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Very New MLM Companies That Have Not Even Made It To Prelaunch
Created on April 20th, 2011

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Apr 20th 2011 at 19:54 PM
I thought it would be nice to start a discussion on very new MLM companies. So new that no one knows about them except for a very few people. I am guessing, but by the time I know of them all the big named MLMers have already joined and have gotten their downline signed up. I just want to have a chance to look at some very new companies and maybe becoming a Founder.

You have That Free Thing, Customer Advantage and iWowWe in prelaunch right now and I am in all three. I just wish I had of known of them a month or two before I joined them. I am now somewhat educated on just what a good company is and how to some what spot one that is going to make it past its 1st year.

So if any body knows of a very, very early start-up, PLEASE POST IT HERE.

Thanks to all that post. I would even like to hear your ideas about startups and how to find them and join them.

Lets get this rolling and maybe we can all benefit by joining a winner very early in the game. Catch the wave and ride it.

Scott Miller
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Apr 20th 2011 at 22:10 PM
Hi Wilbert,

I personally stay from anything that isn't operational and proven to to be legitimate, since I've been part of many pre-launch "opportunities" which have never launched - or failed shortly after launch.

Promoting pre-launch opportunities is probably the most likely way anyone could find to expend lots of time and energy on the hope of "the next big thing", yet end up with less than nothing.

You never get the time back that you could have been using to promote a proven product versus someone's pie-in-the-sky dreams.

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Apr 20th 2011 at 23:22 PM
If this qualifies for what you are requesting, I have joined and can hardly wait for the launch of KB-VISION which offers an affiliate program, at the time of this post it is opening in Canada and US in May 1/2011. I cannot post links here, but have written articles on my faceplate. The product is actual gold and silver bullion, don't think it gets better than that. lol. No fees, at all, or commitments to fullfill, you make referral commissions on referrals which do fund their accounts, commissions can be paid in cash, or silver or gold bullion. I will gladly take the later, not having too much trouble finding signups for this one.

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Apr 22nd 2011 at 19:50 PM
Hi Scott,
I know what you mean by spending a lot of time promoting something and it flops. I just can't understand how someone can promote something that doesn't even tell you what the product is. Sometimes I think it is just a way to get a bunch of leads that you can sell or follow up with later. There is one going around now and a bunch of people have jumped on just because of,,, I really don't know why. maybe because it says it's free to join. Anything can be free to join but to make money you have to pay a monthly fee.

Hi Timeout,
I'm going to address KB. No it is not even close to a startup. I have known about them for almost a year now. I started seeing people selling their very very small bars of gold on ebay a while back. You are not going to like my responce but by your gold on ebay or pay a gold dealer you can pay the spot price plus 2% to 5%. If you want MS70 coins they also have those on Ebay. For coins and gold and silver Ebay is great!

Timeout if you donot have a downline at KB do me a favor and look on Ebay before you buy your gold and silver from a MLM company. I know people in KB doing really well but knowing what I know I just can't sell someone something I know they can get cheeper and just as good of quality from some where else. I had the same problem in an insurance MLM selling term insurance. I had a term life insurance policy for $27 from a AA rated company and the MLM I was in wanted $50 a month for the same policy. I felt like I was a con when I sold people a policy.

I know this is not popular, me posting something like this but I have to put up what I know. There is a gold and silver MLM out there that does sell just over the spot price but I don't recall their name. There is a large signup fee and that is where the money is made for you and your downline. I believe they are out of Dallas Tx.

Don't get me wrong,,, I love MLM. I'm in 5 of them right now. 3 of them are in pre-launch or just launched. I'm really looking for ones that have not even made it to pre-launch. I don't mind taking a shot at something I feel is good. If it flops I just say "Next" and move on. I have signed up in several social networks and some other lead generating companies like "adzly" which is here on IM Faceplate. I signed up for a year at adzly to get the best deal. I'm starting to ramble off subject so I will stop here.

OK now I got that off my mind.

Bill Douglas
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Feb 17th 2012 at 7:25 AM
I'm remember one last year called 360 degrees that had everyone and their grandmother hopping onboard this powerline where you get paid on everyone who joins after you.

No idea what the product was.

When the big day came we discovered it was for a bunch of overpriced oral sprays that inject oxygen into the bloodstream for increased energy, etc. Turns out the company just changed their name trying to get these rehashed products out again.

For those of you who love MLM why not try an easier, cost-effective and more lucrative way of networking? Just build one downline and earn multiple global income streams from it, including companies like That Free Thing. Inbox me if interested.

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Feb 20th 2012 at 18:41 PM
Hello Partners,

I recently joined an opportunity called Wazzub. They claim to be the next SOCIAL GIANT. As much as the social network society is growing, this one sounds promising. They are going to have a unique search engine which will allow the users to gain credits each time they use the page. Kind of like credit cards that pay you back. The credit card companies offer these cards simple because many many people will use them. So a social site that allows you to build credits for purchasing items on the web, ie MP3's, albums or whatever you want to save up for. Sounds to me like people would love this especially if this search engine will work just like the others or even better. Why not use it to earn credits.

Wazzub also claims to have a profit sharing program. Instead of waiting 5-7 years to build their network users, Wazzub is offering to pay people to build memberships. They simple want to grow NOW and not later. Based on the profits off of the advertising money they will make. Wazzub will share their profits only to the members who have signed up before April 9th. Of course the more members you sign up under you the more in the share of the profits you will be paid. Nothing to buy and nothing to sell. Facebook, Amazon, Google and all the other big network companies make billions of DOLLARS per month in advertising. Wazzub wants to share in these smart advertising profits. But they need to show the BIG companies that they will have a large amount of traffic by the users, that is why they are willing to pay members. Again they want to grow as fast as they can.

Look into it please, it's a great opportunity.

Please feel free to let me know what you think.

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