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Why Blue Sapphire Gemstone Is best to adopted as Ring ?
2 years ago

Complete Guide to Azurite Gemstone

Aug 11th 2016 at 5:00 AM

Azure is an important mineral which is mainly composed of copper ore. Azure mineral can be composed of copper carbonate or malachite. Azurite is a rare and immensely valuable gemstone which exists in limited volume in the world. There are only few confined areas in the world from where azurite gemstone is being found. The name azurite of this stone is derived from Persian word "lazhward" which means distinctive blue color.  Due to its intriguing color and enrich properties the above gemstone is being widely used for jewelery purpose.

The azurite stone is majorly being collected from a suburban area of France. Due to its discovery in chessy region, the stone has been referred as chessylite. Principally the azurite is used for industrial uses due to its hardness characteristics similar to garnet. Moreover, this stone is not being used for industrial purposes recently, even during the ancient times azurite gemstones were used in industrial purposes.

Origin of Azurite gemstone: The popular azurite gemstone nowadays is found from different part of the worlds including Utah, France, Mexico, USA, Congo, Morocco and New Zealand. Besides from these origins this stone is also found from Australia and Namibia.
Color of Azurite Gemstone: The azurite gemstone appears blue in color. The intense and vivid blue color of this stone is the identity of this valuable gemstone.  The other color which this stone   being polished. The azurite appeals to everyone once it is cut and polished properly. An azurite stone is rarely being treated or enhanced. However, in some cases in order to enhance or upgrade the appearance of the stone it is polished or cut in faceted.

Uses of Azurite Gemstone: Apart from its uses in the industries and textile. The azurite gemstones are also being used for jewelry’s such as azurite gemstone ring, azurite gemstone necklace and azurite gemstone bracelet is also important items or types of azurite gemstone jewelry. The beads of the azurite stones are also used by people around the world. There are number of gemstones whose color appears same like azurite gemstone like lapis lazuli, sodalite etc.

Benefits of wearing Azurite stone: In the following paragraph we will read the different benefits or advantageous of wearing azurite gemstone.

The azurite stone is called the “stone of heaven”. It is used to enhance the mental abilities of an individual and enhances the spirit of exercising the meditation in their lives. The stone also aids individual to achieve spiritual enlightenment in their lives. It will also improve the self confidence, creativity and intuition ability of a person.

The other advantages of wearing azurite stones are that it aids in getting rid-off from all throat related problems. Thus, if a person is suffering from thyroid, throat pain or any other throat related problems then a person can wear this stone to get rid of this problem. It is believed by the astrologers that azurite is birthstone of zodiac sign Capricorn and it rules over the planet Venus. Though, officially, it has not been mentioned being the birthstone of zodiac sign Capricorn.

Azurite Gemstone is composed of which mineral?

Copper ore.

Question 2: Does Azurite is a valuable gemstone?

Answer Yes

Question3: What makes azurite stone special?

Answer: The enthralling color and its physical properties make this stone so valuable.

Question 4: Azurite gemstone is birthstone of which zodiac sign?

Answer: Capricorn Zodiac sign.

Question which planet Azurite Stone is related with?

Answer Venus.

Question 6: Does Azurite stone is official birthstone of Capricorn?

Answer: No

Question 7: What is the name of Azurite Gemstone?

Answer: Stone of heaven.

Question  What are the colors of Azurite Stone?

Answer: The blue and green

Question 9: Why azurite appears blue in color?

Answer: The stone appear blue due to its conjunction with malachite mineral.

Question10: Does Azurite only use for jewelry purpose?

Answer: No it is also used in textiles and industries.

Question 11: What are the different shapes of Azurite Gemstone?

Answer: Opaque and cabochon

Question 12: Does Azurite stone have astrological benefits?

Answer: Yes

Question 13: What are the other stone which look alike Azurite gemstone?

Answer: lapis lazuli, soladite


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