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Medical Methods of ED Treatment

Sep 12th 2015 at 2:47 AM

Erectile dysfunction is a men’s common sexual problem. This health issue is triggered due to a variety of causes such as bad habits, emotional or relationship issues, certain medications, cardiovascular problems. Though many treatment approaches are suggested to the patients to reverse the effects of ED.

Kamagra – An Effective Medications to Cure ED

The journal of sexual medicines stated that medicines are effective to cure ED and its symptoms. Kamagra is introduced with sildenafil citrate ingredient to diagnose the erectile dysfunction problem. This effective pill is mostly preferred just because of its high quality ingredient sildenafil citrate. Scientists of Pfizer invented sildenafil citrate and found it most effective to deal with the symptoms of ED.

A tablet is enough to get erection but one must be sure about the time to consume this drug. Physicians suggest this medicine 30 minutes before making love. One must be sexually stimulated when going to take Kamagra 100 so that optimism level of erection can be acquired. FDA approved cheap kamagra online now can be purchased online as well as over the counter.

Non – Drug Treatment for ED

Other treatment approaches to improve ED includes vacuum pumps, penile injections, penile implants, surgical implants etc. These treatment methods have their unique importance to supply a helping hand to the patient but it doesn’t mean that these methods are completely safe. Let’s have a glance on the major phase of these methods:

Penile injections:

FDA approved Alprostadil drug for ED. This medicine is used directly into the penis through injection. It is one of the most effective types of ED treatment for those, who cannot take oral treatment.

Side effects: It may deliver burning sensation and pripiasm (erection for more than four hours).

Muse or Medicated Urethral System for Erection:

Men who cannot inject themselves and cannot take alprostadil, they can use FDA approved dissolvable pellet. It is used by inserting into the urethra (opening side of the penis). It just takes 10 minutes to trigger its effectiveness and remains in the body for an hour.

Side effects: an aching sensation, minor bleeding, redness and burning.

Vacuum Pump:

The vacuum pump is the most common ED method for those, who cannot inject or insert alprostadil. One needs to place a cylinder over the penis and pump the air out of the cylinder, so that more blood can be flown in the penis. Around 75 percent of ED patients prefer this device to overcome their fatal conditions.

Side effects: bruising, numbness and weak ejaculation.

Surgical implant:

If you’re still finding difficult or impossible to get treatment mentioned above points then surgical implants can work for it. in this approach, an implantable pump is placed so that manually an erection can be acquired.

Side effects: infection and mechanical breakdown

The potentials of ED treatment

In this present era, Kamagra tablets 100mg are recommended as the best treatment approach because of its high quality and strength to cure ED. It is convenient to buy, easy to use and affordable in prices as well does not provide any soreness during the treatment. Researchers still indulged into the development of this medicine. They are endeavoring to launch effective solutions such as Jelly and soft tablets.

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