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My top Performing Traffic Exchange, Surf to Earn, by the numbers

Oct 25th 2010 at 12:01 PM


When I first signed up for surf to earn a few months ago I thought it was sort of cheesy and gimicky, it seemed like something that people who try and join do so for their matrix plan.

I was wrong. I have gotten top quality traffic from Surf to earn.  Let me show you some comparisons below.

Easyhits4U is consistantly rated the #1 Traffic Exchange among all listing and categories, and it has by far the most amount of numbers.  I am going to compare below MY Results with EasyHits4U Compared to Surf to Earn.

These results are based on click throughs, as in the quality of traffic received from people who click through my splash pages and continue on to the site. This is taken straight from Google Analytics over the last 30 day cycle, and again does NOT include splash views, only actual quality visits to the website that came from the same set of splash pages.


Click - Throughs, the number of visits that arrived to the site from splash pages on each te - 
EasyHits4U: 2,546
Surf to Earn: 1,457

So EasyHits4U simply provided more traffic, but lets look at the quality of traffic.

Each user who visited the site from Easy Hits 4 U, on average, visited 1.26 pages, spent about 35 seconds on the site in total, and about 12% signed up, while 70% left after seeing the first page.

Lets compare that to the traffic that came from surf to earn.  Surf to earn visitors spent on average 5 minutes and 10 seconds on the site, visiting an average of 3.92 pages, only 30% left after seeing the first page, and about 14% signed up.

As you can see although surf to earn did provide about 1/3 less traffic, it created much more valuable traffic for me.  It lead to more sign ups than easyhits, and each user looked deeper in to the site than any single user of easyhits did.

Try out surf to earn at

Now what's that matrix program I was talking about?

Well to upgrade at surf to earn it only costs $12 for a three month period, that is bar none the least expensive upgrade of any traffic exchange, it allows you a 1:1 surf ratio, as well as an enterance in to the matrix.  The matrix is 5x5 and EVERY position is entered as spill over to the very top so everyone who joins does so in order.  You can earn an additional position for viewing 750 pages on surf to earn, with a maximum of 10 positions per quarter, 40 per year.  You earn only 10 cents per position below you in the matrix, but again you get up to 40 positions per year so you could easily be earning 4 dollars or more per down line member.

I don't think the matrix part really matters too much though, because as you see from the data above, the quality of traffic provided from this traffic exchange alone is worth it's use, and the upgrade cost breaks down to about $1 a week, which is within everyone's budget.

Try out surf to earn at


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