lol how to get championship riven

Jan 3rd 2019 at 3:14 AM


Get to know lol how to get championship riven today

You can easily distinguish a run-of-the-mill League of Legend player from the truly hardcore fanatics by looking at the skin that their champion is wearing. Regular skins are easy to come by and can be bought any time from the Riot store. Rare skins though, like the Young Rizen, Black Alistar, UFO Corki, and Championship Riven, are harder to come by. They are only released during special occasions or are achieved by completing certain challenges. Are there still ways to come by these ultra-rare skins even if they are no longer being offered? Let’s find out lol how to get championship riven.

Why is the Championship Riven rare?

The original Championship Riven is rare because only a few codes were released to be able to redeem it. It was only offered initially to the approximately 8,000 people. These were the ones who were at the Season 2 World Finals in 2012. After the finale, it was sold at the Riot store for 10 days before disappearing again. Only a few people were able to buy the skins during those ten days. People still clamored for the Championship Riven skin that some enterprising individuals started selling their codes for over $400! In 2014, Riot disabled all the unused codes. What makes it even rarer is that they cannot be received in chests or as a mystery gift. In order to get the skin after the selling period, a player had to purchase an account for League of Legends. The skin is pre-installed there. The Championship Riven skin offers some amazing visual effects. It features a fierce-looking sword with blue spell effects on it. This is a change from the original green glow.


The Championship Riven was re-released

In the end of the 2016 season, another batch of the Championship Riven was released. This time, it did not have a border on the loading screen. It is also missing the crown and some visual effects.These are some ways to distinguish itfrom the original 2012 and 2013 versions. It came out with other skins like UrfWick in the Essence Emporium. Some say that the older version now has more value because of the availability of new reprints. If you have missed your opportunity to purchase a Championship Riven skin, you will have to wait until they reprint it again. Luckily, some players predict that the rare skins are re-released every four years. You should definitely keep your eye out for the next batch of Championship Riven skins then.


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