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  • Google Will Give You A Ton Of Free Storage If You Buy A Chromebook This Year

    Google just announced a holiday deal giving away 1 terabyte of Google Drive storage for two years to anyone who buys one of its Chromebook laptops before the end of the year.

    Chromebooks run Chrome OS, an operating system based on the Chrome web browser. Everything you want to do on your Chromebook, you have to do on the web. So instead of writing something in Microsoft Word and saving to your desktop, you use Google Drive to store your Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides etc. in the cloud. For that reason, the free data is a big win. That amount of space would usually cost $240. 

    According to Google, 1 TB of data storage gives you enough room to take a selfie twice a day for the next 200 years and still have space left over. 

    Here's the full post announcing the deal: 

    Chromebooks make day-to-day computing fast, simple and secure, whether you’re searching for a great pumpkin pie recipe or sharing a family photo from Google Drive. And now, as a bonus for the holiday season, new Chromebook buyers can get 1TB of Google Drive storage for two years — a $240 value — absolutely free.

    That’s enough space to keep more than 100,000 awkward holiday sweater pics safe and shareable in Drive. With that much free storage, you can use your Chromebook for work, play and pretty much everything else you’ll do this holiday season.

    The 1TB comes with the purchase of a new, eligible Chromebook for as little as $199. You’ll find them at these retail stores and online outlets or on Google Play. Just be sure to redeem the offer before January 1, 2015.

    Happy holidays!

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  • Here's Everything Google Knows About You

    moon laptop

    If you rely on Google search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, or any of Google's other zillion free products, the company stores a bunch of data about you. 

    Google is extremely open about what data it stores and makes it very easy to delete that data, but many people still don't realize exactly what's being stored, whether that information is given freely or deduced based on your searches.  

    A recent survey by the company Survata actually showed that the 2,500 respondents were more concerned about Google having access to their personal data than the NSA, their bosses, their parents, or their significant others:

    Survata Survey

    In case you need the reminder... 

    If you have location history turned on, Google will track where you go.

    Here's where you can find your location history

    Google will also track your search in a bunch of different categories if you have Search History turned on.

    Here's how to see your Search history. 

    It was actually pretty interesting to see what ads I've clicked on.

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  • CAMERA SHOOTOUT: iPhone 6 Plus Takes On The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 And Nexus 6


    Smartphone cameras have become so advanced, they've come to replace digital cameras for many people. But not all smartphone cameras were created equal.

    Apple, Samsung, and Motorola have all put a ton of effort into perfecting the camera on their flagship smartphones.

    Over the years, Samsung has added a ton of editing features, and Apple has added new shooting modes such as panoramic shooting and time lapse. The Nexus 6, Google's latest phone built by Motorola, is said to have the best camera of any Nexus phone yet.

    The iPhone 6 Plus comes with an eight-megapixel camera, while the Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 16-megapixel camera and the Nexus 6 uses a 13-megapixel camera. 

    We've taken a bunch of photos with all three phones to illustrate exactly how they compare.

    (NOTE: All photos were taken at the same place during the same time with the camera set to Auto. The only exception is the low-light image, which was set to No Flash.)

    Here's a photo taken on Fifth Avenue with the iPhone 6 Plus. It's pretty sharp, and the colors are really bold. It looks a bit blue when compared to the Galaxy Note 4's photo.

    And here's that same photo taken with the Galaxy Note 4. It's the best of the bunch since the image is generally clear and the colors seem accurate.

    The Nexus 6's photo was the worst of the three. The shot is generally clear, but the upper right corner looks washed out.

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  • Google Ends Patent War With Apple-Backed Group (GOOG, AAPL)

    Larry Page not bad

    (Reuters) - Google has agreed to settle litigation with patent consortium Rockstar, though terms of the deal were not disclosed in a court filing made public this week.

    Rockstar, which counts Apple as an investor, outbid Google and paid $4.5 billion in 2011 for thousands of former Nortel Network Corp patents as the networking products supplier went bankrupt. Other Rockstar backers include Microsoft, BlackBerry, Ericsson, and Sony.

    In October last year, Rockstar sued Google and several handset manufacturers whose phones operate on Google's Android operating system. Rockstar accused Google of infringing seven Nortel patents, all related to search engine technology.

    Google and Rockstar have agreed to settle "all matters in controversy between the parties," according to a filing in an Texas federal court on Monday. However, the document does not say whether Rockstar has also settled with handset makers such as Samsung.

    A Google spokesman declined to comment on Thursday, and Rockstar representatives could not immediately be reached. Samsung and Apple spokespeople were also not immediately available.

    Google and Rockstar have reached a term sheet, which will be "reduced to a definitive agreement" over the next few weeks, the court filing said.

    On that same day, Rockstar sued several handset makers over a different batch of patents. Google then asked a California judge to rule that devices using the Android platform had not infringed the patents cited by Rockstar against the handset makers.

    Google succeeded in halting the Texas proceedings against the handset makers while its California case plays out. Earlier this month Cisco said it had signed a term sheet with Rockstar and would take a $188 million charge related to that agreement.

    (Reporting by Andrew Chung in New York and Dan Levine in San Francisco; Editing by Franklin Paul and Alan Crosby)

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  • This Microsoft Customer Switched To Google Because It's 'More Innovative' (GOOG)

    Larry Page

    After putting both Office 365 and Google for Work through their paces, Canadian real estate company Royal LePage choose Google for its 15,000 agents.

    Royal will replace an older Microsoft Exchange cloud email technology (known as Office Web Access Light) with Google Apps.

    Royal isn't the biggest contract Google ever won, but the reasons why it won over Microsoft are pretty interesting.

    Carolyn Cheng, senior vice president of Business Services at Royal LePage tells us Royal thought Google was better for three reasons:

    1. Google Apps was easier to use with no learning curve, she said. The "Google Apps suite was more integrated, not hard to learn. You could start a Google Hangout from Gmail, collaborate on a document." 
    2. Google was especially easy to use on all sorts of mobile devices, which is important for real estate agents. "When transitioning from a desktop, to a tablet, to a mobile device, all of Google's apps were better integrated on mobile," Cheng said.
    3. Perhaps most interesting, Google came across as "more innovative," she said, which is important to Royal since it bills itself as a cutting-edge real estate company. By that she meant that Google was adding new features and helpful features at a really fast pace.

    While Microsoft Office 365 was a good choice, and the company would have been happy with it, Google really turned her head, she said.

    Even more interesting: Google pitched Apps to this customer because Royal was a customer of Google Maps For Work,  which lets realtors embed maps into web sites and documents.

    That shows Google is starting to solve a problem we reported on all last year: its lack of enterprise sales knowledge. At one point, Google pushed a business customer into Microsoft's arms by blowing it on the bidding proposal process. And it couldn't handle another potential customer's long, international sales sales cycle.

    But Google has clearly gotten its enterprise sales act together. It has reeled in big contracts like The City Of Boston, (76,000 employees on Apps) and Whirlpool (68,000 employees on Apps).

    Royal proves it is also convincing customers to buy multiple enterprise products.

    This follows new in October that Google signed PricewaterhouseCoopers (45,000 employees on Apps) to be both a customer and a partner helping it sell Google to enterprises.

    That professional third-party support is important. Enterprises want to have someone to call when they need help.

    The clincher for Cheng was when Google brought in a third-party reseller Cloud Sherpas to help the company get up and running. Cloud Sherpas is helping Royal set up things like using Chromecast to broadcasts Apps presentations to a big screen TV and setting up special open house calendars.

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  • Google Is Going To Let You Pay To Get Rid Of Ads On Certain Sites (GOOG)

    Google is testing out a new program called Contributor that will let web users pay a monthly fee to get rid of ads on — and support — a handful of participating sites.

    Users who choose to pay between $1 and $3 a month will stop seeing Google AdSense ads on those sites. Instead, they'll see a pixel pattern or a "thank you" message. 


    Google and the websites will each get part of the fee, and Google says the goal is to help support the people who make the web. Even though you could get rid of ads using a free adblocker, Google wants people to essentially give publishers a small subscription revenue. 

    As of now, Urban Dictionary, The Onion, ScienceDaily, WikiHow, Mashable, and Imgur are all on board, though Google says that's only a few of the sites signed up. You have to request an invite to participate; join the waitlist here

    [Via Gigaom]

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  • Driverless Cars Are Finally Getting Americans Excited

    google car driverless self-driving

    Is the age of the driverless car upon us?

    Everyone from Wall Street stock analysts to Google to Tesla is asking this question.

    But if the driverless car is headed out way, how do we feel about it?

    Our friends at eBay Motors conducted a survey and turned the results into this cool infographic. Check it out:

    eBay Motors Driverless Car Infographic

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  • Google Wrote An Equation For Deciding Which Engineers Should Get Promoted — Here's Why It Failed (GOOG)

    Google is famous for making decisions based on crunching data. In most cases it works for the company, but using algorithms and insights isn't always the best approach. 

    That was the lesson Google's VP of People Analytics, Prasad Setty, shared in an address at the company's re:Work conference (we first spotted the video of his speech on Quartz).

    Setty says when Google first formed the People Analytics team about seven years ago, its objective was to make sure the company's people decisions were based on data and analytics. It took that goal very literally. 

    Hiring Google

    "We wanted analytics to spit out our people decisions," Setty says.  

    Promotions are a big deal at Google, he explained. Twice a year, the company brings together its senior-most engineers from all over the world to form committees and mull over the huge stacks of engineering promotion nominations filed. In each cycle, thousands of Googlers get promoted to positions of higher responsibility. The whole process takes several days. 

    Because the People Analytics team wanted to help its "engineering brothers and sisters make these decisions more efficiently," they came up with a decision making model to decide which employees should get promoted:

    Here's the formula they came up with:

    Hiring Model / Google

    Apparently, in the team's tests, their model showed 90% accuracy for 30% of promotion cases and it seemed to be reliable and stable across multiple cycles. 

    "We thought that these people who lived in the world of search and ads algorithms all day long would love this," Setty says. "

    Turns out though, they didn't like it one bit. The hiring committees completely shunned People Analytics' algorithm.  

    "They didn't want to hide behind a black box," he says. "They wanted to own the decisions. They didn't want to use a model to do so."

    Subsequently, the People Analytics team shifted its approach, realizing that it "should let people make people decisions."

    Hiring Google

    People Analytics shouldn't be trying to make algorithms to replace people, Setty realized. Instead, it should be all about arming its executives with better, more relevant information so they were capable of making better decisions. 

    Google's promotion, hiring, and on-boarding processes all still rely on information rooted in research, but they no longer entertain the idea of letting algorithms replace people.  

    Watch Setty's full presentation here:

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  • Yet Another Of Google's Space Balloons Has Fallen Out Of The Sky (GOOG)

    Loon Balloon

    Google's 4G "Loon" Balloons, launched to bring internet connectivity to people in remote pockets of the world, keep falling out of the sky. 

    South African newspaper Beeld reported on Thursday that a farmer called Urbanus Botha stumbled on one of the balloons while out on his property. Apparently, unaware of the project, he first thought it'd come from a local weather station. 

    But his daughter, 20, examined the materials and sent photos to her brothers, who spotted a "Google X" mark. She told the paper she sent images to an engineer in California, who said the components looked like they were Google's and would send someone to collect them.

    The work of Google's secretive X Lab, Project Loon began in 2013 as a network of balloons travelling on the edge of space, designed to "fill the gaps", the company explains, in a world where two-thirds of the population remain offline. 

    The balloons float in the stratosphere and connect people to the internet using special antenna people can attach to their building — a bit like a vamped up version of satellite TV.

    It's a novel, even noble idea, but unfortunately, last week's discovery isn't the first time one of the inflated 4G air bags has crash landed. 

    Loon Balloon

    In June this year one became tangled in a power line in Washington, Business Insider noted here — which allegedly caused a power outage in the area.

    And in 2013 a Loon Balloon was mistaken for a crashing plane in New Zealand, the Wall Street Journal says, and the emergency services were called. 

    Google deployed 30 balloons when it started piloting the project early last year. The company has plans to spend more than $1 billion on the 180 of the satellites, "beaming internet from the sky".

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  • Samsung Had A Plan To End Android, But It's Failing (GOOG)

    samsung tizen operating system

    For the past two years, Samsung has been working on its own smartphone operating system, called "Tizen."

    Tizen is very similar to Android. It's open source, meaning any smartphone maker can use it for free.

    It's also a way for Samsung to wean itself off Android and use its own software instead. The theory goes that Samsung is ceding a lot of potential revenue to Google because it has to offer customers Google's app store and other services if it wants to keep using Android.

    Samsung is the biggest Android phone maker in the world, but it's still giving a ton of control over its future to Google.

    Yet, it sounds like Tizen is faltering. Samsung's chief architect of Tizen, Taesoon Jun, told CNET's Shara Tibken recently that the company is shifting its plans for the operating system. Instead of loading Tizen on high-end phones with specs similar to the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4, Samsung will put it on cheap phones to compete at the low-end of the smartphone market.

    That's a troubling sign for Samsung, which has been struggling all year to combat dwindling smartphone sales and profits. Profits were down nearly 50% in the third quarter, and Samsung blamed increased competition from other smartphone makers.

    For example, the Chinese startup Xiaomi makes phones with high-end specs similar to what you'd find in Samsung's best phones, but sells them for about half the price. Xiaomi is now the third largest smartphone maker in the world in terms of unit sales.

    Still, Tizen isn't just for phones. Samsung also uses the operating system on several of its smartwatches, which is seen as the next major product category for mobile device makers. On the other hand, Samsung's watches have been poorly reviewed and there aren't any indications that they've been selling very well.

    Samsung is still very profitable, but its next challenge is to find a way to differentiate its phones from the competition in order to stop its drastic decline in profits. The best way to do that would be to innovate on the software level, and Tizen was a big opportunity for Samsung. But it seems like it's just another Android clone that will be used in cheap phones.

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  • iTunes Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions Update 2014-10-23T16:00:50Z

    The Terms and Conditions for the Affiliate Program have been updated. There will not be any impact to the commission rate or the purchase window which remain at 7% and 24 hours respectively.

    Here is a brief overview of the changes:

    • Minor changes to unify verbiage used in the platform and program terms

    • Section 2.2 has broader language for qualifying links allowing Store Kit Product Sheet to be supported for app developers

    • All the terms are managed and enforced by Performance Horizon Group in United Kingdom

    You can review the new PHG Terms and Conditions here.

    The new terms come into effect immediately. If you continue using our services after today, you agree to be bound by these new terms. If you do not agree with the new terms and wish to remove your account, or if you have any questions, please contact us at our Helpdesk.

  • Affiliate Linking to App Bundles 2014-10-02T16:49:18Z

    App Bundles

    App Bundles let you promote multiple apps or games from the same developer at a special price. This is a great way to promot high quality apps and earn more commission with higher value sales.

    View App Bundles: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewFeature?id=915131749&mt=8

    Grab a link from any App Bundle and append your affiliate token when linking from your own app or website. For more information about how to create an affiliate link, see our basic linking guide.

  • Affiliate Program Update for App Developers 2014-08-18T16:15:43Z

    Store Kit Product Sheet

    We are excited to announce that Store Kit Product Sheet is now affiliate commissionable on iOS 8. Store Kit Product Sheet allows app developers to promote the purchase of music, apps, books and more directly from a sheet within your app and earn the standard affiliate commission on all sales within 24 hours.

    We encourage you to use Store Kit Product Sheet to provide a superior user experience and keep users in your app longer. Learn how to integrate your affiliate token into the Store Kit Product Sheet in the Developer Documentation.

    Smart App Banners

    Smart App Banners have always been commissionable in the affiliate program. Promote your app with this banner feature when a user is viewing your website in mobile Safari. Learn how integrate your affiliate token in the Developer Documentation.

  • Korea and 19 More Countries Added this Week 2014-04-17T21:17:49Z

    Korea and 19 more countries have been added this week. The Affiliate Program is now supporting 147 countries on one easy to use platform. Start earning commission today when you link to music, apps, books, and more.

    If you are already signed up for the Affiliate Program then you are automatically opted-in to start earning commission in these new countries.

    New Countries added April 2014
    Albania Algeria Angola
    Azerbaijan Benin Bhutan
    Cambodia Dominican Republic Iceland
    Korea Laos Malawi
    Montserrat Palau Seychelles
    Solomon Islands Sri Lanka Tajikistan
    Turkmenistan Turks and Caicos Islands  

    Click here for a full list of all countries in the Affiliate Program.

    If you have not already signed up for the Affiliate Program on PHG you can go to http://affiliate.itunes.apple.com/apply to apply and start earning commission

  • 33 New Countries Added, Now Over 100 Supported 2014-02-18T05:10:24Z

    We've done it again. We have expanded support of our Affiliate Program to 33 new countries added today on the PHG platform. Also, as part of our expansion two weeks ago into Europe and South America, we added six more countries that had previously not been supported. Over 100 countries are now supported.

    If you are already signed up for the Affiliate Program on PHG then you are automatically opted-in to start earning commission in these new countries.

    New Countries added February 17, 2014
    Antigua and Barbuda Belize
    Brunei Burkina-Faso Cape Verde
    Fiji Gambia Ghana
    Grenada Guinea-Bissau Guyana
    Jamaica Kyrgyzstan Macedonia
    Micronesia Mongolia and Tobago Mozambique
    Namibia Nepal Niger
    Pakistan Papua New Guinea Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and The Grenadine São Tomé and Príncipe
    Sierra Leone Suriname Swaziland
    Tunisia Virgin Islands Zimbabwe
    New Countries added February 3, 2014
    Ecuador Guatemala
    Nicaragua Uruguay Venezuela

    Click here for a full list of all countries in the Affiliate Program.

    If you have not already signed up for the Affiliate Program on PHG you can go to http://affiliate.itunes.apple.com/apply to apply and start earning commission in over 100 countries.

  • Important News for Europe and South America 2014-02-03T17:08:47Z

    Last year we introduced our new affiliate platform partner, PHG, providing added countries and unified program reporting. Today we are announcing the migration of 39 Europe and South America countries to this single platform.

    If you are already signed up for the Affiliate Program on PHG then you are automatically opted-in to start earning commission in every country we support. If you are currently participating in the affiliate program for Europe or South America, you need to migrate your links to PHG before 3/31 in order to continue earning affiliate commission. Click here for a full list of all countries in the Affiliate Program.

    Latin & South America
    Brazil Chile
    Colombia Costa Rica
    El Salvador

    Cyprus Czech Republic
    Finland France
    Germany Greece Hungary
    Ireland Italy Latvia
    Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
    Netherlands Norway Poland
    United Kingdom

    Learn more about this transition. If you have not already signed up for the Affiliate Program on PHG you can go to http://affiliate.itunes.apple.com/apply to apply and start earning commission in all 94 countries.

  • Affiliate Reporting Holiday Shutdown 2013-12-18T18:46:21Z

    As a reminder, the iTunes Connect holiday shutdown schedule will also impact the affiliate program tools.

    Affiliate program reporting may be impacted from approximately from Saturday, December 21 to Friday, December 27, 2013. Some of the affiliate tools will be temporarily suspended or updated less frequently.

    • The Enterprise Partner Feed will be taken offline for the duration of the iTunes Connect shutdown.

    • The Search API, Link Maker, Banner Builder, RSS Generator and Widget Builder will be kept online.

    We thank you for your understanding and wish you the best of luck in the coming weeks with your affiliate sales.

    Happy Holidays,

    The Affiliate Team

  • Affiliate Reporting Planned Downtime 2013-10-16T02:04:16Z

    As part of a planned downtime affiliate reporting will be delayed this week by 3 to 4 days.

    All sales are still being recorded and will be recognized by PHG and TradeDoubler respectively once reporting is resumed.

    • Clicks will still be reported to PHG and TradeDoubler
    • Free items will still be reported daily on the PHG platform

    Only paid items are impacted by this downtime.

    If you have any questions please contact the Affiliate Helpdesk at http://affiliate.itunes.apple.com/support.

  • 20 Additional Countries Added to the PHG Platform 2013-09-30T19:07:38Z

    We are happy to announce the continued expansion of the Affiliate Program with 20 new countries added today to the PHG platform. This brings the total of new countries to 43. The total number of countries on the PHG platform (existing plus new) is 49, providing a tremendous opportunity for iTunes affiliates.

    If you are already signed up for the Affiliate Program on PHG then you are automatically opted-in to start earning commission in these new countries.

    New Countries
    Bahamas Bahrain
    Barbados Belarus Bermuda
    Cayman Islands Croatia
    Dominica Kenya Mauritius
    Moldova Nigeria Oman
    Tanzania Trinidad and Tobago Uganda
    Uzbekistan Yemen

    Click here for a full list of all countries in the Affiliate Program.

    If you have not already signed up for the Affiliate Program on PHG you can go to http://affiliate.itunes.apple.com/apply to apply and start earning commission in all 49 countries.

  • 17 New Countries Added to the PHG Platform 2013-09-04T23:03:54Z

    We are very happy to announce the expansion of the iTunes Affiliate Program with 17 new countries now available on the PHG platform.

    If you are already signed up for the Affiliate Program on PHG then you are automatically opted-in to start earning commission in these new countries.

    Egypt India Indonesia
    Israel Jordan Kazakhstan
    Kuwait Lebanon Macau
    Malaysia Philippines Qatar
    Saudi Arabia Thailand Ukraine
    United Arab Emirates Vietnam

    Click here for a full list of all countries in the Affiliate Program.

    If you have not already signed up for the Affiliate Program on PHG you can go to http://affiliate.itunes.apple.com/apply to apply and start earning commission in all 29 countries.

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