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There is not much to say about myself but I would certainly want to say a lot in few words that most of us should realise and work on...........Life is short, time is fast, blessed are those of us (Humans) who harmonize & synchronize the relationship between life & time, thus achieving the objectives for which every particular human is born & sent on this earth, everyone’s role on this earth is defined and planned, it has got the most to do with the prosperity/betterment & welfare of humanity, rather than living the entire life in the greed of money, heedlessness of fame, passion for materialism and aspiring for all that is artificial....all that we have to do it search our respective objectives so as to execute them in the best and honest way, setting precedent for those to follow, this is how i think of life and should be lived......I strongly believe that there should be difference between a human and an immortal human, who, beyond any agony of doubt
lives forever despite his/ her demise. After all everyone is accountable to his/her deeds not only in this instantaneous timed world but in the world here after, indeed that is the real life based on our deeds that we execute in this life....... I strongly believe that every human on this earth is sent to perform a specified task that revolves around the nucleus of morality and ethics, blessed are those who achieve the objectives of their lives and hence are immortal and their immortality is manifested in the hearts of the humans who follow them and remember them, the key to which is dedication, hard work, clear intentions and above all the spirit to be kind and generous to the people around regardless of gender, creed, sex and status. I wish that the entire world had no boundaries, demarcations and discrimination, after all humans are born alike and have every single cell in common; it is we who create the differences among ourselves. In Gods view
no one is superior or inferior, he who is closer to God is the one who does good to the creations (Living beings) of the Creator (God
ikpodogeorge | ikpodogeorge

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