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WP Plugin SEO:

Blog envy strikes every level of blogger at some point in his career. How do you stand out amongst a crowd of nearly 200 million existing blogs?

Concoct an irresistible blog following with these Top 10 WordPress Plugins created specifically to boost your SEO (search engine optimization). Sure, you have great content (your mom told you so, right?).

However, offering something fresh from the oven every single day doesn’t necessarily build your readership. You want Internet browsers and blog-enthusiasts alike to sniff out your delicious content.

So, when I reveal to you these top 10 WP plugins, you will have a following rival to that of the famed Magnolia Bakery begging to eat out of your hands. Lucky for you, the ever-expanding WordPress community deeply values quality SEO and has developed plenty of amazing plugins to help you along with your endeavor.

So, here is a little taste of what WP cooked up to help you choose the best tags for your content, guide search engine robots, optimize your titles, and more…

KEEP SEO Simple:

The moment you introduce search engine optimization into your life, you are overwhelmed by the very existence of Google PageRank. If you run a website or Internet business, keep in mind the

KISS rule: Keep It SEO simple.

Before you wear pace marks in the floorboards, read my introduction to PageRank and find out if it should really run your life (okay, at least your SEO campaign). Chances are, you’re all worked up over nothing.


Video is the most rapidly growing segment of the Internet, making video SEO a great way to promote and market your business. You can easily pair product and promotional videos with keywords to help you bring relevant results when browsers search sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, and other video sharing sites.

However, a glitch in the system has left serious Internet marketer and ecommerce business owners utterly frustrated since this growing trend first hit the scene. Videos tend to rank high regardless of whether or not the content is valuable.

After spending endless hours perfecting your content, you probably do a lot of fist pounding when “Cute Kitten” draws in millions of viewers and earns perplexingly high rankings. It’s time to put your worries aside because I am going to share with you how video SEO can put you ahead of the game and blow the competition off its tracks (even “Cute Kitten” will get a run for its money).

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