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3 months ago

Best 3 things homeowners need to know about home automation

Dec 2nd 2018 at 11:05 PM

Smart home and home automation give you the ability to manage your home’s electronic systems from one central control system, i.e., the hub. It makes your household run smoother and saves a lot of energy. Traditional peripheral devices have been replaced by a solution that meets all the demands of your family. Most custom home control systems can be tailored by professionals who provide all the desirable benefits.

As the need grows, along with it increases the number of devices. It is evident that your home or office will probably be much different than the way you live in your home today; it will be upgraded regarding some equipment and utility. Moreover, technology will continue to evolve and will keep on introducing entirely new marvels of research.

The remote access helps you track the connected devices at your home or office. Remote access ability allows you to monitor your home’s environment and modify the settings of the light switches, thermostats to name a few. The monitoring software can be integrated with any gear if necessary be it a laptop or a cell phone.

As new products or networking technologies are coming up, the former ones get antiquated. The software is the driving force of an automation system. The more powerful that software is, the more the system can do.

There are various ways you can access control of the electronic systems and devices like electrical sockets, electrical switches, etc in your house. Technology grants you control of multiple types of equipment on the press of buttons of a  remote or wall-mounted keypad, desktop or laptop or your the smartphone in hand.

KNX is a standard building management system. It is a technology powered by the Internet of Things, under which electric components can be connected using a  software tool. The connected machines are then controlled by a centralized machine of a ‘hub’ that acts as a control unit of the home. One can integrate this software into their cell phones, laptops or desktops.

Home control and automation are the future of building management. It is because households with KNX have saved up to 60 percent of electricity. It is a breakthrough in research and innovation-driven housing. Apart from this, here is how households and homeowners benefit from this advanced system:

  • The system is certified to be operational on multiple devices and can work in close coordination with one another

  • It is a system that supports integration with communication medium as well

  • The home automation system is a security measure when it comes to central gate security or in-house security of valuable assets

  • The system can be used to control the lighting, temperature - cooling and heating and airflow of the entire building.

  • With the remote accessibility of the home devices, the people can switch on and off the machines and save a lot of electricity.

  • In the end, it is one stop technology stop when you are looking for customised comfort and luxury in your home.


The adaptability and versatility of a system ensure that the home control has a wide scope for sustainable future homes. For instance, Schneider Electric aims to make the nation a hub of smart homes that are effectively controlled by their respective owners. The drive of automation technology and the connected system might seem quite a new thing in the household field. But, it is obliged to advance shortly.

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