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Two high performance SD card recommended

Feb 10th 2019 at 8:02 PM

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's economic ability, more and more entry-level SLR cameras attract everyone's attention at a very popular price, and having an SLR is no longer a dream. Therefore, the popularity of digital cameras has brought more fans to photography. At the same time, the popularity of digital cameras has directly brought the popularity of digital memory cards to the highest point. There are many types of memory cards on the market. If you want to say that the most widely used ones are SD cards (some entry-level SLRs can also apply). Photo enthusiasts who are pursuing the quality of photography and enjoying the fun of shooting also have their own requirements for the selection of equipment and accessories. The speed of reading and writing is fast, the capacity is large, and the most important is that the SD card with high performance is naturally the first choice for such high-demand users. Below I will recommend five high-speed, high-performance 8G SD cards for photographers, hoping to help you buy an SD card.

Recommended products: SanDisk ULTRA II Class4 SDHC 8GB

Product features: read and write speed 15MB / S, using the original high-quality NAND Flash chip manufacturing

SanDisk is the world's largest supplier of flash data storage cards, with world-leading technology, global sales network, and strong anti-counterfeiting technology. Therefore, SanDisk's flash memory card is also very popular among consumers. After all, the products with strong performance and reasonable price are naturally numerous. Sandisk's Ultra II SDHC card, with its high transmission speed and excellent stability, is suitable for photographers to purchase.

The SanDisk Ultra II 8GB Class4 SDHC memory card is also packaged in clear plastic. The overall black color reflects the stability and speed of this high-speed SDHC card. The “100X” and “15MB/S” logos can be clearly seen in the package. The SanDisk Ultra II 8GB Class4 SDHC memory card provides a write-protect switch to avoid the risk of accidental deletion of stored data. It is manufactured using the original high-quality NAND Flash chip, which is excellent in compatibility and stability and supports power-off commands and sleep modes.

Editor's comment: High-level data transmission speed, excellent stability, and the toughness of working in extreme environments make this memory card able to cope with many occasions with high-performance requirements for storage media, especially for those who are crazy. High-end needs of enthusiasts.


Recommended products: Samsung MB-SP8G 8G SD plus card 8G

Product features: read speed 15MB / S, write speed 12MB / S, strong three-proof performance

As we all know, Samsung's semiconductor wafers are well-known in the storage industry. They not only have the most advanced semiconductor technology, but also are at the forefront of the world in terms of memory chips. Recently, Samsung has introduced a new flash memory card that not only has high-speed read/write speed, but also has three-proof performance than ordinary SD cards cannot. This is quite practical for photographers who often climb mountains and wading to find good scenery. After all, they will not accidentally fall into the water and squander their hard work. It's important to choose a good sd card, or you'll consider how to recover deleted photos from sd card free.

The Samsung SD card case is made of brushed metal, which should be more sturdy, and bring more security and professional texture. It is more durable than the SD card of the plastic case; and the SD card of this material is not common, so it can be seen. uniqueness. The biggest special feature of this SDHC card is its excellent three-proof performance: it can be waterproof, with a magnetic force of more than 4000 Gauss, and the hard shell will not be deformed even if it is stressed or stepped on. In terms of reading speed, it can reach 15MB/s, the writing speed is as high as 12MB/s, and the speed can reach the level of CLASS6.

Edit Comment: According to the excellent performance of Samsung's previous flash memory card and the above performance test, it is not difficult to find that this new Samsung Plus series flash memory card can be described as a new leader. Its superior performance, simple appearance, excellent performance of waterproof, anti-pressure and anti-magnetic, 10,000 times of contact plate durability and so on are worthy of consumers' preference. After all, durable products are still highly sought after.

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