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New features of windows 10

Mar 6th 2019 at 9:43 PM


Official website introduces some new functions of Windows 10, which can be used as reference for entry level.

The Start menu is back, more personalized, more organized and more fun than ever before.

However, these simple introductions can not reflect the power and elegance of windows. Next, I will introduce the new features of Windows 10 and how to use it, and how to achieve the effect of my Windows 10 interface. If you lost your files, you must to how to recover deleted files in windows 10.

1: First step, interface beautification:

Desktops should be clean! To what extent is it clean, like this, of course, I added icons for convenience, and third-party software, such as the menu bar on the Apple desktop, which is very cool and high-powered to use.

When someone first sees your computer, they will exclaim: Why is there nothing on your desktop?

By this time, you have made the perfect preparation for the next Zhuang ya (bi).

Here's another trick, hiding the text under the icon is also a very forceful way to do it.

Enter "Character Mapping Table" in Xiaona Dialogue Window

Then open the program

Select the white block and click Select

Rename the icon and paste it, so that the text under the desktop shortcut will disappear. If you think the icon is interesting, you can do it. I'm not used to it anyway.

Of course, you can set up the system in English, which has many advantages.

In fact, setting it up in English has a solid advantage. You can log in to Groove music, movies and videos, and buy Audio and video online (if someone will).

Also, if there are friends who haven't bought activation codes, do as I said below, and then buy activation codes, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Open Time and Language in Settings, Move Date and Time to USA

Also transferred to the United States in regional and linguistic settings

Then install the language package and log in again. So you can use a lot of Microsoft's online software, and the key is that you can use Cortana better.

Step 2: Simplicity and Flatness:

Microsoft's aesthetic is good in some respects, such as the start menu of a strong return, but it's messy but not good-looking.

It's not the elegance we want, so we need to put all Microsoft's own software on the first side, why, because the effect map is like this, I'm not very suitable for categorization, when it's okay.

Please compare that picture just now. It's totally divorced between man and nature. Microsoft's intentions go beyond that. Look at this picture.

It will also change with the theme change, the color is simple and gorgeous.

Step 3: Unification of icons:

Look at the taskbar of my desktop and the dynamic menu bar below. Is it beautiful and feels like it's very high-end? But the taskbar is arbitrary, depending on your shortcut keyboard skills. Well used, the taskbar can be very concise.

So how does this work?

Every day we are indispensable to the operation - open the program, we are generally accustomed to the desktop shortcuts or desktop bottom left corner of the start menu to open the commonly used programs. My approach is to fix the common programs to the taskbar, and the skills of perfectly fixing the computer, recycle bin and desktop icons to the middle of the taskbar! Then fixed to the middle, usually can fix more than a dozen commonly used procedures, so it is very convenient to open, one step in place. If you don't think the taskbar looks good, you can hide it and open it at any time with this widget.

Hide/display system taskbar widget - = TaskBarHider V0.0.5=-

Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Hide Taskbar

My desktop taskbar is based on this method.

Then there's a high-end menu bar on the Apple desktop below, which can be downloaded officially using RocketDock, a third-party software, and then a toss!

4: About Task View in Taskbar:

Use Task View to improve efficiency. It was originally called virtual desktop. When you need to deal with a lot of tasks or do different things on different desktops, you need task view to help you. You can put different types of programs on different desktops. When switching tasks, you only need to switch desktops without rearranging the program windows.

Notification center not only can be used to see the notification, the shortcut button inside is also very convenient, such as you want to open ONENOTE record things, click on the "note" in it. Or open "settings" and other functions, but also very convenient, there may be a custom here shortcut button function.

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May 21st 2019 at 4:52 AM by kelly23
This article proves to be useful for us Thanks for it.

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