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With both a degree and background in psychology I have applied this knowledge to building affiliate businesses.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1981 I went on to work in a state psychiatric facility. I got involved with Amway and learned a great deal about group dynamics. I never did make much money with Amway but it was great fun to meet the people involved and hear of their hopes and dreams.

In the late 1980\'s I met Gery Carson (now the owner and president of SFI Marketing) and went to work for his business as an employee. It was after working with him on several projects that I began to see an income from network marketing.

I feel that with my years of experience that I can help you through answering questions about opportunities, marketing methods and much more. My talents that i put to use in both online and offline marketing include relationship building and writing for the purpose of relationship building as well as article marketing.

My favorite income generating program is an MLM/Affiliate program hybrid called Strong Future International.

I also look for support programs to help build primary businesses.

I enjoy helping people, reading, writing, cooking, entertaining, going to movies, traveling, hiking, fishing and photography among other interests.
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Keith Stieneke
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    Give up and lose out The problem that most people have in meeting their goals is that they give up before they have already started. Or they are almost to the point of achieving their goal or goals and they give up at the last moment when one more attempt or try would lead them...
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