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How to Grow Beautiful Ivy

Feb 18th 2011 at 9:49 AM

There are numerous colors and types of ivy, and most of them are quite easy to grow, even for beginners. They're also easy to start new plants from, and you can find an ivy for every situation - low or bright light, dry or humid air, small or big spaces to fill. Good drainage is essential for healthy ivy. Watch out for mite infestations. And make sure to pick off dead leaves.

Swedish Ivy

Swedish ivy grows quickly so you will need to prune it often to keep it from getting stringy. It likes bright light and will not survive if the light is too dim. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Propagate by cuttings - it roots easily so you can fill many pots with it.

Devil's Ivy (Pothos Plant)

This hanging / climbing plant is very easy to grow and will thrive as long as it gets sufficient light. Devil's ivy is a hardy plant, fast growing and extremely easy to grow from cuttings. It prefers filtered light (not direct) and dry air. Keep the soil slightly moist but DON'T overwater. You can occasionally l et it dry out between waterings without any ill effects. If the vines get long and stringy and you want it to look bushier, simply wind the vine around in the pot. Wherever the leaf stems come into contact with the soil, they will take root. You can also trim the vines to a shorter length or pinch the tips to encourage the plant to "bush out"

English Ivy

English ivy is a beautiful trailing plant which is perfect for hanging planters. It likes full or indirect sun, fresh air and moist but not wet soil. Don’t let it dry out too much, but be sure that the pot has good drainage. Bathe it often to eliminate insects such as red spiders, which are attracted to English ivy because they can hide out in the center of the plant underneath the thick foliage. Propagate from cuttings.

Grape Ivy

Grape ivy is a very hardy hanging / climbing plant but it grows rather slowly. It will climb will and can attach itself to anything. It likes filtered sunlight or partial shade but will tolerate less light than most plants. Grape ivy also needs good air circulation and prefers a cooler night-time temperature.

DO NOT OVERWATER - let it dry out between waterings and water it evenly around the edge of the pot. The leaves will turn brown if it's not watered regularly. And make sure it has good drainage. Spider mites are a common insect pest. Pinch the tips of the vines to encourage branching. This plant propagates easily from cuttings or root division.


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