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Greg Plant | gregplant
These are life Changing Moves! Week 1: 1050 Pips; Week 2: 1200 Pips; Week 3: 550 Pips (Brexit); Week 4: 950 Pips, Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you!
8 months ago


Greg Plant

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1 year ago
Anthony Robbins
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Harmonic Scanner Training
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David Jones (Top Market Strategist)
  • Social Trading - A Rogue Trader…
    Last time around (click here to read) I added a third trader to copy and wrote “I am going to add this trader into my portfolio to add a bit of spice, but I am going to dial the risk right down at the start and see how it looks after a month.”  There’s a sentence that has come back to haunt me…The third trader was FXprofessional whose name now looks to be an oxymoron.  After turning in a 28% return over the previous 4 or so months, this trader self-combusted sp [...]

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