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Dec 4th 2010 at 2:13 PM from igytomas · write on face · message
That's true.
My only concern is what is a fresh food and how on Earth some vegetable or fruits can be not organic?
Take lets say 2 carrots and one being label 'organic', than what is wrong with the one that is not? Can you be 100% certain that the one called organic is indeed organic?
What is meant by organic than?
For me, anything grown was always organic, we are organic and any living form IS organic.
I'm concern because most of farming uses pesticides herbicides and other artificial fertilizers. The fields are excessively used without giving them rest for at least a year. Most countries allow for some additives even to those called 'organic' food!
Why even basic and simple salt is mixed with anti-caking agents? So what, that moist make its crystals stick one to another, it is healthier that way. Why I have to eat this crap? Take an Olive Oil, if it is not virgin than it is mixed with other vegetable oils but no one bothers to say what kind. My guess is - soy oil because it is the cheapest and most likely comes from GM crops.
Practically, none of the vegetable and most of common fruits found in supper markets is fresh and it doesn't taste or smell any more as you would expect. This is the effect of mass-production.
All processed food should NOT be eaten at all because of the amount and type of chemicals being used.
The cow's milk - IT IS responsible for numerous illnesses and we never should drink it even from the healthiest cows not mentioning that one coming from those cows giving 10 time more than normal cow and being treated with around 82 antibiotics, hormones and/or other medicines. Their 'milk' and meat it is a death sentence to us. Than it is further processed, mixed and spoiled making things most of us eat as 'healthy' products.

I wish, I have known a friendly farmer delivering simple and naturally grown food, selling its product to honest manufacturers making healthy food :)
Dec 2nd 2010 at 5:19 PM from nelica · write on face · message
Hi Tomas. I saw your video about food. It's very true you eat today just poison food, with lots of chemicals, I'm chemyst and I know. The food industry and medication industry is Huge and nobody can beat them. The single solution for us is to buy ONLY natural food, to read the labels, not to go to Fast food recognized the worst food you can eat, to cook Home with natural product and to take Wheatgrass, to combat any sickness you may have. That's our family is doing and other millions families on this Planet. Read very well the labels, if you see something wrong like enzimes, shortening oil, partially or totally partially hydrogenated, coloring with flavors, mono-nitretes, and many more don't buy. God Bless! PS- it's better if you can to buy from farmers, they are little expensive but natural, BIO-FOOD, our body is organic and cannot take for long time many unorganic food
Oct 28th 2010 at 9:06 AM from igytomas · write on face · message
Thank you for following :)
I hope you are very well.

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