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Do you know all of the Progressive Slots Glossary? (part 2)

Mar 14th 2019 at 6:16 PM


Near miss: this is when just one symbol is missing from completing a winning combination on a slot game which will trigger sport news a payout.


One-armed bandit: a name used by early players referring to the slot as a “bandit” that supposedly “stole” their money due to losing, while the “one-armed” part of the name was inspired by the lever used to spin the reels.


Payline: When the reels stop spinning and all the necessary symbols have aligned in the right positions, they form a payline which can go horizontal, vertical, diagonal or zig-zag. When the payline is formed the payout is triggered.

Payout: this is used to refer to the amount of money you are paid out when a winning payline has been formed according to a specific combination of symbols.

Payout percentage: casinos perform testing of how frequently their slots give payouts. This is then stated in the form of a percentage, and that percentage represents the long-term return to the player. If you struck a bigger win, then you can eliminate that edge.

Paytable: a paytable is a graphical display of the winning paylines with which you can trigger a payout. It also displays the amount of coins you can win for each payline. Each slot game has a paytable section.

Pokies: a word used in Australia and New Zealand to refer to slot machines. ‘Pokie’ comes from poker, referring to the earliest forms of slot machines when symbols from poker cards were used as symbols.

Progressive jackpot: this is the largest possible jackpot that a player can win on a slot machine. Each progressive slot is connected to a network with other progressive slots that each contribute towards a big progressive pool prize with fraction of each wager.

Progressive slot: a slot game that has a progressive jackpot and is tied to other progressive slots in order to form the progressive jackpot.


Random Number Generator (RNG): the RNG makes sure that all outcomes are random and does not allow for a slot machine to repeat its sequence. RNGs are regularly tested by special third-party auditing companies.

Reels: the reels are sort of wheels as they used to be in mechanical slot machines and they hold the symbols. When the reels stop spinning they trigger a payout. Slots usually have 3 or 5 reels.


Scatter symbols: a scatter symbol is an icon how to download 188bet desktop app usually designed to best portray the main theme used for the design of the slot. These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels. In most slot games you will need three scatter symbols to activate a bonus feature.

Second screen bonus: video slots have many bonus features that are either activated as free spins or bonus rounds in separate screens where you can score some extra money.

Select lines: this option can be found in multi-payline slots and with it you can set how many paylines you want to play with. The more paylines there is, the bigger the chances for a return.

Slot tournament: a tournament where players play slot games for duration of time and then the amounts that they have won during their playing sessions are arranged in a table in order to decide the overall winner of the tournament. Prizes are usually in cash.

Spin: the button on the slot used to spin the reels. In the 1970s when the first video slot came out the spin button was used to replace the lever for spinning of the reels.

Stacked wilds: slots games designed by particular software developers have a feature called ‘stacked wilds’. This is when more wild symbols appear in a reel on top of each other and form a winning combination.

Symbols: the symbols are simply the icons that appear on the reels. At the beginning they were fruits and later evolved into letter, numbers, animals, and all sort of popular designs. When the correct symbols appear on the reels, they will trigger a specific payline.


Ticker: a section on the screen where the progressive jackpot is displayed and updated as it increases.

Tilt: when a slot machine is malfunctioning.


Video slots: these are all forms of electronic and online slots and are played with the help of a computer, instead of a mechanism.


Wild multiplier: this is a wild symbol used to multiply your win in certain bonus situations.

Wild symbol: the word ‘wild’ in general is used in gambling to refer to a replacement card, or symbol in this case. When you are missing one symbol on the reels for a payout to be triggered, the wild symbol can act as a replacement and complete your winning combination.

Winning combination: a term used to refer to a combination of symbols that form a payline with which a payout is triggered, thus a winning 188bet promotion combination.


Zig-zag: this is a word used to describe when a payline goes across symbols in different fashion from going as a straight line.

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