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  • WHERE ARE YOU SURFING? Post Your Referral Link 2015-05-02T10:14:00.001-07:00
    Hello surfers,
    I know some will be surprised but I have decided to restart this blog after few years and I am happy about. Many previous posts had to be deleted because TE world has changed a lot for such long time.
    Now, for the new beginning I would like to ask everyone for a small favor.
    Please leave comment about:
  • TE Command Post - New & Must 2010-06-01T09:49:00.000-07:00

    Hi all,
    I am always trying to provide you some good news and information from Traffic Exchanges but what I want to present you today is just great, simple and probably a must for any serious surfer. It is very new program designed specially for traffic exchange users and the main goal of program is to make your life on traffic exchanges easier.
    Here is just shortly what you will get it by joining TE Command Post:
    Account information for any listed TE
    How many credits you have waiting to be assigned
    Which URL's are running out of credits
    and some more potential tools that will easily save your surfing time. It s definitely worth of testing because it looks that I will finally organized my surfing credits, banners etc and all that on just one page.
    Try TE Command Post, program that have main goal to help surfers deserve our attention.
    Thanks and happy surfing
  • HitsBoosterPro - 1000 Free Hits 2010-04-29T11:02:00.000-07:00
    Hits Booster Pro

    HitBoosterPro is well known traffic exchange. It have great reputation, loyal members and it's sending fast traffic.
    But there is something more you should know if you are not already a member. It 's great welcome bonus that you will receive. At HitsboosterPro all new members receive a 7 day New Member Platinum Upgrade. Accounts are upgraded automatically when you first log in. You will also receive a signup bonus of 1,000 credits, which will be added automatically once you have surfed 25 sites. Now, if you are willing to join and to surf but seriously you can make huge number of credits during your 7 day Free Platinum Upgrade. Surfing bonuses are just great and i friendly suggest you to join HitBoosterPro when you are sure that you will have time to surf. It s really good traffic exchange, well established and you will receive a lot of free credits and good quality trafic.

    HitsBoosterPro is now in 6th place at Affiliate Funnel and definitely it's not a mistake.
    Good Luck and Happy Surfing
  • How to get active referrals 2010-04-10T05:04:00.000-07:00
    Dear Friends,
    I am sure that you already know how frustrating can be to work a lot and to have unsuccessful referral campaign at the same time. Sometimes you can spend tens of thousands credits without referring a single person. Here are few small tips that will hopefully help you to find referrals for your favorite programs.
    So, where and how to find referrals?
    One good place to search for active referrals are forums. Forums are good places because you will find people who have same interest: to find referrals for their own programs. It means that referrals will be reciprocal - "i join your site you join mine" and you stay active as long as another person is active. If you are not looking for referrals for most popular sites like Neobux, Clixsense etc. you will easily find referrals for your programs. One good forum that can help you is eMoneySpace and I friendly suggest you to join this great community and give a try.

    Another good place can be , a program that allows you to build a free downline in your existing programs. Basically system is simple: you earn by signing up to programs or clicking ads and with those points you are paying members to join your programs. It s good place and it's working. If member is not active you can terminate contract and points will be given back to you.  Another good option is to use credits to advertize your links. This can be really powerful if you have something good to offer.
    Definitely, DownlineRefs is good suggestion for everyone who is looking for active referrals.
    As you can see on banner bellow it brings me nearly 600 referrals for numerous programs :)

    Good luck and happy surfing

  • Traffic Exchange Browser-Power Surf 2010-04-04T09:24:00.000-07:00
    Dear friends,
    I have some really nice news to share with you. I hope you will like it and that it will save your time a lot and also gives some good results.
    Did you try to surf using TE Browser, the first browser specifically made for the traffic exchange professionals? This is really MUST if you want to have good results on traffic exchanges and it's 100% FREE and VERY NEW. That also means that you have great chance to build strong downline.
    Whether you have any experience in the Traffic Exchange advertising and surfing industry or not, TE Browser enables all Traffic Exchange users with the ability to become a Power Surfer. I m sure you will like this browser. Some of opportunities are just perfect. You will see the difference in this TE-specific browser over the limitations of other browsers when you start surfing. The tabs are automatically switchened between TEs bringing the last loaded TE in front of your eyes ready for you to check the site and click the verification image to continue surfing. After you click the verification image the tab is switched to the next loaded TE. And so on... You don't need to switch the tabs manually like you have to do in other browsers; like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. TEs are switched in the order they have been loaded. If you want to give more weight to any particular TE then use the "Priority" feature.
    Another thing that you could like is automatically prefilled registration that allows you to register to any Traffic Exchange with just 2-3 clicks. No more long registration!!!
    Another good thing is that you will never ever again missed any bonus page. It s because you will get notification when you are on that page.
    These are just few things that will make your surfing easier and more productive but there is much more, including great referral program on many levels. Currently, browser supports more then 50 respected TEs.
    Key features:
    Supports The Leading Traffic Exchanges Sites With More Being Added Regularily
    Hundreds of Thousands of Surfers Are Within Your Reach!
    Dramatically Improve Your Surfing Capability
    Easy to Install and Use, Fast, Stable, And Does Not Hog Resources
    Helps Build Traffic Exchange Referrals
    A Unique Traffic Builder Referral System
    Spend Time Surfing, not filling out forms, with the autofill feature
    I suggest you to check TE Browser and to see by yourself how good and useful it is.
    Happy surfing and good luck!
  • The Traffic Dance - 500 Free Hits 2010-03-27T10:16:00.000-07:00

    Yesterday, I have joined a traffic exchange that attract my attention for some time. Actually, I noticed The Traffic Dance while surfing other traffic exchanges and probably the reason why i didn't forget about it, was very nice design of splash pages and promotional material. Now I see it was mistake that I didn't join Traffic Dance much earlier but it s never too late.
    Here is my opinion about The Traffic Dance:
    It's very nice designed traffic exchange. While surfing you will feel like in disco and the site is also providing pleasant chat room so you will never feel bored.
    The second nice thing is that you can join one of the teams or create your own one. Best teams will earn extra credits and if you are serious about surfing it can be good idea to join one of them and get some bonus.
    You will also get 500 Free Hits and 500 banners and text impressions as welcome bonus and that's another good reason to join this traffic exchange. You need to activate your account by surfing at least 20 pages to get welcome bonus.
    The site have nearly 4000 members and it's growing. Until now it send me very fast traffic and most are unique visitors.
    I will give 4 stars and little bit more (more then very good) to Traffic Dance.

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