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  • 5 Fun Manifestation Games That You Can Play Indoors

      With everything in the world right now being so intense, I’ve been craving a little lightness and fun in my life. I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something to be said for consciously choosing to focus on more uplifting, empowering things. Remember that the law of attraction is always working, 24/7. We all have the power to choose where we place our attention. Since most of us will be spending much more time indoors over the next coming weeks and months, I want to give you some ideas for a fun, healthy distraction from all the madness. Today you’ll learn 5 fun manifestation games that you can play from the comfort of your own home. *This post may contain affiliate links DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE SCRIPTING TEMPLATE! 5 Manifestation Games You Can Play Indoors You might be wondering why you need specific manifestation games you can play inside. Many manifesting games are already indoor-safe, of course. But some require either purchasing items, going outside, or even involving other people. Others, frankly, some people find a little tedious or not very much fun. A significant component of manifesting and strengthening your confidence in your ability to use the law of attraction effectively is lightening it up and enjoying the process. So if you’re locked inside, you need easy and fun ways to boost creativity, engage your subconscious mind, and help attract what you want in your life. Here are some manifestation ideas to help you get started.   1- Manifest Money With The Hidden Treasures Game The first manifestation game you can try if you must spend additional time in your home is finding the treasure. It’s so easy! Set an intention to manifest hidden money or value in your home. Start by taking out a big bowl or box to store your collections. Then, think of all the places inside where you might find the hidden treasure! Remember it’s not only money that counts in this manifesting game, but anything that provides value as well. So, you might find coins in between your couch cushions or at the bottom of your purse. Clean out the glove compartment in your car and see if you have any change stowed away there, too. Check pockets from clothes you haven’t worn in a while, as well. But don’t stop there! You may also find coupons, gift cards or discounts in the back of your kitchen drawer. All of it counts! And it’s not just limited to physical items either. Check your e-mail for discount coupons or gift certificates. Open old savings accounts to see if they’ve perhaps accrued any interest. Anything you can think of where you might find even an additional penny in savings or value counts! At the end of your treasure-hunting expedition, count up all your wins. You just might be surprised at how much money you manifested with this game. Don’t forget to express gratitude for all that you have, no matter how much. It’s an excellent way to show the Universe you are appreciative of every little thing. And it elevates your awareness for all the blessings you already have.   2- Charge Your Water To Manifest With Ease Another simple, easy manifesting game you can try is to charge your water with your intentions. It’s so simple. I suggest you make a habit of doing this every time you drink water! Before you drink, hold your water in both hands and take a few seconds to envision bright light and energy coming through your hands into your water. Send a positive intention with this energy into the water, and drink up! Your intention can be anything you’d like, but I suggest you keep it light and simple. It’s just a way to elevate your mood, raise your vibration, and keep you feeling good. Plus, the more water you drink, the more you have to use the restroom, and the more you wash your hands! It’s a win-win for times like these, isn’t it? 😉     3- Draw Your Manifestations By now you’ve probably heard of the law of attraction scripting technique, where you write a letter to the universe describing what your life will look like once your manifestation comes true. But have you considered painting, drawing, or sketching a scene from your future life? You don’t have to be a great artist. It’s not really about that. It’s about using your imagination, letting your intention flow through your hands and body, having fun, and doing something a little different to help the Universe deliver your desire. You can even use stick figures if that’s as far as your talent goes. But if you have a means to paint or use colored pens, markers or crayons, all the better! Remember – have fun with it and enjoy the process!   5- Attract Contact From A Specific Person Next, since we should all be connecting more during this time, why not strengthen your manifesting muscles by attracting contact from a specific person? This one is really fun, and your mind will be blown away when they reach out! For this manifesting game, it’s best to choose someone who you don’t speak to regularly at all, but you’re pretty confident they can find or reach you. If you can’t think of anyone, scroll through contacts in your phone, or browse your Facebook friends list for ideas.   Here’s what you do: Think about the last time you spoke with them. Was it in person, face-to-face, via text, on the phone? Imagine yourself communicating with them (but don’t actually do it). Every few hours, try to think of communicating with them.   Try this game for a few days to a week, but try not to obsess over it. If you don’t receive any contact, it’s fine to let it go after a while. It may take time for them to reach out to you, but they eventually will! It’s important also not to do anything to entice them to contact you (that’s cheating)! Have fun!   Final Thoughts I hope that this fun set of manifesting games gives you a positive outlet (and some great results) if you’ll be spending much more time inside over the coming weeks and months. Don’t forget to join my mailing list to gain access to my growing vault of free law of attraction and manifesting worksheets and resources to help you create the life of your dreams. Happy manifesting! -Alex     Save This To Your Manifesting Board Related Manifesting Ideas: How To Set Powerful Intentions That Actually Manifest 12 Soul-Stirring Ways To Raise Your Vibration (Video) 3 Dreamy Ways To Manifest While You Sleep (Video) 5 Fun Manifestation Games That You Can Play Indoors

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  • How To Set Powerful Intentions That Actually Manifest

      When it comes to manifesting and the law of attraction, I’m sure you’ve heard a million times over that it all starts with setting a clear intention. And that’s true! You’ll have a really hard time manifesting anything if you’re not crystal clear about what it is that you even want. Knowing what you want is only half the battle, however. Anybody can set a random intention that sounds cool like “I want to manifest a million dollars.” But for most people, that probably won’t work out all that well. At least not without a bit of focus. Over the years, I’ve manifested so many incredible things and reviewing my many manifestation journals, I’ve found a distinct pattern to setting intentions that I think anybody can find helpful. Today I’m going to share with you my 7-step intention setting process that’ll help you manifest anything you want! I’ve included a bonus PDF questionnaire that will help you work through the process. All you have to do is enter your details in the form on this page to grab it! Ready? Let’s go! *This post contains affiliate links   7 Questions To Help You Set Powerful Intentions   1- Why Do You Want This Intention To Manifest? As you may have guessed, the first question in the intention-setting process is to ask yourself why you want your intention to manifest. Your answer (or lack thereof) may surprise you! Keep in mind; there’s no right or wrong answer to this. And it may take some time to get to the answer that resonates with you. But when you get there, you’ll know it. Let’s stick with the example of setting an intention to manifest a million dollars. Why do you want to manifest a million dollars? “Just because” isn’t a strong enough why to be meaningful enough for you to attract it. Be honest – you don’t just want to manifest a million dollars to sit on top of it. Maybe you want the security of having enough money to live well and care for your loved ones or invest in causes that are important to you. Perhaps you feel the money will boost your social status or allow you the freedom to travel across the globe. Maybe you just want your business idea to thrive, so you can be proud that you created something that is monetarily successful. There’s no right or wrong answer but consider this. When you start figuring out your why, you see your true intentions may shift a little. Instead of wanting to manifest a million dollars for the sake of manifesting a million dollars, other ideas come into play. If you’ve been having trouble manifesting, this first question may reveal that your intention was all wrong, and you need a course-correction.   2- What Emotions Will You Experience When This Intention Manifests? Somewhat related to the first question, but going a little deeper, is how will you feel when your intention manifests? If you’ve got the right intention, you will know automatically how you will feel. If your intentions don’t move you, excite you or thrill you in some way, sad to say – you might have a hard time manifesting. Let’s take a smaller example this time. I like to use my 55×5 manifesting method story as an example because it’s achievable for most. The first time I tried 55×5, I chose to manifest $20. This $20 wouldn’t be life-changing, of course. But I still knew that I would feel excited if it worked! I mean… when you try a manifesting method for the very first time, you have no idea if it’s going to work or not, or when? Even if it’s just $20 —  when you receive that $20, it’s so exciting, right? That little emotion is enough for you to know your intention is on track for manifesting success! Whether you want to manifest something big or something small – it’s the same. But you have to care about what you’re manifesting at least in some small way or else you may have a hard time drawing it your way.   3- How Can You Anchor This Intention Into Your Daily Life? Next, consider how you can anchor your intention into your daily life. What I mean by that, is let’s say you want to become a famous author and manifest a book deal. You want to leave little hints to yourself in as many places as you can that this is something that’s happening for you. For example, maybe you set a notification in your phone to go off once a day saying “congrats on your book deal!” Or, if you want to become a life coach or other professional, why not draw up business cards with your title on them? There aren’t any rules saying you can’t self-identify as who you want to be. If you say you’re an author, life coach, business owner, writer, or whatever – I know I’ll believe you! The Universe will help make that a reality for you too! 😊   4- Is This Something You Still Want? Another intention-setting tip that I have for you is to ask yourself if it’s something you want? So many times, we set intentions based on societal expectations. Or even things that we may have wanted in the past that no longer still stand. I’m SO guilty of this! I change my mind like, all the time, and it sometimes even frustrates people around me. But the Universe doesn’t care! If you’ve done a manifesting exercise with one intention and it’s been a few weeks, and it still hasn’t manifested, it’s okay to do a quick review and make some changes. One of the reasons I advocate slowing down in general in life and spending at least a few minutes a day in meditation, journaling, or in some other form of self-reflection is that you need to become very familiar with who you are and what you want. And it takes time off social media, away from others, and in the space of peace and quiet to truly reflect. The most important thing you can do when it comes to setting intentions that you want to manifest is to know your truth. Know your truth apart from outside influences because let me tell you it’s SO easy to get caught up in what other people say you should want. Make sure you are setting true, honest intentions that are for your highest and greatest good, okay? PRO TIP: Investing in a quality journal to track your efforts will boost your success, 100%! Click here for a FREE high-quality law of attraction manifesting planner 🙂    5- Are You Willing & Able To Take Action? Super-duper important is you need to ask if your intention is something you can take reasonable action on? By that, I mean both is it possible, and are you willing? Let’s say you want to manifest your soul mate. It’s unlikely that you’re going to randomly find someone without putting yourself out there at least a little bit in some way. Are you willing to go out more (maybe not right now at the beginning of a pandemic as I write this)? Or would you open up to talking to people you may not have considered before? Are you willing to energetically clean up your life by creating space for someone new to come into your life? Or, by contrast, are you shy and introverted and hate online dating and refuse to accept invitations to new social gatherings? Your intentions have a hard time manifesting unless you create space and allow for movement. The Universe can only do so much. You must be willing to create doors for the Universe to allow your manifestation to walk through. Got it?   6- Do You Trust & Believe This Intention Can Manifest? Here is another big one when it comes to setting intentions – belief. It’s totally okay to think big. I’m hugely fond of setting big intentions, thinking big, dreaming big. BUT… there’s a fine line between setting goals that scare you a little bit and setting intentions that deep down inside you don’t believe you have a hint of a chance at achieving. Let’s go back to the example of manifesting a million dollars. It’s SO possible. It really is. But you’d have to believe it can manifest. It’s easier to believe in this if you’ve already got some open doors than it is if you have nothing. But if you have nothing, you can still manifest a million dollars – it’s all up to you! The thing is if you set goals that are too unrealistic, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Because you can state all the positive affirmations you want to, but if deep down inside your subconscious mind is going, “yeah, right?” No dice. This is yet another reason why I love the idea of starting relatively small! Start with coins on the ground, a cup of coffee, or a text from an old friend. Once you see these smaller manifestations trickle in with regularity, your faith in the Universe and faith in yourself increases. And you move on to bigger and better manifestations! It’s so full of win; it’s crazy!   7- How Long Are You Willing To Wait? And finally, how long are you willing to wait for your intention to make its way to you? This final question is so crucial because look – the Universe does not work on your time. Sometimes your manifestations can come to pass in minutes, hours, and days. Other times, it takes weeks, months, even a year or more! But you must be honest with yourself. I’m not saying to put a time limit on your intentions, not saying that at all. But it’s best to analyze your intentions by first admitting how long you’d really be willing to wait before you gave up, tried something else, or concluded that the law of attraction just doesn’t work for you? The thing here is just patience. You will never know how long things will take. If you can admit upfront that you’re not willing to be patient, it may be a sign that you are going about it the wrong way. For example, if you need something urgently and it’s severe so you absolutely can not wait because you’re in dire straits? You don’t need to be manifesting. You need a more concrete solution. Whereas if you acknowledge that you want something, but it might take a year and meh… while you don’t want to have to wait that long, but you’re willing to? You’re probably better suited to move forward with that intention.   Are You Ready To Set Intentions That Actually Manifest? So, now that you know the magic seven questions that you should consider when setting your intentions, what do you think? Do you think any intentions you’ve set in the past have met these criteria? Or might you need a little fixin’? 😉 Either way, I hope this list gives you a little food for thought! Don’t forget to grab your free questionnaire by filling out the form at the top of this page! You’ll also gain access to my super-secret manifesting and law of attraction library with tons of other manifestation freebies!  I can’t wait to hear all about how you transformed your life by setting crystal clear, powerful intentions that rock you to your core. With love, light and most of all – magic,   -Alex   Save This To Your Favorite Manifesting Board   More Manifesting Tips: 12 Soul-Stirring Ways To Raise Your Vibration (Video) 55×5 Manifesting Method Shocking Questions Revealed! (Video) 3 Dreamy Ways To Manifest While You Sleep (Video) How To Set Intentions That Actually Manifest

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  • 12 Soul-Stirring Ways To Raise Your Vibration (Video)

    To live a happier, more joyous life, you must keep your vibration high and find ways to exude positive energy as much of the time as possible. If you mostly rest in a low vibration, where you complain, rant, judge, and criticize all the time, then you are attracting more of that energy back into your life. It’s going to be next to impossible to manifest money, a healthy relationship, or anything else you truly desire when you’re coming from such a low-vibe place. But when you have high vibrations, you are are grateful, healthy, happy, and content. You attract more high vibrational people, experiences and opportunities into your life naturally. Thus, manifesting becomes a piece of cake! And that’s what we want – easy peasy manifestations that are fun to request and pleasant to receive. In this post, I’m going to share twelve ways you can keep those vibes all the way up so you can manifest any and everything you truly desire! *This post contains affiliate links   Do You Need To Raise Your Vibration? First, how do you know you even need to raise your vibration in the first place? When we talk about vibration, we really mean your mood, temperament, and the energy you feel both inside and what you’re putting out into the world. It’s a blend of your physical and emotional state. When you’re super sleepy and haven’t had any rest, even if you’re not necessarily sad or angry, your vibration may still be off because your physical body is uncomfortable. Likewise, if you feel well-rested and don’t have any physical ailments, but you are upset with your boyfriend, or someone at work just pissed you off, your vibration is low because of your mood. An easy way to tell is to consider how you feel right now on a scale of 1 to 10. One is the ultimate low, ten is an ultimate high. If I’m below a seven, I don’t try any manifesting work until I feel better, and I suggest you do the same.   How To Raise Your Vibration   1- Care For Your Physical Body This probably goes without saying, but you need to take excellent care of your physical body. Everything from the amount and quality of the food you eat, the amount of water you drink, how much caffeine and alcohol you consume, whether you have any bad habits like drugs or alcohol, the amount of sleep you get, how you maintain your hygiene and how much exercise you get all impact your mood and energy level. The first thing you should do on an ongoing basis to ensure you feel your very best is to make sure you eat a healthy diet, stay hydrated, get enough rest, and at least a moderate amount of exercise. It’s good for overall wellbeing, and your vibrational energy will be higher, on average. What you want is a consistent baseline of feeling good, so you don’t have to work so dang hard. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!   2- Scripting Your Vibration Next, a great way to raise your vibration is to write a letter describing how you want to feel – but in the present tense as if you already feel that way. For example, if you’re feeling a little low, tired and worn out, pull out a piece of paper and a pen, and write a quick letter or note describing how energetic, happy, grateful, excited and pumped up you are about your life, or about your day. It sounds a little out there, but try it and see! (Grab the FREE scripting template by signing up below to get started ASAP)! DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE SCRIPTING TEMPLATE! 3- Try A Gratitude Blitz A neat little exercise I just stumbled upon in this really great law of attraction book that I highly recommend is called a “gratitude blitz.” All you do is either speak out loud or write back to back a TON of things you’re grateful for, as fast as you can. Then at the end, you either write over and over “Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU”, or say it aloud. It’s impossible not to feel incredibly excited and fired up once you do this! It legit feels like a shower of positivity washes over your entire body, and I’m serious – the first time I tried it, I felt like my body was tingling. I recommend setting a timer. Five minutes is plenty for this exercise. You write any little thing you can think of and don’t stop to consider whether it’s good enough, big or small, recent or a decade ago. You’re grateful to be alive, to have fresh air to breathe, to have eyes to see, for the sunlight, for your dog, for Netflix so you can watch TV without commercials, for your favorite food, for fun nights out with friends, for your best friend, for your dog, for the color blue because it’s pretty, etc… Seriously, just go for five minutes, say THANK YOU, and see how high your vibration gets!   4- Quick Meditation Another quick way to raise your vibration is to take a minute or five to meditate. By meditate, I don’t mean some long, drawn-out process where you sit all scrunched up on the floor with your fingers in tiny circles. If you want to go that route and have the time or desire to – fine! But raising your vibration doesn’t require that at all! We carry so much stress and tension in our bodies and something as simple as fixing your posture, sitting, or even standing still for sixty seconds and breathing very deeply, slowly and intentionally, is often enough to raise you a few points. The average breathing rate for most adults is between 12 and 20 breaths per minute. If you relax your shoulders, fix your posture, and breathe in and out just four to six times in one minute, you’ll feel much, much better.   5- Go Outside People greatly underestimate the power of nature when it comes to raising your vibration. If you feel a little low, go outside (weather permitting). Bonus points if you can physically connect with nature in some way. Seriously, hug a tree if you can. Dig your feet in some grass. Even placing your hand in a potted plant will help you match the frequency of nature. At the very least, getting fresh air in your lungs (especially if you breathe deeply like point #4) will help raise your vibration a ton!   6- Repeat Positive Affirmations Positive affirmations can work wonders to raise your vibration in a pinch, as well. Pick one affirmation that points directly at a pressing issue that may be lowering your vibration at the moment. For example, if you feel frustrated because of something at work, choose an affirmation like “I feel light and stress-free.” Repeat that same affirmation over and over until you feel better.   7- Do Something Nice For Someone If your vibe is low, chances are you may be in your head a bit too much. Stepping out of yourself and sending positive vibes, attention, and intentions outward to someone else is one of the fastest ways to elevate their vibration – and yours! Pick something small and genuine and send some good energy out into the world! Give someone an authentic compliment. Leave a flirty sticky note for your partner to find later on. Leave a small amount of money somewhere that someone might randomly find it. Send a friend a text that will uplift their day. Random, small acts of kindness are never a bad idea. Make it a regular practice to be a high-vibe person by just being… nice.   8- Freshen Up Your Appearance Do you ever notice how when you look great, you automatically tend to feel good, too? I’m not saying you need to doll up like a supermodel to sit in front of the TV if you’ve got no plans. But there’s something to be said for going the slight extra mile to freshen up your appearance. Make the outside look appealing, and the inside often follows. Even something as simple as brushing your teeth, washing with mouthwash, and putting on a fresh coat of lipgloss or lipstick can help elevate your mood. Make sure your hair is neat. File your nails. Spray your favorite perfume. A little self-care not only will make you feel great, but it will signal to your subconscious mind that you have something going on and to put positive energy and thoughts out there.   9- Take A Break From Social Media One thing you can always count on to improve your vibration is to take a break from social media. Sometimes, sure, social media has its place. It’s entertaining, you keep up with family and friends, and on occasion, when used correctly, you can even learn a thing or two that may improve your life. But more often than not, do you know what you’re really getting on social media? Mixed energy. Most of it isn’t positive. Sure, you’re seeing the best parts of peoples’ lives, but it doesn’t match up to reality. If you’re already suffering from low vibes, all you’ll do on social media is compare yourself to everyone you see posting, fall victim to advertisements that show you what you’re lacking, get sucked into weird debates or a host of any other off-beat things that serve as distractions from what you should really be focusing on. At the very least, you’ll wind up mindlessly scrolling through your phone and wasting precious time that you could use to make some of your dreams come true. If you feel yucky, take a social media detox. Try one whole day if you can, and fill that time with higher vibrational activities.   10- Have A Hug Physical contact is so therapeutic. If you have anyone to hug – have at it. But even if you don’t have someone who will hug you, hug yourself! It might sound crazy, but it does help. Think of positive affirmations for a second. One of the best ways to use positive affirmations is to look at your reflection in the mirror and essentially love on yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful, intelligent, creative, admirable, loyal, loved, and successful you are every single day and watch how your life transforms. Wrapping your arms around yourself and giving yourself a big, loving squeeze is like positive affirmations in physical form. Do you think you should wait for someone outside of you to tell you that you’re beautiful or to show you love? NO! Don’t get me wrong, self-love isn’t a 100% replacement for external validation, but believe me – if nobody else tells you and shows you every day how incredible you are, you’ll benefit so much from doing it yourself. Try it and see. Nobody should love you more than you do!   11- Allow Limited Negativity Though I enjoy “love and light” as much as the next person and wish it could be that all the time, it’s just not reality. Sometimes life really does suck, and there are plenty of valid reasons to feel down in the dumps. You must allow yourself to feel so you can heal, boo! You’re not doing yourself any favors by trying to cover up a rough patch in life with fake positivity (been there, done that). The trick is to allow space for yourself to feel and process the low-vibes but put a cap on it. I’m a huge fan of allowing negative emotions to process – but only for a limited time. I like to set a timer for 10-15 minutes and write all the worst things I think and feel. Or when life was really bad for me just after first embarking down my spiritual path, I’d take a pillow to my car, lock myself inside and...

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  • 55×5 Manifesting Method Shocking Questions Revealed! (Video)

    Since writing and talking about the 55×5 manifesting technique, I’ve received so many questions about how to use it most effectively. I sent out an e-mail answering a few of those questions, but, naturally, even more queries have come in since then. It seems like the 55×5 law of attraction technique is extremely popular, but also way more complicated than it should be! I thought it would make the most sense to put the most common 55×5 questions I’ve received into a blog post and keep updating it as more questions come in as time goes by. That way, you’ll have a handy-dandy one-stop resource for all things related to the 55*5 method. Hopefully, you can start using it to manifest all the exciting, fun things you crave and deserve in your life. *This post contains affiliate links   FREE 55X5 MANIFESTATION METHOD TRACKER   What Is The 55*5 Manifesting Method? If you don’t already know, the 55×5 manifesting technique is one of the most popular law of attraction methods around. People have reportedly used it to manifest tons of money, the love of their life, new homes, new cars, free vacations, and more! Click through to read the detailed post about how the 55×5 manifesting trick works if you need more info. But in a nutshell, you approach it in five easy steps: Decide what you want to manifest Create a short, positive affirmation that represents your already having it Write it 55 times in a row on a piece of paper for 5 days straight Be on the lookout for signs and signals from the Universe that it’s on its way to you Express gratitude once you receive it Sounds easy enough, right? I thought so too! But like I said before, I’ve received tons of questions about how best to make the 55*5 technique work, so here is the ultimate 55×5 method FAQ!   1- Can I Use Different Affirmations Through The Five Days? First, someone asked if it’s okay to write different affirmations each day during 55×5. The answer is “no.” You see, you need to be very specific and make sure you are only doing one intention at a time. Otherwise, your intention and focus won’t be strong enough or clear enough for the Universe to do its job. I know that the 55×5 method can be tedious and boring. So I have a little tip for you that helps me out! What you should do is visualize while you write, but in your head, think of something a little extra each time. For example, write “I’m so happy about my new job”… then think, “and now I have tons of extra money in the bank.” Then write “I’m so happy about my new job”… while thinking, “and I love being able to contribute to society”… and so on and so on! Maybe you don’t have a new one every line, but what you want to do is get into the feeling of how it’ll be once you have it. It makes it so much more fun, and your intention can build so much stronger this way.   2- What Should I Do With My 55*5 Paper Afterward? A few people have also asked what to do with the sheets you write your 55×5 affirmations on once you finish, and this is an excellent question. It doesn’t really matter! I say, do what feels right for you! Some of them I’ll throw away or even burn them to release the intention into the Universe if that feels right. Others I’ll file away in my law of attraction binder. It can be incredibly fun to file them away for later because, honestly? The best thing you can do not just with 55*5 but all the law of attraction exercises is to finish them then totally forget. I mean entirely forget that you even did the exercise. Assume your request has been granted, go on about your life and move on! Then when you stumble upon an exercise you did 6 months later and realize that it came true when you weren’t even thinking about it, it’s so exciting! It makes you want to do more and more because you realize how powerful you are, and how it works best when you don’t work it so hard.   3- Go Longer Than Five Days Or Restart 55×5? Third, somebody wanted to know if you get close to your intention but not all the way there, can you go longer than five days or start over. I say going longer than five days is okay with 55×5. And you can start over if you’d like. But you don’t want to be in a constant state of endlessly doing 55×5 waiting for something to materialize. It doesn’t really work that way. You need to assume the Universe has received your request. Think about it – you don’t go to a restaurant, put in an order, then keep ordering the same thing. You wait! But, you should also trust your intuition. If you feel like you were tapped into the right energy and things were coming your way while you were doing 55×5, but there was a noticeable drop in movement as soon as you quit? By all means, give it another shot. But don’t do it back to back for the same intention more than twice. That’s overkill and won’t do you any favors.   4- Use 55×5 To Remove Something From Your Life Someone also asked if the 55×5 method might be useful in removing something from your life. I’ve thought about this over and over, and I wouldn’t advise it. By default, the affirmation you create must be positive. And you will only receive more of what you put out into the Universe. You can’t really make an affirmation that talks about the lack of a person or something in your life. If you can find a way to make a positive affirmation that focuses on what you gain once that thing is no longer present, it might work. But I recommend trying a different exercise for this – like scripting! The 55*5 method works kind of like a snapshot of one thing because it’s such a short, tightly focused affirmation. With scripting, you’re writing a letter to the Universe, and you have more creative room to picture your life. Picture how you’d feel and what your experience in the world will be once you have what you want. So the short answer here is “no – try scripting instead.” Also, I must say right now that if you are in any danger or need to remove something or someone urgently, please do not rely on metaphysical techniques. Call the authorities or seek professional help. The law of attraction and manifesting is an addition to real-world handling of your affairs, not a replacement.   5- Can I Write A New Intention In The Same Book? Next, some people wanted to know if they can use one notebook to write a new intention. The answer is “yes”! I highly recommend keeping your law of attraction manifesting exercises organized and putting things all in one place so that you can retrieve them later. Your intentions won’t get muddled by remaining in the same binder. If you’re looking for an excellent law of attraction planner to stay organized, by the way, click here to grab this one for free! I have mine and absolutely love it (in addition to all the other binders I’ve had for years and years lol).   6- How Long To Wait Before Starting A New 55×5 Finally (for now), once you finish one 55*5 manifesting exercise, how long should you wait before doing it again? I say you want to give it at least a couple of weeks. The whole thing is that you can’t just sit around doing manifesting exercises back to back all day long. You need to get out there and pay attention, be patient, live your life, and leave room to allow things to come to you. Manifesting always takes time. But tell me this – if you’re doing one 55×5 exercise to manifest a new job, another 55X5 sheet to manifest a new car, another 55*5 for a boyfriend, another for a new vacation or more self-confidence or $500… how can you notice what the Universe is bringing to you? So much of tuning in to the right frequency is awareness. Spending all that time doing 55×5 back to back is going to prevent you from being present, enjoying your life, and expressing gratitude for what you have and the little things that are coming. It’s not healthy or good to be in the space of always asking, asking, asking. So, maybe just one 55×5 exercise a month is a safe bet. Or at least every 3 weeks.   Do You Have Any 55×5 Method Questions? That’s all for the super-epic 55×5 manifesting method FAQ for now. But, I expect this document to grow! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment box below, or e-mail me directly. I hope this can be an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in the method or needs help getting it to work better. But remember it’s not the end-all-be-all of manifesting, okay? It’s only ONE tool of many. I encourage you to try everything because there might be something out there that works so much better for you! I’d hate to see you limit yourself to one method because it’s popular. Step outside the box, step outside your comfort zone, but know above all that the real magic is within. I hope that helps, and I wish you nothing but love, light, and, most of all, – magic. -Alex   P.S. Don’t forget to grab your FREE 55×5 Manifesting Tracker at the top of this page! It’ll help you SO much with tracking your intentions! 🤩   Save This To Your Pinterest Manifesting Board!   Read These Manifesting Ideas Next: How To Use Law Of Attraction Scripting To Manifest Your Dreams (Video) How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Mental Health {Video} 3 Dreamy Ways To Manifest While You Sleep (Video) How To Make The 55×5 Method Work For You (LOA Method FAQ)

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  • 3 Dreamy Ways To Manifest While You Sleep (Video)

      I don’t know about you, but I am a HUGE fan of doing anything I can to put my law of attraction manifesting on autopilot. While I love the occasional longer ritual full of crystals, candles, and colors that leave me feeling like an ethereal goddess, there’s something to be said for manifesting tricks that feel like nothing at all. And that’s exactly what I have for you today, my beautiful friend! Today I’m going to tell you all about these super-simple manifesting hacks that help you put the law of attraction on autopilot in the most leisurely way imaginable. Yes – you’re going to learn three ways to manifest your dreams while you sleep. Read on for the juicy details, or check out the related video below if you’d rather watch/listen instead! *This post contains affiliate links   3 Dreamy Ways To Manifest In Your Sleep 1- Use The Pillow Method To Manifest While Sleeping The first way to manifest while you sleep is to use the “pillow method.” It’s so simple to use; you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it before! All you do is write your affirmation down on a piece of paper, then put it underneath your pillow while you sleep. It’s a simple law of attraction trick to help your subconscious mind work more positively. The only thing is, as with all affirmations, make sure you write a positive affirmation. It doesn’t work if you think about what you don’t want. Think about what you do want. For example, if you want to manifest love, you don’t say “I don’t want to sleep alone anymore.” You say, “I am deeply in love with the most amazing partner.” If you want to manifest weight loss, you don’t say, “I’m no longer overweight.” You say, “I am slim and svelte at a size four.” You get the picture!   Click here for sample positive affirmations that you can use with the pillow method.   2- Try Visualization To Manifest While You Sleep A second way to manifest while you sleep is to briefly visualize something specific that you want to attract just before falling asleep. My best advice is to start with something small but unlikely to happen under normal circumstances. That way you’ll be sure it came from your manifesting efforts. The first time I tried this I picked something totally random. I chose to manifest a ladder. Before I went to sleep every night I would close my eyes, and visualize seeing a ladder! I visualized myself climbing up it step by step. I imagined different ladders. A wooden ladder, a metal one. A ladder leaning against a building, a ladder outside my townhouse. A red one, a blue one. Just… different ladders every night. I did this for about five nights straight before I got tired of doing it and eventually forgot about it altogether.   Two Weeks Later — It Happened! Well, two weeks later I randomly got invited to a Cirque de Soleil performance with a friend. Someone else had backed out of going and there was an extra ticket, so I went along! And boom – in the middle of one of the performances was this HUGE, TALL ladder and a guy balancing climbing up it without falling. “Zing!” I remembered my manifestation and that ladder looked suspiciously like one of the ones I visualized! It was so exciting! Not because a ladder is all that important. But because I just knew that I created that experience. And it was proof to me that this method works! If you can visualize and create something small, you can imagine and create something big. Energetically there is NO difference. So, if you’re brand new to manifesting and the law of attraction, visualize a ladder, an owl or a cup of coffee before you go to sleep at night. Try it for 5 days to a week if you can. Then wait! I bet you’ll see it soon. Then you’ll realize your full power and potential and can move onward and upward to bigger and better things.   3- Ask Questions To Manifest Answers In Your Sleep Finally, your subconscious mind is really smart. If you have questions that you need answers to, much of the time the answer is within. All you have to do is ask! A way to manifest indirectly in your sleep is to ask the subconscious mind questions that can help you get what you want if you find answers.   Just before you go to bed at night, do this: 1- Think of a question where the answer could bring you something good. 2- Write it down or at least tell your subconscious mind to answer it. 3- When you wake up in the morning or throughout the day or next few days, jot down answers that come to you.   PRO TIP: If you’re serious about manifesting and want to do it the right way, you need to keep all your manifesting exercises, ideas and intuitive hints in one, tidy place. The Universe dislikes clutter! I recommend downloading your copy of this excellent Law of Attraction Planner. I know it’s free at the time of writing this (but I don’t know for how long)!   Click here to get a copy while you still can!       This worked well for me, and honestly is how you’re even reading this right now! I was kind of stuck in a rut I guess you could say business-wise. I was feeling kinda meh and wanted to do something colorful, cute, fun and inspiring, right? So, I simply went to bed and asked my subconscious mind to show me the best passion project I needed to fill the void in my life! That was it.     Over the next week, I kept getting little hits that led me here! I kept stumbling on YouTubers doing Tarot spreads somehow when looking for something unrelated. Once I was talking to a friend about starting a new hobby, and she said: “you’ve really come a long way in life over the years, you should totally write about your experiences.” And other little hints that pushed me toward building this website. So I listened! And now I’m so happy connecting with amazing and beautiful people, doing daily Tarot readings, and making my own YouTube videos and such! The answer was inside me all along – I just had to ask, believe, and SLEEP!!! Lol. Maybe the same can be true for you! Maybe you can manifest answers that lead to actions you can take to bring about specific changes you want to see in your life!   How Will YOU Manifest In YOUR Sleep? Now you have three easy manifesting methods that you can try to put the law of attraction on autopilot. This way, you know it’ll be working for you – even when you aren’t working all that hard. It’s the best way to get things done and make manifesting work so much faster! Make sure you give it a try and let me know how it goes. I can’t wait to see how juicy and delicious your new life is once you become a manifesting maniac and get everything you deserve!   FREE LOA + MANIFESTING FREEBIES   Enter your details in the form on this page and get tons of manifesting freebies! The first one you’ll receive is going to help you with the 55×5 manifesting method (you don’t want to miss out on that)! But the real benefit is that I have an entire secret law of attraction resource library that has even more free manifesting worksheets and tutorials that you can use. You get access to ALL of it by subscribing just once! So enter your details and take advantage right away. You’ll love it, I swear.🥰 Happy manifesting! -Alex   Read These Manifesting Posts Next: How To Use Law Of Attraction Scripting To Manifest Your Dreams (Video) The Easiest LOA Scripting Hack For Manifesting Money (Video) A Powerful Law Of Attraction Manifesting Ritual For Self-Love   Save This To Your LOA Manifest Boards 3 Dreamy Ways To Manifest While You Sleep (Law of Attraction on Autopilot)

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