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blog how to lose weight naturally

Jan 13th 2020 at 4:07 AM

The 3 ways to lose weight naturally

Weight loss treatment

This article “The 3 ways to lose weight naturally” is part of the inter-blogger event “ Pourquoi pas naturel? »Set up by the blog Fitness and well-being . If you have read this article and you liked it, go from October 1 to 11 to vote and choose the three articles that will have caught your attention.

No one pushes you to slim down naturally

This morning again, I went through my favorite pharmacy to do a little run that had been on my "to do list" for some time. The pharmacy is great: if you need it, you will find everything you need to repair your little sores and other runny noses…


And each time I enter this pharmacy, I jump 3 meters high (well, ok , I'm exaggerating a little) because the first advertising poster I see there extols the merits of pills or capsules " fat burners ” .


This morning, therefore, I had no runny nose, I was not sick, but when I saw this poster, I had the impression of hitting the ceiling. My eyes were lost in the void: "How can we still sell pills like this today?"


Imagine this miracle: you take your pills for a while, and presto, your superfluous fat disappears as if by magic and does not come back ... If this product really existed, it would simply be useless to advertise it for sale .


You may be optimistic and believe in the omnipotence of science, but in my opinion, this kind of product will never exist . Unfortunately.


Why lose weight naturally?

As you know, you don't get fat overnight . The body has a certain inertia .


It is the accumulation of a series of bad behaviors over several years that leads to real weight gain . Some small isolated deviations are harmless .


Using fat-burning capsules is trying to artificially break the rhythm of the body .


I mean ATTEMPT to break.


Applying a plaster to a wound never healed the wound in question. The same is true with slimming capsules.


It is better to heal from the inside out in order  to lose weight naturally rather than to imagine that there is an external solution that will resolve in a few weeks the consequences of several years of bad habits .


Even if this solution existed, it would have the great flaw of not teaching you how to live properly . So you should use it constantly .


No doubt you can see where I'm coming from: the best way to not gain or lose weight naturally is to take some pains to live a healthy life .


What basic principles should you follow to lose weight naturally  ?


1 / Eat naturally to lose weight naturally

Those who have been following me for some time know that, recently, I am a father for the second time ...


And by the way: do you remember (or have you ever seen) infants when they eat?


There is something about them which is all the same amazing: they know very well when they are hungry (and they let it be known) and when they are no longer hungry .


You are going to say to me: "Well yes, so what? ".


Do you realize the incredible number of people who eat without being hungry  ? Or people who think they are hungry but not really hungry  ? Or people who eat well beyond when they are no longer really hungry  ?


A baby manages his hunger like a chef. He can eat naturally . I'm sure that with a little effort, anyone else can do it. That said, maybe a little boost can help you reduce your portions (see point 3)!


It was therefore the first way to lose weight naturally ...


2 / Choose a natural and quality food to lose weight naturally

After talking about the amount of food you eat, let's talk about the quality.


Let us be clear: we have never eaten as badly as in our time.

Others would say that food has never been so good ...


As good, as good, ... Bof. What is certain is that our parents and grandparents ate much more succulent fruits and vegetables than those found today in our stores. We lost in quality . Even if our fruits are beautiful to see.


Whose fault is it ?


It must be admitted that the food industry is not guided in priority, in its choices, by the nutritive quality of the food it produces.


On the contrary, the more it manages to give flavor artificially and the more it manages to give a good appearance to a food, the more this food will be interesting, because it is coveted by consumers .


This kind of manipulation requires the use of additives (E425, acidifiers, etc.) and processing which considerably reduces the nutritional value of a food .


Remember this: the more a food has been transformed during its creation, the less it is likely to be good for the body. The additives have only one goal: to present to the consumer a product attractive . They will never help you lose weight naturally.


Here is a small example to illustrate what I say: do not buy breads packed in plastics. Take fresh breads . Even better, make your own bread .


It's not complicated if you get some information, it's fun (you can add the seeds you want, choose your flours, ...) and it's delicious.


In short, most commercially prepared foods contain substances that the body has to get rid of , and in addition, they are refined , that is, they make you fat more than "raw" foods.


Slimming naturally requires the most natural and "organic" diet possible.


3 / Diet tips to lose weight naturally

Unlike fat burning capsules, the tips to burn fat and lose weight naturally can only help you lose weight.


Not only will they allow you to understand what it takes to make your body lose weight naturally , but in addition they will get you used to becoming responsible for your weight loss and the only master on board your body . No pill will teach you that.


In this blog, you will find the 5 best natural tips for losing weight as well as the basic principle which allows you to transform raw foods into fat-burning foods .


These tips and principle are based on scientific observations and involve psychology, dietetics, the subconscious, and concepts such as the glycemic index of foods.


Nothing artificial, only natural . And the intelligent use of resources common to any individual. Something to lose weight naturally tomorrow ...

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