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  • Weekly Opinion 1 2012-02-14T10:44:00.000-08:00
    Renewable energy is still now much more expensive compare to traditional form of energy.Befor you opt for the former remember to calculate the rate of return after five years.It may happen that you may not get the money you invested even after five long years due to maintenance and longivity problems of the converters which are used to convert the infinite source of energy into usable one.

  • How to prevent wastage of energy by maintaining a healthy pipeline ? 2012-02-05T09:34:00.000-08:00
    Every home-owner must maintain their pipeline properly.

    He/She must ensure that no leaks are present.Corrosive elements like water must be removed from the surrounding of the pipe line.Junction or bend must be circular to allow smooth passage to water..Corrosion of pipe line may lead to leaking of the same.

    Pipelines are prone to 'hammering' which are generally created due to unstablity in pressure head of two junctions.Such phenomenna may occur whenever a tap is opened without checking the availability of water in the tank.Due to the level difference or imbalance in the water demand and water available, a certain amount of negative pressure head may develop which will generate the hammering or creates a gurgling sound in the pipeline.

    Hammering or gurgling creates excessive pressure on the water pump and wastes a lot of electricity to run the pump.If leaks are remain untreated water loss will occur which will enforce the pump to run more and thus wasting a lot of energy.Water must not be wasted.More you waste water more will you run the pump and thus more electric energy will be utilized unnecessary.

  • How to reduce the energy consumed by an air-conditioning system? 2011-11-28T12:16:00.001-08:00

    The meaning of air conditioner is the machine which conditions the air of a closed space (bedroom or dining room) from moisture and dirt molecules. An AC absorbs the moisture and dirt in the atmosphere to release the fresh, dehumidified and dirt free version of the air into the same room atmosphere. Moisture is nothing but a form of water attached to the room air. 

    The AC machines consume energy to absorb the air and release the same. At first it detects the room temperature and if it is higher than the desired (as fixed by the user) then it start to absorb the room air and tries to remove the moisture and dirt to supply a fresh, dehumidified and dirt free air into the room which also reduce the room temperature as moisture along with dirt particles can consume thermal energy which can in turn increase the overall temperature of the room.

    That is why if moisture can be reduced from the room air then AC will be required to work less. If dirt is also prevented to enter the room then the AC in that room will consume least energy compared to other rooms where no such precautions are adopted.

    How can you remove moisture from the air?
    1.       Keep orchids inside the room. Orchids need moisture for their sustenance. They can use the moisture content of the room air to make their food and as there is no outside supply of moisture in a closed room, the moisture will start to reduce.

    2.       Do not keep aquariums inside the room as evaporation from the water will add moisture instead of reducing them.

    3.       Keep ten to twenty bags of mica in the room as mica is an active absorbent of moisture.

    4.       If you have flower vase or trees inside the room cover the soil or water surface with a cloth to prevent evaporation of water from the soil and water surface.

    5.       The people with wet cloth must not enter the room until their cloth gets dried out. Wet cloth is a good source of moisture and these can increase the moisture content in the room when someone enters after a bath.
    How to remove dirt from the air?

    1.       The use of shoes must be prevented inside an AC room. Shoe or chappals are a good carrier of dirt and if anyone enters the room from outside he/she must be asked to remove his/her shoeware before entering.
    2.       The surface of the soil or water of an agrarian or an aquarium must be covered because they are also well known for supplying dirt molecules into the room atmosphere.

    3.       Clothes, shoe and books are well-known for their ability to carry dirt. Often they are found within layers of dirt. So such products must be kept inside a locker or Almirah.

    4.       The computers in an AC room must be cleaned daily and with a brush not with clothes or tissue papers. Computers are also known for their ability to become ‘attached’ with dirt molecules. But if they are covered with a plain cloth such problems will not arise.

    5.       Even after taking so many precautions dirt may enter the room through the gaps in the door and window. So such gaps must be removed or sealed with adhesive materials.When dirt and moisture is remover or reduced from the room atmosphere then the requirement of the AC to consume energy will be reduced. Less consumption of electricity will also reduce the monthly electricity bill. So if anyone has a AC follow these steps so that you can save more.

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