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Above all: ===> the INTERNET :)

Entrepreneur on the net since Sept 2001

Twitter addict.

I love my family.
I love my son.

I like kids + children in general.

Therefore I am a supporter of


A Prevention Network to Combat
Sexual Violence Against Children
and Adolescents

Strengthening the weakest
before anything can happen –
that is the mission of Power-Child e.V. (e.V. = registered association).

So I invite YOU to support power child,
too - see for details:

I like nature + poems and
I like very much: ===> aphorisms!

German AND English aphorisms!

Further interests:

music - see below

judo - aikido
horse riding


radical constructivism
= best kind of epistomology


social networking
social media

people string

I like APSENSE very much and
the possibility to write
so called "apsense reviews"

I really love all kinds of music
like the beatles, ABBA, film music,
jazz, pop music, above all:

====> classical music like

- symphonies
- piano concertos
- violin concertos

and so on.....

NLP = neuro linguistic programming

I am NLP Business Master
I am Radical Constructivist
Systemic Consultant

Because I am a Former Medical Director
I am interested in medicine

Because I am a Former MOC Marketing Director I am VERY interested in
marketing in general, above all:
marketing on the net

I am your free traffic provider from
Cologne, Germany.

I am a helpful person :)


Norbert Sczepanski | norbertsczepanski
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Unfortunately my avator is not in JPG format.
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My goal is simple:

"Helping YOU achieve YOURS"

To your success!

Best wishes from Cologne, Germany to you!

Norbert Sczepanski



Favorite aphorism:

"To get UNusual results you have to take UNusual measures!"

Or in another wording:

"To get extraordinary results you have to take extraordinary measures!"


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