Some Important Things You Should Be Aware When You Are Not Ovulating

Feb 15th 2019 at 12:43 AM


If you are a married woman and worried about not becoming pregnant, never fear. Read this short write up to have a better understanding of the condition of not ovulating and its remedies. According to the best Gynecologist in Coimbatore, the process of ovulation is one of the usual things like breathing which automatically takes place in women bodies. Non-ovulating is a condition called ‘an-ovulation’, which is nothing but a condition that prevents your motherhood.

·    1. Ovulation: It is a process in which an egg is released from ovaries and is what maintains your menstrual cycle. This process allows you to become pregnant and your period will occur every twenty to thirty-five days for a normal woman. Anything beyond forty-five days or more seems to the sign of specific issues for which you need to consult the female Gynecologist in Coimbatore for further investigations.

·    2. Basal body temperature: Commonly called as BBT, your basal body temperature can able to reveal some facts about things that are happening in your uterus. You need to record your temperature at the same time every day. If your temperature spikes around the mid-cycle and maintain till the end and drops during your period; this is an indicator for your ovulation. When the temperature remains unaltered all the time, you need to visit the doctor for a check-up.

·    3. Reasons for not ovulating: Several factors can contribute to your condition of non-ovulating. For the benefit of your information, some of the key reasons are discussed here such as stress, under or excess weight, poor nutrition, over workouts, hormonal imbalance and many more. Never worry as there are several methods by which you can kick start the timely release of eggs. Know the fact that these ovulation issues are part of the treatable causes of infertility.

·     4. Ovulation predictor kit: This is very similar to the pregnancy kit. You can make use of the strips to detect the Luteinizing hormone which secretes just before the ovulation period. If you are witnessing a positive result, which indicates that you can conceive in a normal way. This test will help you in increasing the chances of pregnancy by twenty-five per cent.

·   5. Consult your doctor: It is always wise to consult the best gynecologist specialist in Coimbatore while you are missing your regular menstrual cycle. Though lots of tools are available for y.ou to check your ovulation, it is better to consult your doctor who alone can assess your health condition and treat you with the right medication.

Hence, never fear of your present condition as there are many ways to popping out your eggs faster and healthier as well. Shell out all your fear and anxieties over your non-ovulation and look forward to managing things that come later. With proper advice, you can encounter this unique challenge that affects you temporarily. Remember, you are not alone as there are millions of women who face such challenges before they come pregnant.




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