intruders breaking-in would not be such a good idea.

    For all of your home security solutions, contact NorthWest Locksmith Spokane.
  • Automotive Re-key Service
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  • Commercial Lock Grade Levels
    Locksmith Spokane Grade 3 lock
    Making sure your office or small business property is secure should be a top priority. The only way to really do it properly is to inspect the grade level on the locks that protect your office or small business. In the market, there are 3 grade levels that are assigned to each lock. starting with the lower grade #3 would mean the lock has been tested to the lowest quality materials and construction while #1 and #2 grades will provide higher quality. In order to even be assigned a grade, a lock will go a series of tests which mainly check its ability to lock and unlock for a number of times without any failure as well as the ability to withstand abuse in a break-in attempt.

    Starting with the lowest grade, #3 level locks will have the least amount of strength and quality acceptable in the market all over the country. As mentioned before, this type of lower grade lock will go through a series of tests to see how much it could take before failing which will include resistance and proper operation. To qualify for a grade 3 level, a lock will have to pass 200,000 times of testing the locking mechanism and should hold at least 120/225 lbs. of resistance. These types of locks would normally be categorize for interior use in the form of lever sets and knobs.

    Grade level #2 locks are a major improvement over grade #3. They are much stronger and can be found widely in the market for commercial property use. Grade #2 locks are normally tested to endure at least twice as much a grade level #3 lock can which means that they can handle at least 400,000 of operating cycles and 150 lbs. of resistance for knobs and 3 times more for lever sets. Because of extreme measures of testing grade level #2 locks are being tested for, they can withstand picking and break-in attempts with confident.  

    Locksmith Spokane Grade 1 lever set lock
    For the ultimate security, grade level #1 locks are the perfect solution. The testing that these types of locks have to pass are even double than grade level #2 locks where 800,000 successful operation cycles would be required as well as resisting 300 lbs. for knobs and double than that for lever sets in order to be categorized as grade #1. These types of locks would normally be perfect for high traffic environments where the locks or lever sets are being used constantly throughout the day.

    For more information about the grade levels for commercial type locks, contact NorthWest Locksmith Spokane.
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