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Oct 8th 2011 at 12:18 AM

You must have heard that a healthy food with fewer calories is a vital part of a diet to lose weight. But what is important to know exactly what a food with less calories, which are foods to avoid in your recipes low in calories. After all, losing weight if you do it in a healthy way, not just a matter of counting calories. Choose the right things to eat at different times of day is the same, if not more important. Eat the wrong thing, and you can not control the intake of calories, or will cause the body's metabolism and energy levels.

Eat light

Do not have a photo of carbohydrates in the evening. Your body prepares for sleep and slow processes. I respect that and eat light. If you have a heavy meal in place, not only adds calories, but also affect the quality of sleep. It is well known that a heavy stomach is the perfect formula for a sleep disorder of sleep. And if you do not sleep well, your metabolism slows and your body will not be able to burn more calories.

Better not

Ideally, a mass food contains calories, which are so big and bright. Fresh vegetables (steamed or lightly cooked are ok), lean chicken and seafood, beans, tofu and a small part of a whole wheat bread are great for dinner. If you like something sweet, consider a plate of fresh fruit.

Here are some common pitfalls of diet you need to keep their recipes low in calories.

Diet Phase 1: high-calorie ad

Many people start with the idea for the dinner, such as steamed vegetables, but then mess with creamy dressings addition, substantial portions of cheese, mayonnaise or margarine. These ingredients can potentially hundreds of calories to lettuce. For salads, the sauces have fewer calories than the usual options of your weight loss diet, or use low fat sour cream. If you are cooking your vegetables, easy go into fat. If you need oil, use something like olive oil is so light and healthy. If u want to get details then visit diet solution program

Diet Step 2: Complete your meal

You hear your mother say "from what's on the plate, however, it is time to abandon this idea, if you're serious about your diet to lose weight. It is important not to overeat more. For So if there are remains on the plate, the stomach is not bin if you need to download.

Diet Step 3: Do not start

A great way to experience the satisfaction you have with your low calorie recipes for better health is to begin to include in your plan. Start with a light soup or salad, and you will feel full with fewer calories. Check more details at weight loss diet

Diet Trap 4: No Floor

Once you know good food for dinner like chicken with lean protein, it is important not to exaggerate. If you prepare a chicken almost every day, get bored quickly, and for a party. So if your low calorie recipes, make sure you have variety to include in your plan.

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Oct 8th 2011 at 10:04 AM by LonnieG
This is the direction that I think many of us are deciding to go! Thanks for sharing it. ~LonnieG

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