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The stresses of everyday life
can obscure your Aura and prevent
the positive things in life from reaching you. Your Aura is your
own individual color meter - it
defines who you are. An unclean
Aura will most certainly prevent
you from having a fulfilling life.
You will never get what you want!
The barriers that are present in a cluttered Aura will most certainly prevent you from achieving the happiness and success you so
I am a devoted protector of
all living nature, I take this
serious. I wish to keep this
planet, my home, safe for the next generation. It does not look good,
our planet is ill. It needs the
help of each and everyone of us to return it to its original state of health. Our planet will thank you,
by remaining alive, providing
each of us with a home, our home,
the earth.


A World No, It was A world

The values of humans are a pain
The world is not a pretty place
It is all fame and financial gain
This has given us an ugly face

We are bonded, our lives are not ours
Guided by greediness and wealth
Time is ticking short are the hours.
The world is sick it needs health

Today the tiresome way I have to go
I look below and I look to the sky
It is the will of God to know
That we all shall die.

It was light, a hellish grey,
The start of the breaking day.
Over the hills the streams of red
A symbol for the blood shed.

The senseless massacre from all
Greed from others that was the why
I took my life, gave free, stood tall
No one more I am alone to cry

Around me was silence, a still
Through my spine run a chill
Am I alone, where did they go
A symbol of status quo.

Why, the whence and whither
I am one, now a sad, lonely drifter
I look back, its a tremulous past
A symbol, no future, no re-cast

The ground around me is crusted
My anger grows to disgusted
War an annihilation of what is
A symbol, never ever trusted

I take my pistol, raise it to head.
I fear no death, I do not dread,
There is no one more, I alone
A symbol now just a clone

Its time, for me its farewell, I part
I will no longer be, I hang my head
Sorrow fills the chambers of my heart

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We are launching a new site with promotion specials that will lift you out of your
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We are launching a new site with promotion specials that will lift you out of your
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