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How do you increase your biz by using Social Media sites?
Created on July 10th, 2010

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Gisela Beckermann
joined Jul 2010
location San Francicsco, CA
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Jul 10th 2010 at 8:26 AM
As a Small Business Owner, you probably have questions
about one or more of the following things:

How to increase your current business

How to include the internet to find new clients

How to use your website to find them

How to use videos to increase traffic

How to keep those potential new customers on your site

How to turn those visitors into targeted leads

How to get those leads start buying from you

How to use word of mouth marketing to bring new clients to your business

How to have an "active" site that people want to keep coming back to

How to communicate best with your customers through your site

How to include Twitter, Facebook, IM Faceplate and others in your biz

and the list goes on and on....

Most of the Small Biz owners don't even have the time or the knowledge on how to deal with all of this and when I spoke to people in the past, they mostly tell me that it's all a fad for kids and students that don't have anything better to do.

When you are running a plumbing business or you are a chiropractor, your time is spent attending to your existing customer base and administrative work, so you don't have time to "waste" on the computer fiddling around in Social Media Sites.

But as time has gone by, more and more people have started realizing that the Social Media Sites are continuing to grow at incredible rates. Interesting too, that quite a few of my friends in my age group have started putting up their profiles on the Web. Often their children and grandchildren entice them to do so and let's be honest, what mother or grandmother (or grandfather for that matter) does not want to know what their family members are up to? Curiosity is also a great motivator.

And the next group of people that will start using Social Media Sites are Small Business owners as they are realizing that their customers can contribute to their business by "word of mouth" recommendations. After all, what's the difference? If I like a restaurant, I tell my friends about it. If I saw a good movie I tell a neighbor, don't you?

So I think that a smart business owner with a so called "brick and mortar" business should definitely include the Social Media Sites in their efforts to increase their business. What's your thought on this?


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Dave Kanofsky
joined Jul 2010
location Bethalto, Illinois
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Jul 10th 2010 at 12:19 PM
I do not join social media sites for all the" bells and whistles" it may come with. I join social media sites so I can help people who are in my particular niche. Offering constructive information without expecting anything in return is probably the best way for anyone to develop a solid reputation of being a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and honest person, ultimately leading to a strong referral base.

Chuck Bartok
joined Jul 2010
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Jul 10th 2010 at 17:35 PM
The first thing my clients MUST commit to when they indicate a desire to generate more traffic to their "brick and Mortar" is to clearly draw a Plan of Action. with Expected Dates of progress met, well defined operating Budget and cash Flow Projection.
There is absolutely no sense to embark on any Business Building Venture with the PLAN.
Happy to report, clients who follow these simple direction have and are experiencing HUGE sales and profit increases over the past two years.
Just received a call Thursday form a small Family Agricultural business that enjoyed increase of $7,000 in monthly sales, directly attributed from Facebook Relationships.
Find out HOW TO ..
Give a call for FREE 1/2 hour Business Evaluation...
But but please possess the Burning Desire for Improvement and be willing to Commit Time and Energy

Kenya S.
joined Jul 2010
location Cincinnati
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Jul 14th 2010 at 15:16 PM
I believe that more small businesses should look into both learning how to use social media to their advantage, and outsourcing these activities in one way or another, if their schedule will not permit it. As you stated, a large part of advertising for small business is word of mouth,and people are talking more and more through social networks! It is no different than when television came out and they started doing commercials. There is new technology that is impressing the masses, and if a small business owner doesn't want to be left behind, they must tap into it!

The Blakester - Robert Blakely
joined Jul 2010
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Jul 16th 2010 at 14:24 PM
Netiquette. Do you practice this??

Hello! Thanks for reading.

I received another article for you and it is about

how to properly use social networking sites to

improve your marketing and exposure.

I hope it is value I am providing to you… Enjoy!

Social Networking: Netiquette

Netiquette is the acceptable behavior within a social

marketing (Web 2.0) or social networking atmosphere.

Failure to recognize these unspoken rules could mean
little or no marketing results, or even worse, a disastrous

effect on your image.

It is actually quite common for people to misuse social

networks, and thus, receive no real benefit from them.

In fact, more than anything among professional social

networks people naturally have the wrong idea, and the
few that do know what they are doing are experiencing
great results.
What is the common problem?
The problem is that marketers view these sites
only as a means of advertising and sponsoring
people into their businesses. Don’t get me
wrong though, if used properly these sites
will increase your businesses and income, but
with a much stronger foundation.
First let’s go over what not to do through social marketing.
As a side note, social marketing can mean any Web 2.0
social book-marking, content sharing, or social networking

You should not blatantly shove your product or opportunity.

Instead, you should be attracting people

to you by offering value and information to other users.
If you are becoming friends with users just to send them

advertisements without attempting to build a personal

relationship then you are misusing the site. In most cases
it is also true that these users will not be responsive at all to
your message and will just block or report you.
However, once you have built a relationship with your contacts
it is ok to send them an announcement of your product
or opportunity along with an informative message on
how it will help them.

You should limit how often you do this, do not promote your stuff to them every day, try to keep it to once per week.Instead, bring them

value 90% of the time and 10% promoting yourself
or business. You will find that you are attracting more and more people to you instead of chasing people.

Another pitfall that some people fall into is conflicting with
others within the social network. Know the difference between
discussion and attacking. If you have a different view than someone
else it is ok to voice your opinion but make sure to use facts and
keep a constructive atmosphere.
Now let’s go over some tips for what you should try to do and
accomplish through social networking sites.

1) You should build relationships

This one is obvious, but still needs to be mentioned because of its
huge importance. People buy from people they like and trust. If
that is you they will buy from you. Introduce yourself to other
users, but spend more time asking and talking about them than
yourself. Discover their goals and needs and help them achieve
them. A simple way of showing value to your contacts is by teaching
them how to use the social network if they have questions about
certain features or customization options. You also need to keep a
regular communication with your friends; this can be done on a mass
scale through bulletins or by bulk e-mailing your friends. The
communications should be value based and mostly informational, this
will increase the likelihood of their interest in what you have to

2) Help connect people to others

One thing you can do that will earn you major points with others is
by introducing people to each other. You can do this through
recommending friends who have similar interests. If your friends
are involved in the same opportunity or sell the same product
connect them so they can share with each other. If one of your
friends sells something and another friend is looking to buy it,
then that is a simple connection you can make. Now your friends
will want to help you and the favor will be returned.

3) Evaluate your perspective

Are you constantly thinking about what others can do for you?
Instead consider what you can do to help them. If your goal is to
help others first you will build solid relationships and receive
phenomenal results in your business. Ask others how you can
possibly help them and they will see you as a valued friend.

4) Upload a photo and build a quality profile

Profiles with photos receive up to 70% more exposure. This shows
the importance of adding a photo to your profile. If you do not
have a photo of yourself you can put a photo of anything, the
important thing is that you have a photo uploaded on your account.
You also need to take the time to build a quality profile. First,
write briefly about yourself, provide some marketing tips or
advice, and then feel free to write about the value that you can
provide to others. Every friend of yours should be visiting your
profile at least once, and if the network allows for you will be
having views from non-friends or even non-members also.

5) Add and accept unlimited friends

Finally, your goal within the social network is to connect with as
many people as possible. The more people you are friends with then
the more exposure you can potentially have to your products or
opportunities. Most social networks allow you to bulk contact your
friends. You will use this feature in order to send helpful tips as
well as promotions to all of your friends at once. This is why
building up your friends list is even more valuable. If you are
adding a lot of friends it is likely you will not be able to
personally get in touch with all of them, in this case it is wise
to show them your value and professionalism through your bulk
communications to all of your friends so they can learn about you
and the value you provide.
Social networks offer you the ability to get exposure but so much
more. A huge benefit to social-networking is learning from others
and being in an environment of shared knowledge. Take advantage of
everything social networks have to offer and take the time to build
quality relationships. I still work with other network marketers I
met online over six years ago and these relationships have become
highly valuable! In final words: Networking is a contact sport.

I wish you quality networking,

The Blakester
Robert Blakely
Marketing Consultant
Skype: The-Blakester

joined Jul 2010
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Jul 24th 2010 at 9:59 AM
I believe that social medias are a great tool. I say this because I personally join them to develop relationships and get the word out about my current projects whatever they may be. I have foung that with all of the new social site coming up. we as business people shoulf take advantage of this. We are in the computer age and the traditional ways of getting the word out do not work or they are slowly fading away. I personally would love to be able to generate more income simply helping others get the word out about their businesses. If that is not helpful I do not know what is.

Best of luck to you all.

Lisa Epperson
Affiliate Marketer

joined Jul 2010
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Jul 27th 2010 at 22:06 PM
This post/comment has been removed due to violations of our terms of use.

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George Kyros
joined Jul 2010
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Aug 11th 2010 at 4:22 AM
Their are an increasing number of so - called "social" websites that are really simply a method of gaining paying members.
This is not very "social"at all.
One such site invite you to join for free,then encourages you to upgrade for a substantial fee.You are then bombarded with "friend" requests, each inviting you to upgrade so they can make money from you.
This is a thinly disguised marketing system, not a social site

Chuck Bartok
joined Jul 2010
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Aug 11th 2010 at 9:33 AM
George, Your point is well Taken...

However in defense of some involved in creating the Social site, they must cover their expenses some way.

I have not been excited of the type you discuss, even this site encourages the Upgrading to PRO.

For the past 6 years I have been providing quality Material to interested parties on the internet for FREE. One of last "Giveaway" products was so well received I need to quadruple the Bandwidth to handle the downloads.

That in turn directed me to start charging for some services. I have been blessed with a comfortable Lifestyle for 5 decades thanks, to Napoleon Hill and the application of ACTION, but my NET Enterprises should at least Break even.

So again some do need to Charge for service provided

George Kyros
joined Jul 2010
popularity 42
followers 311
posts 84

Aug 12th 2010 at 6:06 AM
No argument from me about making a profit Chuck,I'm sure facebook make an absolute fortune from their advertisers.
My comment was intended to draw attention to the difference between what is a "social site" and what is a marketing system.
We are all here to earn a living, and innovation and development of new systems should be rewarded.

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