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Interests - Earthqiakes - Predictions & Forecfst - Forecfst - Business
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Even if you predict earthquakes this forecast will not rescue from radiation which you receive at destruction of atomic station!!!!! And to you incurable illness - a leukemia is provided. But, it woul
  • Biorezonans-2

    The device for biopower rehabilitation of health of Biorezonans-2 (Б-2) removes harmful on consequences of nuclear tests and failures nuclear a camp ций on the person {reduces carcinogenicity химиче ских both physical factors and level of mutations), on вышает immunity. The device is excellent ством environments for elimination of consequences of stress, reduces arterial pressure, raises the sexual is sweaty цию, warns and cures radiculitises and дру гие neurologic inflammatory processes, спо собствует to high-grade growth and development of children. In house conditions access ными for understanding of each competent person can be used in соот ветствии with methodical recommendations. The device eliminates "damage", "malefice" - defective and чу жеродные structures in bioplasma of the person. Device operation should be made in the closed heated premise at температу ре environment +10 to +40°С and relative humidity of air of 85 % at temperature 20°С. A device food is carried out from a network of a food by a voltage of 220 V with a maximum deviation of +10 % with frequency of 50+1 Hz.
  • Device BV-3

    Device BV-3 is intended for increase of biological activity of water and can be used for struggle against a phenomenon of pathogenic water (result of nuclear technologies, tests of the nuclear weapon, action of small doses гептила, use of pesticides and т.д.) at the expense of saturation by its hydroplasma. continue
  • Devices for registration of harbingers in House conditions

    In this plan plants which possess геотропизмом (feel a gravitational field of the Earth) have especial value and We are very sensitive to action of geoanomalies which change the form of development of a trunk, branches etc. have selected vegetative fabrics of wood plants as indicators of the future earthquakes and transformed their physiological processes to an anabiosis condition. In such status vegetative fabrics are especially sensitive to structure changes электрически the polarized rocks. First of all, we mean spin structure of electric charges, them кластеры which aren't registered by means of the most sensitive devices. Special value has change in structure of the physical material vacuum having the specificity in geoabnormal spaces. Unfortunately, the biophysics of vacuum and its structure are studied very poorly and our knowledge basically is presented by numerous hypotheses which have no scientifically-proved thermodynamic base. That is why by means of the indicator of seismic danger (ИСО-3), a receptor in which is the biomass in the anabiosis condition, isolated from contact to atmosphere and electromagnetic fields, it is possible to catch changes of parameters of electric charges and particles of material vacuum in a bark of the Earth on certain channels (geoanomaly) on distance some thousand kilometers from earthquake epicenter.... continue
  • It has renewed site

    It has renewed site New http://gu55dak
  • Project Expert

    The company management develops the enterprise plan for development. How to consider in it changing conditions of the market? How to prove expediency of opening of a new direction of business? It is necessary to know well only the business that by means of Project Expert to receive answers to this and many other questions. You describe business, entering into system the data about external and internal factors of development, and then, changing their values, create and estimate various variants of development of the enterprise.
  • Youre Mind

    Modern researches of influence of environment on the BRAIN of biological kinds take the first shy steps. The basic acoustic frequencies (10,4,7.5 Hz) which remove stressful influence on a human brain are as a result found. Naturally, it is achievement in the field of studying of reason and its wave characteristics. Influence on a brain of the person of geoplasma and bioplasma fields in wider range of frequencies is still a little studied. But, that the brain of biological kinds is the most sensitive look-ahead device by definition of anomalies of the geoplasma connected with accidents and, in particular with earthquakes doesn't cause doubts.

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