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Why Multi Factor authentication is Important for You

Jan 4th 2017 at 1:14 AM

Cyber attacks are on peak nowadays. Even “Yahoo”, one of the greatest search engine suffered from cyber breach a few days back where over one billion accounts were infected. Yahoo is not alone, many big names like LinkedIn, Dropbox etc. are in the list. The incident shocked the world and raised a very big question, “ how secure we are, I mean how secure is our digital identities?” Well, the example mentioned here has clearly defined the answer.

So, what are you doing to protect your customers’ data- their  digital identities? Do you have any idea in your mind? If not then don’t worry, I will help you out.

Have you ever heard about multifactor authentication? As the name suggests, it is a method of authentication in which a user is allowed to access web services only after successfully presenting several pieces of their evidences. The method simply adds an extra layer of security to your username and password.

In this method, after entering username and password, a unique code is sent to user’s phone that he/she needs to enter for further process . The widely used mode of code is one-time password(OTP). So, the code that is sent to mobile phone acts as an additional layer of security.

How multi-factor authentication adds security?

Well, generally users have to enter just a combination of username and password to access any web service. If anyone is able to get your credentials, he/she can access your services but this is not in the case with multi factor authentication. Let’s suppose one of your friend knows your password and he can access your services. But when you have secured your account with multi-factor authentication, he has to enter the secret code that is sent to your either mobile phone or email id in order to access your account. Even the hackers can manage to hack your credentials but access to your mobile phone is not in their hand, so it is impossible for them to have that unique code. According to a report, 38 percent companies that are dealing online, have implemented multi factor web authentication.


The method is safe and secure. So, if you are planning to provide secure web authentication and keep your customers digital identities safe then it is one of the best options for you.

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Mar 20th 2017 at 11:55 PM by xukaimin 2017.3.21xukaimin
Feb 22nd 2017 at 7:20 PM by ylq123
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