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Does Tracking Matter?

Jul 20th 2011 at 3:14 AM

Sometimes advertising online can take a lot of gut instinct and guesswork, but it doesn’t have to. Improve the quality of your advertising campaigns and stop wasting time and money with bad sources by tracking your results.

What Is Tracking?

Tracking is the act of basically following the trends of your consumers. If you are an affiliate marketer you can also use tracking to mask your affiliate URL so people don’t remove your referral ID when they view the site. Tracking lets you monitor the behavior of your consumers actions in response to your advertisement.  For example if you made a blog post and put an affiliate link it, you would track the link to see how many people respond to the verbiage in your blog post, and with advanced tracking you can even see if they bounce or click through, and even ultimately sign up.

This is very important because you need to know what advertising is working.  It’s perfect for split testing.  Something as small as changing a background color can double your results, but if you aren’t tracking those ads you will never know if that change is working or if it is hindering.

Why Tracking Matters

Like I said in the previous paragraph, changing a background color can double your results.  Anyone who has split tested their ads know this, but a staggering amount of people don’t.  Something as subtle as a headline change or the wording on  a call to action button can make so much of an impact on your advertisement, but if you aren’t tracking your results you will never know.  You could even be like me and have wasted thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on advertising resources that just were not providing results, and not even be aware of it.  The problem might not be your product, but it might actually be your ads, or where you are using them.  Tracking will provide insight on to that problem and help you make the most of your advertising campaigns.

Putting it in Action

There are tons of resources for tracking online, some basic, some advanced, some free, some for a fee.  I own multiple advertising sites and I know for a fact that so many of my clients are not tracking their results.  In fact as an advertising company owner, it could be career suicide to tell my members to start tracking, but alas, it is essential for their success.

Many owners try to discredit the merit of tracking basically because the less their members know, the better. I understand where they come from, in fact by doing this I could lose some of my own paying customers if the results aren’t what they had thought they were, but I’m for the cause.

I’ve created my own tracking program, this has been months and months in the making and is finally come to fruition.  You can join it totally free at  This site tracks beyond the click.  For example if you click that link, I will know how many people clicked it, but not only that, also how many people clicked links within it, and how many ultimately signed up.  This will help me to custom tailor my ads based on the trend of results with different advertising types, mediums, and the ads themselves.

Try tracking your ads today and you’ll be shocked by the results.  If you haven’t been tracking then forget everything you know about marketing because once you start tracking and seeing what is working and what isn’t, you will begin producing ads that convert on much higher levels and using sites that lead to much greater results.

So…. Does Tracking Matter? What do you think? Let me know of any interesting things you discovered while tracking and why or why not Tracking matters.. Thanks!

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