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Encrypting applications for International Calls and Messages

Jan 10th 2017 at 1:20 PM

After the revelations of the Snowden case and programs of massive spying, users are now more sensitive about the importance of the confidentiality of communications and therefore begin to consider the degree of privacy when using a service or another. If we take into account that through telephone conversations, or even through messaging services, we can get to exchange sensitive information, it makes a lot of sense to take into consideration the privacy of our conversations and, therefore, to look for applications and services that ensure "end-to-end" encryption on the devices we use on a daily basis and especially for international calls that are business related.

We searched through Google Play and combed the iTunes to search for free apps with which we could secure our communications against others who might intercept them. We wanted to have such apps which could save our communication, especially international calls.

Of all we have found, there are three of them that we have liked very much. The rest either were paid or even offered a minimum level. These three apps include RedPhone that is to encrypt our voice calls. Text Secure, meanwhile, will shield our text messages and mms for anyone with bad intentions can access its content. It will also apply secure encryption. And the third one is Signal, which is exclusively made for iOS.

Signal is one of the products developed from Open Whisper Systems and is designed to secure  local and international calls between iOS devices (based encrypted end - to - end communication). The application is extremely simple: install the application and indicate phone number. Then the application exports our contacts agenda to verify which contacts use the service and, from there, we can call them (although, yes, it will be a communication over the data network since it is an IP call on secure channel).

If we use an Android device, the same company offers application Red Phone so we can make international calls over a secure communications channel (using, also, our data connection or through a Wi-Fi).

And what if we want to establish a communication between iOS and Android? No problem, Signal and RedPhone are interoperable. Therefore, from Signal you can make calls to RedPhone users and vice versa. In both cases, the application code is available for audit and communications rely on secure protocol ZRTP so, a priori, it is a reliable service.

Redphone Beta is, from everything we have seen in the Google Play Store and some other service outside of it, the best option we have found to make fully encrypted voice local and international calls. If you have doubts that your communications over the phone are safe, do not hesitate to download this application, which will shield those conversations and give you peace of mind.

As soon as the call begins, the call screen is activated and no one can interfere with it. In addition, we can make the call through a wireless network, without having to use our mobile data connection.

With TextSecure we will have the perfect complement to our international calls encryption application. Made by the same developer, this application ensures the protection of text messages that we send, as it will encrypt them from the moment they reach our phone.  In order to read them, the receiver must use a specific password, which will open them. It is necessary that the one that receives it also has installed TextSecure in his mobile.

So, if you also want to keep your international calls confidential and safe from hackers and intruders, then try these applications for iOS and applications for Android.

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