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Yeast Infection is unicellular fungi that during the development of the human species have become a normal part of the micro flora of the skin and mucous membranes. Their coexistence with humans is an example of commensalism - a relationship where one is for coexistence and beneficial to the other matter. In our lives intestine is an incredible amount of different tiny "animals" - both good and bad bacteria.

We do not mind, insofar this intestinal micro flora in balance. Of impaired, has a bad effect on the physical health but also mental health. Therefore, it is necessary to pay the intestinal micro flora and its disorders attention. So Candida fungus commonly occurs, it is not dangerous for the organism. Until some time before the pulse propagated or before the organism for it becomes prone.

Commonly happens both. A commensalisms is the end, because the host (body) of its host (Candida) annoying. Coexistence thus passes into parasitism, and such a relationship certainly no one willingly does and what causes overgrowth of this fungus? The multiplication needs adequate heat, moisture, food (carbohydrates). Thus we see that we can easily create the ideal combination of three of these requirements. .

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In addition, he needs to get rid of Candida guards - for us the good bacteria - who hold the propagation at bay. The most common trigger for Candida overgrowth is the adoption of large amounts of sugar - which is the ideal food for the candidate or antibiotics - destroy Candida nay superintendent. Candida is reflected in the superficial or deep form:  Risk factors for fungal infection Risk factors can be classified according to their effects:  First reduce the resistance of the organism.

In chemotherapy, in AIDS, diabetes, an illness from radiation, immunosuppressant (suppression of immunity) after transplantation, weakening the bowel, pregnancy, stress, smoking Second  destruction of good bacteria  - antibiotic use (long term), contraceptives, steroids, swimming in chlorinated pools can rinse (disinfect) the micro flora in the female vagina and thus start the fungal vaginal inflammation.  3rd entering straight - from vascular or infusion solutions Fourth delivery Candida diet - too much sugar intake

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