Dafen Oil Painting Village

Jul 1st 2010 at 6:30 PM

Dafen Oil Painting village in Shenzhen, China is not big, but comprises of many lanes & alleys tho it's impossible to get lost. You will be able to visit galleries both large & small. Without even stepping foot inside a gallery you can view 1000's of paintings on display. The subject matter varies from ordinary to spectacular, large to small, Chinese to Western. If you have always had yearning to own a painting by Van Gogh, Monet or Da Vinci you can buy a very good copy of it here. Also some cheap rubbish :) There are plenty of Mona Lisa’s to choose from. There are also several excellent portrait painters and many original artists whose paintings are worthy of investment.


This is also the place to get your art work framed. There is a huge selection of frames & framers for you to choose from. Your order can be posted to you, arranged after you have placed your order. A wide variety of art supplies are also available for sale at prices cheaper than in HK.


Sprinkled among the galleries are other shops selling things like ceramics, antique Chinese carpets, clothes that do not come from the factory production line, leather work & wood work & coffee shops. The restaurants sell a variety of good quality food.

However it’s the galleries that dominate the village. A large showcase one has been set up by an artist who has been in the village for over 10yrs.....a tasteful combination of old & new, Chinese & Western style. Some amazing art work hanging in this gallery along with solid heavy beam furniture where you can sit & order drinks while you consider your purchases. Another gallery specializes in paintings of Lotus beds & flowers. Spectacular work. It’s amazing how many shades of green there are. Some paintings are so big they could only hang in public places. Yet another gallery has only paintings of animals. So real you want to pat them. Abstract art work is very popular with 1000’s of designs to choose from. If you are travelling your art purchases can be taken as a canvas only. Easy for you to roll up in your suitcase.

Dafen is called a Village, but in reality it’s part of the urban sprawl. Maybe 20 years ago it was a small village. It’s a wonderful example of a community living & working environment. In the middle of the village there is a kindergarten & after school hours it’s a good idea to look out for little boys on skates & skate boards. Nearby the kindergarten there is an outdoor restaurant that is a very poular evening meeting place. They serve BBQ & cold beer. During the day the old folk help out their children or sit around chatting while watching the world pass them by. Artists often work till late in the evening with many of them visible to visitors. Dafen has been showcased at the Shenzhen Expo pavilion in Shanghai thus giving it a wider world exposure. No matter what the reason is for your visit, you’ll be impressed. It’s an interesting day out.


I chose to live here as I was fascinated by everything. I love the energy. I have gotten to know many things about this industry & met many wonderful interesting people. I am no artist, but I admire the talent of others. To support myself plus get to know more people I teach oral English. I’m in the process of setting up business selling paintings. A wonderful new challenge.


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