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Feel like Killing Your Co-worker?

Mar 14th 2019 at 4:36 AM

Do you work with a piece of S**t?

Do you feel like killing your co-worker?

Even though it sounds a bit harsh, you probably have a person or two that you don’t exactly get along with in your company. They could be lazy, or annoying or terrible at their job which could inadvertently affect your work. While there could be various reasons, one thing we know for sure is that YOU DON’T LIKE THEIR BEHAVIOUR.

And what you’ve probably done, is you try to be patient and as co-operative as you can whilst also suppressing your negative feelings about their behaviour. Many people believe that’s a great way to deal with it, except it’s not.

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It’s not good to suppress your feelings about peoples annoying behaviour. For example, suppose this person dumps their work on everybody else and is entitled. Every. Single. Day. While you understand the problems with that behaviour, they don’t. While you understand how it affects the team as a whole, they don’t. And while you can see how it affects the performance and results acquired, they are completely oblivious to how they are inconveniencing probably more than one person.

Now, it’s important to realize that people don’t wake up and decide to be bad. No one says I’m going to be the most pathetic human today. Or I’m going to harass the crap out of my colleagues today. People acquire behaviours along the course of their life, some of which may not be ideal for a professional environment, like entitlement.

How do you deal with it?

You open the lines of communication. It’s best to let the person know what’s wrong with their behaviour, why and how it affects you as an individual. Explain to them how it MAKES YOU FEEL as an individual. Use phrases like, “This is how it makes me feel when you don’t do your end of the work”. No one wants to make you feel bad deliberately. No one wants to feel like a shitty person at the end of the day. And this technique gets the point across without straining your relationship with your colleague.


Now, if you’re wondering why should you be the one to step up and speak out? Does that make you look too soft? Why must it be you when the other person is in the wrong? Well, what happens then is you keep suppressing your feelings and the other person will not change and you will still keep suppressing the same negative feelings over and over until you can’t anymore. And then one day, it’s going to show up in an ugly form and might even not be directed towards the person who caused it in the first place! That’s going to cost you much more than being the bigger person and stepping up.

And what stepping up does, is it develops your leadership skills. It makes you brave to be honest about your feelings and it makes you approachable as a human. Definitely a much better alternative to the previous situation.

So what should you do when you feel like killing your co-worker?


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