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2011 - What Motivates You?
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  • What Do You Do When Your Retirement Income is Not Enough or Suddenly Disappears?

    For USA Readers Only

    What do you do when your retirement income is not enough or suddenly disappears?

    This is a subject that no one likes to think about yet it is something that is a plain fact of life for everyone everywhere. It doesn't really matter how old you are, you will be hit with unemployment if not now, then later, not to mention that baby boomers are retiring at an alarming rate every day!

    The facts are plan: if you don't have a retirement plan in place, when you do reach retirement age, you will not have enough to live on. Our governments social security plans do not provide enough cushion for even the basic every day needs of food, shelter, medical care, etc, etc.

    So what is the answer? Do you have another plan? I am here to shout it out to you if you don't: BUILD YOUR RETIREMENT PLANS EARLY WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT DEPEND ON YOUR GOVERNMENT TO BAIL YOU OUT!!!!! Social Security is a thing of the past, it is not something that you can or should put your trust in.

    If you are like me, close to reaching the age of retirement and you don't have any savings plan set up, the future looks a little scary to you every single day that passes. Your time, like mine, is running out. Will you be working until you are well into your 70's? Crazy as it sounds, you probably will and then if and when you do retire, you will not have enough to meet your needs.

    So the question is what will you do?

    I have one solution right here, right now, affordable and within reach.


    Check out my website:

    There are many choices so why One24? Well, it's affordable, it's a plan that everyone can do, even the average non-marketing person. You can retire in 24 months with enough money to meet your needs very comfortably. Go ahead check out the site, watch the videos, get on my waiting list. This company is going viral this year so don't wait.

    God Bless Your Day,

    Thanks for letting me share this today,


    Cyn Sadler

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    natraburst superfood
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  • I Am Looking For You

    I'm looking for 4 people that I can share an amazing product with; 4 friends that will join me in a conference call When you come to the call tell them Cynthia from Arizona sent you, that's me!  If you are suffering from some high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, loss of energy or other ailment, or if you know someone who is, please join the call to learn about a Super Food product that is helping so many people and hear their own personal testimonies and about how they are also making enough money to retire!  This is real and this is happening now!  

    Get on call: 218-862-1770 pin 66324# 
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  • Opportunity and Marketing

    Animoto - The End of Slideshows

    I have several other websites; Here are some of them:

  • Have You Ever...?

    Profitable Email Marketing


    You're sitting reading a book, quietly by yourself and for no reason in
    particular, a friend or relative comes to mind? What do you make of it?
    Or you're sleeping in bed and awaken for no reason with a certain person
    on your mind.

    Do you just ignore the thought and continue reading, do you just turn over in your bed fluff your pillow, yawn...,
    zzzzzzzh? Most do., and this is very natural.

    Here's a thought; what if we as human beings were in some way connected (which we are,
    really) and that person came to your mind for a reason. Some people
    already know what to do in this case, but what do you do? Call them? Pray for them? Or just, like I mentioned earlier, ignore the thought?

    Well, if you are reading this, I hope it is a captivating thought to you,
    because we all at some time or another, especially as women have had
    these promptings before. And they mean something although not many
    people know what to make of it.

    When this happens to me, I am careful to recognize them, and although sometimes I miss, I do try to
    pray for the individual in some way. I must admit though, I could and
    should do more.

    There are countless people in our lives some we know, some we are just acquainted with. For the most part, we do not
    know and may never know what goes on in their lives, what their struggle
    is or their grief. If we talk to them at all, it is simply to say, "Hi,
    how are you doing?" "I'm well, how 'bout you?" But in truth each person
    has their own secret life that only they know about.

    I am not trying to push any religious views on anyone, but from my experience as a
    Christian who believes strongly in the power of prayer I come across
    this every day, and it gives me pause for thought. What more could I be
    doing to help that hurting individual. Maybe they don't want to show it
    to you, but really if you are a woman, most women have a sense about
    these things.

    This is just my thought, and I could go on and on about this, but I think perhaps it is a challenge to myself and also to
    any who hear me, that we would start to recognize those promptings more,
    and do more than just role over, or turn the page.

    Be Blessed,

    Cynthia S

  • Nifty Marketing Tool of the Week : Email Video Marketing by EyeJot

    I've come to realize that if you have a capture page, it is still not easy to get people to click on the products that you are offering them. People
    are too busy to read a lot of email, so the short quick and to the
    point message is much preferred, at least by most.

    I was on the hunt for an email marketing product where I could add video to my email and I found one that is free and the upgrade is very inexpensive.

    EyeJot : Cynthia's Nifty Marketing Tool of the Week

    Here's are my favorite features of EyeJot:
    1. Super easy to use
    2. Free version allows you to record up to 60 second video clip, upgraded version gives you up to 5 minutes
    3. Create unlimited messages
    4. Site widget allows you to upload your videos to your own webpages
    5. Upgraded version gives you the option to customize your emails with your own logo and colors
    6. You can import your address book
    7. Advertising free upgraded version
    8. Upgraded version provides for video and audio uploads
    9. iTunes and RSS supported
    10. Upgrade to Pro for $29.95 per year!
    11. Upgrade to Pro Plus for $99.95 per year! Now that's what I'm talking about!

    So what are some of the ways to use video email marketing?
    To keep in touch of colleagues, clients, prospects, etc; to keep in
    touch with family and friends; to update people about a new product or
    phase of a project. Actually the ideas are endless. The best thing
    about EyeJot
    is that it is video and most people will watch a short video. This is my Nifty Marketing Tool of the Week, check it out for free, use it, have fun and then upgrade. You can't go wrong with the price.

    EyeJot : Cynthia's Nifty Marketing Tool of the Week

    To read more about my Nifty Marketing Tool of the Week, visit my blog at

    Be blessed!

  • I'm Sorry, But You'll Just Have To Wait~! One24

    I imagine by now you've all heard the latest buzz about One24.  How it's sweeping virally across the net and is making millionaires already in a few short months.  Well, there's something I need to tell you...

    I can't help it, I know there are many of you who are really anxious to get into this program right away, but there's a waiting list. I didn't set it up that way, it's just the way it is. The good news is that, it's worth it. You've heard the saying "Good things come to those who wait", well in this case it is so very true. 

    So just go ahead and put yourself on my waiting list,  because the sooner you do, the sooner you'll be given a green ticket!

    And then you're on your way to a better income and more importantly, retirement!

    Sign Up...

    Be patient...

    Take care...

    Talk to you soon,



    Get On The Waiting List - Let's Both Retire in 24 Months!


  • Take The Business Ethics Pledge
    I feel very strongly about this and in the type of business that I do, which is marketing, this is something that is even more vital to stand up for.  We as affiliate marketers, or entrepreneurs, distributors, etc, have a choice every day as to how we will conduct our business.  Will we choose to ignore principles of truthfulness and integrity, or will we only be interested in making money? 

    Truth be told, we only hurt ourselves when we choose to ignore vital and fundamental principles like these.  People are tired of hackers, scammers, spammers, and con artists.  There are too many opportunities to do evil in this world, but there is just as many opportunities to do good and right.  Choose right, choose good. 

    There is an organization where you can join your voice to the rest, and stand up for these principles of ethics in business.  I've taken the pledge.  You can do the same.  Visit this website to get started.  There are resources there to get the word out.  Perhaps if enough people stand up for these principles, a difference will be heard so loudly that no one will want to do business any other way.  Don't think it could happen?  Well, there was a time, when, at least in America, that was the norm.

    Here's the link:

    Business Ethics Pledge

    Take the Business Ethics PledgeTake The Business Ethics Pledge
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