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Looking At The Modern Methods Of Agriculture And Digital Farming In India

May 15th 2019 at 2:14 AM


Agriculture in India, for several hundreds of years, has been dominated by conventional practices. Nonetheless, the inception of modern methods of agriculture, and lately, digital farming techniques, have revolutionized agriculture to a large extent. These modern techniques have not just simplified farming, but, have helped farmers reduce their efforts, increase the yield, and also turn crop cultivation into a profitable venture. Besides, a lot of innovative irrigation techniques such as precision irrigation, have not just increased the crop yield and its quality, but have helped farmers bring a larger land under cultivation. There’s a lot that modern methods of agriculture are helping farmers with achieving all that seemed to be far-fetched a few years ago. And of course, yet there’s a lot to be achieved as well. In all these views, this article discusses some of the modern methods of agriculture, and also how digital farming is taking agriculture to a whole new level.

Modern Agricultural Methods

There are a lot of them, and the economically strong class of farmers seems to be welcoming these changes, by pumping in the required investments in their yield area. However, let us look at some of the modern farming methods used from the viewpoint of increasing yield and manage agriculture in a better manner.

1. The Use of Agricultural Drones

Conventional agriculture is labour and investment intensive affair. Farmers, since ages, have been confronted with concerns such as the shortage of manpower, and if available, the high costs associated with it. Besides, time is an important element for farmers, from the viewpoint of activities such as crop growth and its monitoring, etc. In such a situation, the use of agricultural drones comes in as handy that helps monitor the entire farm without having the farmers to step out in the hot sun, and roam around the entire field to inspect the growth of each and every plant.

2. Monoculture

Often farmers, lured by the profits reaped out of multiple crop cultivation, try and experiment with multiple crops on the same land piece. Nevertheless, at times, these experiments fail due to a lot of external and internal factors, and farmers end up making only losses. For many, monoculture, perhaps, wouldn’t be exactly a modern technique, but with research and study over the years, monoculture is something that farmers should be looking forward to. So, what is monoculture? Monoculture involves growing one crop at a time on a particular land piece. It helps simplify farming, since farmers don’t have to prepare themselves and the land for multiple crops one after the other, and also the investments remain relatively constant throughout.

3. Irrigation Technologies

Irrigation in India, to a large extent, has been conventional, and often, farmers have been observed to be heavily relying on the traditional irrigation techniques to water their crops. Precision irrigation comes in as a disruption to the conventional irrigation techniques. It involves supplying water and nutrients to the crop root zone. This benefits the crop in multiple ways including higher yield, higher quality yield, retaining soil moisture levels, and also avoiding loss of water due to evaporation. The benefits of precision irrigation aren’t confined to agricultural operations, but extends to commercial benefits as well. As precision irrigation involves the precise use of water and nutrients, it subsequently reduces investments and add to the profits of the farmers. To sum up, precision irrigation is aimed at helping farmers grow more in less. Companies like Netafim are the leading players within the precision irrigation, helping farmers across the country to transform farming and earn relatively higher profits than earlier.

Digital Farming Technology

Perhaps, not very long ago, the idea of farmers operating agricultural pumps, motors with the help of mobile apps could have seemed to be practically impossible. But, on account of the transformations that have happened over the years, and especially since the last decade, digital farming made farming extremely simple. The use of mobile apps and operational automation is simplifying farming for farmers, as farmers can now operate farming devices on their fingertips. Besides, various reports generated out of the mobile apps help farmers track the daily consumption of water, nutrients, and fertilizers, and keep track of the investments made. Apart from this, availability of accurate information at all times fosters informed decision making, and therefore, prudent futuristic investments.



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