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Judy Helm Wright, of Missoula, Montana is a wise woman with a global message. As an author of over 20 books on Amazon, she writes about Responsibility, Respect & Resiliency.

Judy is a popular motivational speaker and has worked all over the world with families and groups just like yours.

You will find her warm, witty and wise as she guides and mentors others to be their best self.
Judy Helm Wright | judyhwright

Overcome Self Doubt-Lack of Confidence, Courage and Can't Do it Attitude

Sep 1st 2010 at 9:28 AM


Perky Personality, positive attitude, perpetually happy? Is that how others see me? Well, it is not true, by a long shot.

When a friend commented that I seemed more pensive and less perky than usual, she was actually a little annoyed that I could be down in the dumps, concerned or even doubting my self.

It is important that you and she know that no matter how confident you are, life has bumps and disappointments and down days. You have a right to a self-pity party occasionally.

Law of Attraction or Law of Whatever

No matter what the Law of Attraction Gurus say; You can't always think happy thoughts. And if you worry that a cranky thought today will result in adverse reactions tomorrow, you can drive yourself crazy with guilt.

Some Reasons for Self Doubt

  • Things are not working out as we planned.
  • Life is harder than we thought.
  • Some people lie and cheat and steal and we "should" have known.
  • Our hormones make us vulnerable.
  • Medications interact and cause side effects of delusional thoughts
  • We fall back into old habits of seeing others in the best of lights and us in the worst of lights.
  • We forget to count our blessing and recognize how far we have come and how much we have accomplished so far.


Overcome Self Doubt

  • Get off your butt and do something. Anything, even cleaning out a drawer. But finish it completely. Unfinished projects eat away at your mind and confidence. It does not have to be perfect, it has to be done.
  • Stop thinking about yourself so much and focus on helping someone else. Go to the food pantry and stock shelves or drop off a bag of rice.
  • Don't take everything personally. Really and truly, the world, God and the Universe is not out to get you. You are an important part of the universe, but not the center. Most people are way too focused on their own problems to judge you and yours.
  • Laugh. Giggle. Smile. I dare you to smile for three minutes (the time of a song on the radio) and still think negative thoughts.
  • Remember, as Shakespeare or Gomer Pyle or Confusions or somebody smart said: "The rain falls on the just and the unjust" And as my grandson says "crap happens sometimes. Doesn't mean you are crap."


Just writing this article made me feel better. Taking action of some kind can help overcome self doubt and build self confidence. I recommend you smile, do something and think of all the things you can do. Of course I have been smiling for three minutes because I know you are too.

(c) Judy H. Wright You have permission to reprint this article in your blog, ezine or offline magazine as long as you keep the content and contact information intact. Thank You.

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Please to comment
Nov 16th 2010 at 2:48 PM by judyhwright
I truly appreciate all those who take time to comment on my articles. That is the joy of every writer to have a reader somewhere out there who resonates with what was said. love ya, jhw
Nov 16th 2010 at 2:37 PM by teampaula
awesome piece with super honesty. But I just looked at a Jonathan Budd video & he spoke of how we go threw alot of bad is part of all our lives........question is do we learn from it or become let it destroy us. Do we let our hearts truly FEEL the pain and learn empathy or whatever lesson can be learned from it. I tell you we are in such scary times and yet awesome times. I see everyone carrying some kind of cross these days.....little ones or big ones.
Sep 20th 2010 at 3:15 AM by honesty
Thanks so much Auntie for a wonderful article. I found your words of wisdom very encouraging. Thanks also for permission to reprint. I will surely share it with others on my personal blog.

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