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“Sites like Digg and Technorati are what I call social bookMARKETING, not social bookmarking.” Blake Newman
2 years ago

  • How To Use LinkedIn: Success Stories
    How To Use LinkedIn: Success Stories
  • How To Use LinkedIn: Success Stories
    How To Use LinkedIn: Success Stories
  • A Post From Tha Host

           I like to share my thoughts. I see just trying to keep up with posting on each of your social media accounts takes a little work in it self. So got to put in the effort for that promoting you maybe trying to do. Twitter, Tumblr,GooglePlus usually my chooses for sharing my affiliate referral's and sometimes just some quotes or reshare of something that may have caught my attention. I do not know about you but I know it feels good when you receive the * notification which is a notice some one favor your tweet. See I have Moto G and anyone who ever had one knows you get notifactions from email,socail networks, missed calls are anything right on top of your screen you will be able to hear the sound of delivery. For Tumblr you will see the T symbol and for Google + you will see a g and plus sign above your screen.

             So yeah I have been seeing a lot of great blogging and I will usually favor or + it you know. I also been working a physical job manufacturing and been putting in some decent hours. So I still make effort to post on the blogs and see what's new out there. I usually take time to look at something usually leave a comment or reshare, you will know I was there. I know some of you probably  wondering why I never retweeted none of there work or post. You could just leave me a message I will do that for you. Long as it not going to cause people to block me or report me or something.

         However, online community is a must for a blogger get in there meet new people who have different views on things from all over the world you know? But be interested that way you will comment easiest. I do keep up with the Bitcoin communities, thinkers, and youtubers, I am open to suggestions as well. Thank you have a wonderful day and do not forget to click on some of my banners taking a look never hurts. Plus I need you guys to tell me if they are even working okay. Thanks

  • Info line/Who I Follow
     So I did not have to go to my physical job today so I am posting....I know you alll are so happy, I could give you my thoughts and ideas today. Well here on the east-coast it is now 10:48 am I like reading my news from diffrent sources. I been reading a little news on Bitcoin thanks to my Tumblr friend Bitcoinjumper I follow them to stay up to date on Bitcoin. I also want to say happy Lebron has made his mind up and decided to finish his dream of winning big home. Jesus that town really believes in you my man. I do follow a few blogs on feedly

    Nicekicks, sneakernews, kicksonfire to like keep up on sneakers and what they are going for in stores and online.

        People and businessesI follow on Twitter be, Project Bitcoin, Musicpromotion,Redcoinnews, Nicekicks,CoinWorld,Fm1Fm,OgbonoSoupNaija,,globalinvesting,SneakersNews,Bitcoinmarket,The price of Dodge,StealhisHeart, Tumblrtextpost,Survivorcoin,TedVinzai,bestmusicnews4uradio,youngjody,Miawallace,Coindesk,AltcoinDevvie,Demo,Porsche,Nba2k14,Evelyncastro,nikeradarapp,growthhacker,,

      Some people and business I follow on Google+.Womensfashion,Manta,NaturalbeautifulAnimals,LosAngelesLakers,healthRelive,JosephSwann,Ecowatch,EmiliaFernandes,CodingCorner

    Some blogs I am following right now on Bloglovine are,MyBlogGotKicks,Copycopper,fashiontoast,kicksonfire,lastnitemakeup,,sincecerlyJules,Jewerlyontumblr,menwithpens, just those for now.

    If I forgot to mention you sorry. this was just to give those who stop by on who i follow and insipire to be like. We all are a smallbiz in someway shape are form. I like to thank you all for sharing i will try to check everything day to day so I do not miss out on anything. Well see you all sooon.

  • No pain No gain

    Working out always makes me feel better. It gives me energy as well. So even when I do not feel like going and working out, I just remind myself how good I felt after the last time I worked out. So I felt so good after this workout I am sharing a photo.

  • I See Good News
      So how is everyone doing I wanted to say congratulations to the Spurs they really moved the ball and just played excellent basketball. I know Lebron did his best, Spurs was was the better team all around. I knew this was going to be diffrent outcome when Duncan mentioned he had a nasty taste in his mouth.

      Also I want to congratulate Dre and his new partnership with Tim Cooks and Apple. That was a big accomplishment coming from where you have started from. I belive Cooks is doing what he has to do to keep Apple competitive.  He not trying to be Steve Jobs cause he is Tim Cooks.

     Now with my forum you guys probably know it is the latest thing added to this blog. I would love if I could get some traffic from any of you to show my work is paying off would mean so much to me.I if you guys want to know more about Bitcoin you could leave question there for anyone on the forum to answer. The link is at my Twitter page seemyforum okay everyone.

       So Bitcoins is more popular more and more everyday. One thing I do is I get on Twitter and found people how know just as much as me on these Bitcoins are much more. Thats how you have to learn what updates are available. So I read to see whats the latest then I try to come back here to my blog and share great information that might interst anyone at anytime. I have heard Bitcoin for aleast five months before I step on broad to help others get on board while it is still in it early stages.

       I was on Linkin the other day I seen a tittle of a post reguarding a 15 year old who made a 100,000 in Bitcoin I mean thats so wonderful to see even teenagers getting involved. Like the best time you know. I also was just reading a article where a grocery store has just started accepting Bitcoin in California. Thats a leader for you take the first step to more improvement. Also here in  Jersey City, NJ Helen's Pizza will sell you a slice for 0.00339 Bitcoin. There is a sign next to the cash register where you point your phone at the sign and pay. If thats not enough checkout the clothing store thats making a change, in Bergenfield,NJ you could buy a camouflage hoody for 0.10862 Bitcoin. :source

      So for now the Bitcoin creator has put a cap on the Bitcoin until more are aware and using. So there only 21 million currently and 11 million are use out of this. I learned this from the video that you see posted here.
    So has the demands grow so will the price. Get in get in fast jump in think later. This the new Paypal. I will be here to anwer question are you could watch all the videos you can find.

  • Ask Me About Free Bitcoins
      See what I am learning when you are blogging your personalty is involved in every post. One thing I try to consistently do with my readers is share what I believe is interesting might be interesting to others as well. But we will just keep at it see where things go.

                                   “The path Bitcoin is on is in some ways what PayPal was on. At first it seems strange … but it’s going to become more mainstream.”

      Meanwhile, according to a cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange. The very first cryptocurrency to begin trading was Bitcoin in 2009. You are the owner of your Bitcoin no one can take them away from you. Just a couple of days ago a 15 year old made a 100,000 in Bitcoins.(source)Bitcoin News Today) So there is oppurtunity here for any age.It is not link to no particular country.



                    More businesses are taking notice of their customers that are using Bitcoin.  The more merchants that accepts Bitcoin as a payment is very good for all of us who will buy trade and sell them. Studies show that people who use Bitcoin earn an annual income of around 50,000 a year. 35% make a 100,000 a year. 26% make a 150,000 or more. (source)Bitcoin News: Five Predictions for The Digital Currency 2014 By David Zeiler
     More and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin everyday. If you are a business setup a account at coinbase and you can link to a bank to tranfer the Bitcoin into usdollars.

               According to BCNN1 June 12,2014 all of Africa could be  another nation involved in the Bitcoin exchange. Due to Western Union prices Bitcoin would easily cut into its business. Which most Africans know. Bitpesa has already help with sending money and receiving in and out of Africa. The big concern would be money laundering. Banks have been testing bitcoin trading systems, before they allow the public to use. It takes  quiet bit of efforts to convince a country to try a new currency.


       The boost of Bitcoin ATMs. Yes there already in Boston and other places.(source Nashoba Publishing Entertainment: Why A Bitcoin ATM is probabably Headed To A City Near You) By Meena Thiruvengadam  It comes with a built in hand scanner to prevent money laundering. China does allowed it citizen the permission to use the Bitcoin but yet  it is not concerted a currency.: sorce: efinancials January7,2014 Robocoin has been involved with helping several operators reach out to the government and local regulators to educate them on the benefits of the Bitcoin.

         Futhermore, Bitcoins could be exchanged bought are sold online are thru  mobile apps. Other option would be to become a miner you will have to solve mathematical problems. Bitcoin mining is basically someone who keeps track of Bitcoin transactions. A Bitcoin transaction is called a block. Old transactions are called a block chain. (source: Miners are rewarded base on the number of blocks that have. So the more data they have saved the more they are paid.


  • Find Additional Bitcoin Information
                           Hi today I want to share ways that I have learned to earn free bitcoin. Download this wonderful app at the Google Play Store it is called Bitcoin Faucet. One thing I would like to tell you is that you must have a certain amount before you can receive a payout. Yes you are allowed for most to request more Bitcoin every 30 mintues. The site will ask you for your Bitcoin address you must get a wallet. It is a long it has numbers and capital letters.

    I learn alot about Bitcoin on Twitter and Tumblr. I have followed a few blogs on Bloglovin. 
    So checkout these sites to get more information.Thanks for stopping by.
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