5 tips to choosesecure Windows passwords

Dec 12th 2018 at 12:10 AM

Surely you are tired of reading that it is important. So it is a good idea to follow advice when choosing your passwords. We also remind you that you change them often, that you do not use the same in several services and that they have little or no relationship with you so that it is more difficult to guess them (do not put the name of your dog, you already know it).

All this is true and we will not tire of repeating it, but we are also aware of the effort that we are asking you. Remembering so many complicated keys is not easy. Therefore, today we want to share some very simple tricks to generate strong passwords and, at the same time, they are not impossible to memorize. If you do not have autologon software, then here is what you should remember.

Use two words

Choose two words (again, better if they mean something just for you) and build another one alternating your letters. If you have selected "Whiskers" and "Lighter", the basis of your new password will be "WhiskersLighter". It does not have numbers or symbols, so you will have to use it as a starting point to reinforce it with one of the other methods that we are going to explain to you Autologon.

Mix words and numbers

It's easy, but choose words and numbers that have the same characters to make it even easier. We are going to use "Mustache" and 28921. The trick is to go placing the letters one by one, interspersing the figures of the number but in reverse. So: "M1u2s9t8a2e". You already know what's missing, right? A symbol and business settled.

Camouflage with websites

Using the same password in several services or tools is a terrible idea, but a simple trick can make your password go all-terrain without having to remember several terms. For example, if you want to register on Facebook, what can you do? Includes the abbreviation "FB" at the beginning or end of the key (regular); add a variation of the name of the web with capital letters, symbols, and numbers which is even better or pull imagination and put some reference more subtle, which is perfect

Use autologon software

There is also a bunch of software that will help you keep your password secure no matter what. This autologon software will keep your sensitive data, such as password and logon credentials safe, so there will be no need to worry at all.

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