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What would law of attraction for millennials look like? here are some ideas
Created on March 1st, 2019

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Mar 1st 2019 at 0:51 AM
Hello everyone,,
I'm 26 now and first learned about Law of Attraction from watching The Secret 10 years ago, but I only personally know one other millennial who uses Law of Attraction, and I think part of why is that there hasn't been any LoA magnum opus like The Secret that really speaks to my generation. Here are some ideas I have on what one of those would look like:

Millennials are a politically active generation, so social change and giving back needs to be played up more as a use for the Law of Attraction, the way making money has been. The Science of Getting Rich a century ago, which was briefly mentioned at the beginning of The Secret, comes to mind, as Wallace D. Wattles talked about using the money you attract to help others.

In general, uses outside of getting rich should be played up more. Obviously like any other generation, we millennials want enough paper that we aren't stressing out about it. However, having gone into a lot of debt going to college to get good jobs, having spent most of our adult lives in a post-recession world, and being the generation of Occupy Wall Street, a lot of millennials are very skeptical of stuff where "get rich" is at the center.

It should be made clear that it's okay to not be okay and that it's okay and healthy to let yourself process your bad feelings. Those bad feelings can be fuel for advancing to breakthroughs, and I think not letting yourself work through them is unhealthy. If you consume a lot of spiritual/self-help materials, you can piece that together, but if you only read one source of LoA material without going deeper, it can feel like the advice is "feel good erryday".

A millennial-ready LoA book should break down areas of Law of Attraction into actionable steps someone can use in their life. Principles are important, but action makes it real, and action lets you form the habits for living by those principles. Those steps would also make this feel like less of a "get rich quick" book.

Law of Attraction's millennial magnum opus will need a community around it, preferably one that's both in-person and online. Millennials are half an in-person and half an online generation, and a lot of us want to be part of a community.

Any other ideas? Or is there some awesome millennial LoA resource already out there?

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    Apr 12th 2019 at 3:44 AM
    I agree with everything you said in there. You want to attract people by posting good content and informs and educates, without asking for money. But the points you made about the type of content that appeals to Millennials are all valid. Talk about the need to be of service, and give back to others and the world. That's the sort of content they want. Make a difference, make the world a better place.

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