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  • What To Know Before Starting To Develop Taxi Booking App
    Nowadays it seems that more and more people, especially millennials, are quitting the classic taxi service and heading towards taxi hailing apps. At the same time, more and more people quit the idea of having their own car and spending money on gas and all the maintenance cost, and choose instead this type of apps. […]
  • Apple TV Apps Size Limit Increased From 200MB to 4GB
    Apple is well known for its premium built designs that cater to the need of the elitist smartphone users and casual handset owners alike. You can find an array of features that represent the device’s strong points, one of the best being the highly appreciated high quality display. However, as any good device, the secret […]
  • Common Mistakes App Entrepreneurs Make during Development and Marketing
    When looking at the top mobile app marketplaces, you commonly see things like the Top Downloads page, Most Popular page, etc. However, we’re talking about a page. How many more pages are apps no one even knows they exist and will never meet success due to various reasons? Sadly, the answer is way too many […]
  • Angular 4 Is The Next Version Instead of Angular 3
    Angular 4 is the latest surprise coming from Google. The surprise of this release doesn’t consist of the release itself, but rather the fact that Google has decided to completely bypass the release of Angular 3. And do you want to know what’s even more curious? Google event went as far as announcing Angular 3. […]
  • Why Online Retailers Should Invest In eCommerce Mobile App?
    The evolution of modern day technology has led to an undeniable raise of popularity amongst eCommerce mobile apps. There are several factors behind this, and one of the simplest answers is that younger generations spend a lot of time on their mobile device therefore smartphones and tablets are an amazing ways to reach massive audiences. […]
  • Benefits Of Node.js And Why Startups Are Switching to It?
    As the mobile industry is continuously blooming and presenting young developers with new opportunities, they are also faced with an important decision that will pretty much determine what their app developing experience will shape up to be. To be more specific, we’re talking about choosing a development platform. Sure, there are still developers that prefer […]
  • Apple Offers iOS App Developers More Time To Encrypt App Communications
    Back in June, Apple held the Worldwide Developers Conference and during this event it was announced that developers which are deploying apps onto Apple’s App Store platform will need to apply the company’s ATS policy. ATS is App Transport Security and the deadline for this feature’s implementation was set to the 1st of January 2017. […]
  • Get An Early Scoop On How To Create A Great Grocery Shopping App
    Things that in the days of old might have taken a long time to complete can now be enjoyed as a very fast and seamless experience thanks to modern day technology and an invasion of mobile app integration to a long list of concepts and services. From the Uber service taking over the traditional taxi […]
  • 8 Useful AngularJS Tools for Developers To Build Creative Web Apps
    Web development can be a tedious process when you’re doing everything bare footed, so to speak. During the evolution of web development and the discovery and implementation of new techniques, it has been made obvious that acquiring a set of tools to help you in complete your project is definitely something you should look into. […]
  • Best Ways To Reduce Your App Development Costs?
    Everybody knows that mobile app development is a quick way of making money, but in fact there are many situations when the development of a mobile app can actually be an expensive project. Most of the times, these situations occur because people don’t plan ahead and don’t know exactly what steps to follow. It’s extremely […]

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